What was so great about Great Zimbabwe?

What was so great about Great Zimbabwe?

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it's the only thing that niggers built in africa asides from a really big mud hut

they didn't even know how to make mortar or concrete to secure the stones, which was easy as fuck to make btw

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People are so mad about the sand building, but they forget tat there is nothing, but sand in Mali.

Nothing, they couldn’t even make that “tower” hollow insidie it’s literally a useless pile of stones

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Jist dig out the sand on top and you will find sandstone. It is the case everywhere.

Mediocre Zimbabwe more like lmao

>sand building
Nigga, that shit was built with actual shit.

By that logic theres nothing but cow shit in most of Africa then

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There is nothing wrong with adobe and similar materials.

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It's far better for the Sudanic environment

You do realize thats a trading post where they rounded negroes up for the trans-Saharan slave trade? Kings indeed.


Isnt that a modern hotel called Swahili Dreams?


I have to be honest with you, I had to take a break from reading this because I couldnt but help and laugh out loud.

It is not impressive it is just the only thing in the area. Zanzibar on the other hand is amazing and should get much more credit than this.

Credit where its due, Arab and Indian traders.

>People are so mad about the sand building, but they forget tat there is nothing, but sand in Mali.

jesus, the stupidity of this statement feels like a black hole

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He's right thou mud was better for living in the region

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are niggers too lazy to make concrete & mortar or something?

They are just being eco-friendly i.e. smarter than people who ruined their own environment.

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>sardinians build actual ancient multi-story fortress

>niggers make a brick wall around a couple grass huts

Because they didn't need it

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you literally just burn limestone in a fire and then add sand and water

pretty much everyone else on earth figured this out early on

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too bad you can't build higher than one or two stories with that though

>tfw you will never live in a world where nuraghics conquered the latinigs and made sardirome happen

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This wall is unbelievable huge, not your average medieval castle for sure. Some say that it even outshines the great walls of Chinese.

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Sardinians also built sewers, fountains, pools, had irrigation, an aqueduct, pools, statues, but no one gives a shit, and this happened 2300 years before Great Zimbabwe

How dare you insult the Ming dynasty like that you damn dirty ape.This encircles a hut village and some cattle, the Great Wall of China extends over six miles.

Do you care about Skara Brae?

Yes but that was just one site

It was probably a people very related to Sardinians, you should care.

Aw yes you can a story is only 10 feet most of the mud mosque were bigger than 3 stories

The average Medieval castle is way more complex than a wall

Great Zimbabwe is more than 2 stories tall

yeah but how many great zimbabwes do you see scattered across Africa? it's an inefficient as fuck way to build. also the stones are cut like shit.

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This. A building from the same century from Europe.

These look impressive if you think they are from like thousands of years ago, but they are 14th century, and that just makes them look primitive as hell.

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Khami City and other stone ruins

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The left due to over grazing and made khami and other settlements similar mud building though is more practical in sub Saharan africa than stone home building wise

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>there are no stones in Mali

Who do you think you're fooling?

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This isn't really mud more like plaster

The built in stone in mali before mud but stone building lost its practicality

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Due to the constant desertifacation of land

If I'm not mistaken, it was quite difficult for colonial powers like Portugal to break into the interior of Zimbwabe because some of the aggressive tribes folks that lived there. They also built some decent fortification, atleast decent for African standards.

>This thread

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>It is not impressive it is just the only thing in the area.

There's multiple but back in it's prime there used to be many more.

It's a misunderstanding that "Great Zimbabwe" was actually great. It's just "great" in the sense that it's a particularly big "zimbabwe" or stone circle.
Similarly "Great Britain" was just a statement of geographical fact.

It's neither "great" nor a "zimbabwe'
It's a shitty wall

>Before and after effects of your brain on communism

I hate sand...

I don't get it.

It creates infinite water source in minecraft.

Oh yeah, I remember now.
I haven't played in a few years so I've forgotten a lot about it.

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>It's neither "great" nor a "zimbabwe'

can confirm I saw it on primitive technology video
I'm black so my confirmation matters

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It is a Zimbabwe it means stone building


It's a Wakandian distraction from the riches of true, hidden African civilization

It big.

That's just silly.

No, it wasn't.

Skara Brae is the name of a