What is Corporatism?

What is Corporatism?

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Corporatism is not to be confused with a corporatocracy, where powerful corporations literally rule in the place of a government. Corporatism is the act of privatizing essential government services, moving them from public utilities to private entities. It is government and big business as tag team partners

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Modern USA

why are political cartoons in general so embarrassing
also why do americans feel the need to label every single thing on their political cartoons

It's what liberatrians call the bad aspects of capitalism.

Neoliberalism = corporatism


Corporatism =/= corporatocracy = crony capitalism

> It's not real capitalism! XD

The entire problem is that corporatocracy is real capitalism while corporatism is explicitly anti-capitalism, you AMERICAN SUBHUMAN.

No, all countries that identified themselves as corporatist were either autharchistic or protectionistic. Learn history before you post shit.

Capitalist usage or fascist usage?

Basically the difference is capitalist corporatism only incorporates business corporations, fascism recognizes non-business corporations. If you have leftist roots you see corporations as basically organized groups of people that are authorized to act as a single unified entity. If you have capitalist roots, you only know this in the form of incorporated businesses.


Originally thought up by the Catholic church as a means to bring social balance between workers and capitalists, but to define it specifically is difficult because it varies greatly across the political spectrum, from far left syndicalism to far right fascism.


The material manifestation of capitalism; How capitalism actually works.

Anyone with a basic understanding of macro econ should know that some form of modern neo-classical economics is the best.

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If that quote is anything to go by, and it's fucking Mussolini, than it's safe to say that the US is currently fascist.

A modernized guild system but rebranded so people don't think you got your economic policy from DnD

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