The early kings of Hungary had Haplogroup R1a...

The early kings of Hungary had Haplogroup R1a. This would include their first king Saint Stephen and their patriarch Árpád. But wait I thought the original Magyars were Mongoloids and today's Hungarians have no relation to them.

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user central asia was a giant interracial breeding ground.
Nobody cared if you had slanty eyes or not as long as culturally you were the same.

>Early Hungarian kings were R1a despite being Finno-Ugric
>Ottomans were R1a despite being Turkic

Further proof that Aryans were the ruling elite in all of Eurasia :)

the Ural is not mongolia nor central asia

haplo-autism is meaningless

Can we end this meme once and for all that "non-Indo-European languages aren't allowed to be white"?

Sargat culture had 2 R1a-Z93 and 5 N1c.
Árpád could have been descended from an original Z93.

Magyars today and historically have always been ethnic "Slavs". The only difference is they speak their own made up language which was stolen from Khanty-Mansi people and Turks.

Doesn't mean Slavs were the KANGZ
Besides they don't have the Indo-Iranian subclade of R1a

Slav and R1a are practically synonyms.


R1a-Z93 originates in Ukraine but is very rare among the Slavic populations of eastern Europe.
Sintashta and Andronovo were almost exclusively Z93 as were most early Scythians.

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Now post one that isn't just Europe.

Indo-Europeans migrated across the world very early, they spread Horse domestication to the eastern peoples who were forest niggers before that. Humans take to the horse very fast, just look at Native Americas, many people still associate the horse with them, even though they had no horses until first contact with Europeans.


The deepdark secret of the Ottomans is that they were Greek con artists. 'Orhan' was actually named Stephanos, but his origins were covered up by Michael Kosses, a.k.a 'Kose Mihal'.
I learned these truths from the only honest Turkish academic before he was ritually murdered by his colleagues for stepping out of line.

forgot image

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If R1a isn't the Slavic's native paternal haplogroup. What is?

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That doesn't make R1a synonymous with Slavic.

Figure out what subclades are and why it's impossible for KANGZ to be Slavic when they have a subclade unknown among Slavs.

He meant, post all R1a

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Proto-Slavs went to India and had sex with a bunch of women. 3500 years later Hitler and the Nazis we wuzzed as them.

Slavs aren't any closer to Sintashta on a PCA than Norwegians are. Haplogroups don't mean everything.

Ah yes, the ol' Proto-Slavic Proto-Indo-Iranians.

>Haplogroups don't mean everything except when I want them to.

>But wait I thought the original Magyars were Mongoloids and today's Hungarians have no relation to them.
According to Iaroslav Lebedynsky, the Magyar ruling class was Mongoloid, while the common people were Caucasoid.

Well the data in this study obviously shows that's not true. There's absolutely no way "Mongoloid" people 1200 years ago had Haplogroup R1a.

They are informative about migrations but they don't tell much compared to autosomal DNA.
Y-chromosome is even in a normal scenario subject bottlenecks and founder effects more than other parts of the genome because only a fraction of men have children and some have 8 sons while others have 8 daughters.
With steppic cultures obsessed with paternal lineage there's naturally even more drift.
You're clueless. This R1a subclade came from the east.

Most of this is made up. We don't have any samples from Indo-Aryans, Proto-Iranians or Mitanni.

>But wait I thought the original Magyars were Mongoloids and today's Hungarians have no relation to them.
I have no problem imagining Turkic or Ugric conquerors having this haplogroup, since their ancestors would have mixed with women from vanquished Indo-European tribes.

Reich does. There's gonna be some new paper out soon about it.

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But I'm sure this map is not based on his research.

>new paper
Nice, is BMAC or Indus Valley also there?

Y DNA Haplogroups are passed from father to son. Not mother to son. That's mtDNA.

One of the queens, who were basically all foreigners, could always cheat on the king with some Slavic or German courtier, paternal DNA is not that useful.

Women cheating and being hypergamous is a modern capitalist phenomenon. Classical women especially upper class would never do such a thing.

Ok, but where do slightly mongoloid-looking people ("Turanid") in Hungary come from then ?

>ethnic "Slavs"
no such thing, slavs are a linguistic group


Yeah, I'm curious why people believe that some distant descendants had the same haplogroup as the founder of the dynasty.

What do you think is wrong with the map?
I don't think Pajeets want to release Indus valley results but they have Central Asian DNA from 2000 BC.
If it lacks a steppe affinity relative to Afghans and Tajiks then Pajeet DNA isn't even necessary.

Like I said, it's mostly based on theories. We don't have any samples from many of those places yet.

But they do have the samples

Indo-Aryan or Mitanni samples from 1500 BC? Can you show them?

you see "Asian" looking white people all over Europe. finland, germany, bulgaria, france, romania, hell even iceland. i can provide pictures and examples if you want.


How could I possibly show them? The paper has yet to be released. BMAC is more important than Indo-Aryan DNA which is just generic mix of p-Indo-Iranian and whatever, probably BMAC.
Mitanni elite also were probably heavily mixed with Hurrians so not that relevant.

This map is not based on those new samples. It's a typical old Eupedia map.

Yes, but according to 20th century anthropologists, the Hungarian plain's population has a important Turanid strain.

>Eupedia map
Dumb comparison. Reich has samples, Maciamo has autism.

From Asia. What is more interesting is why Hungarians speak a Uralic language.

>From Asia.
Yeah that's the idea my dude !

But that's map is from Eupedia.

Indo-Iranians were all over Asia, so it's not surprising.

No it's not. You might have the same thing as Maciamo.

What map are you even talking about?

This is from Eupedia.

He's probably talking about

This is also a map...
R1a Yamna folks(Polish autistic screeching intensifies) migrated to Ukraine/Moldova, mixed with farmers and then went on a tour across Eurasia.

how legit is this?

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Not very since WHG and EHG are both forced into the red color and CHG doesn't have a color


WHG and EHG were very similar. It's basically the same population except EHG had some ANE and CHG admixture.

Not all EHG had CHG admixture just ones who lived next to the Caucasus. Samara EHG didn't.
K=10 clearly isn't enough to produce sensible results.

>next to the Caucasus
Karelia isn't next to the Caucasus.

J1 doesn't mean they had CHG admixture as it could be an "Unknown HG" line which mixed with Basal Eurasians/Kebarans to form CHG and we have no idea how common it was in the general EHG population.

Was his grave different than others? I can't find anything about this. I know that some Karelian graves didn't have grave goods.

>WHG and EHG were very similar.

>and CHG admixture.

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It was like few percent.

Original Magyars weren't mongoloids but finno-ugric tribes that roamed east europe until they invaded Bulgarian Empire while exterminating the last Avars and settling in western Carpathia at pannonian danube which was a melting pot of south and western slavs of Greater Moravia and Carantanians.
So yeah, it's not very big suprize.

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Hungarians wuz crypto slavs who speak magyar, that's why they had good relations slavic nations like Poland, Croatia and Czech throughout history and didn't even assimilate slovaks for some manny centuries. Their also the least cucked europeans just like other slavs, so it makes sense.
Das it, thank you.

I would let her liberate me from the Soviet Union, if you know what I mean.

My hypothesis, the Huns came from the Xiongnu split. When they landed, they conquered some places, the closest to their people they could see were some of the uralic tribes. They choose them as liason for the locals and used their language to communicate with the outsiders/slaves. This might be why Hungarians speak Uralic.

But Hungarians came to Hungary 500 years after Huns

>Uralic language

No one knows for sure what language family Hungarian belongs to honestly.


Jobbik says that's bullshit. A Hungarian rock band even has a song about the Finno-Ugric theory being bullshit.

I'm sure this rock band knows a lot about stuff
Jobbik is notoriously turkophile. They want Turkish guys to come fuck Hungarian women.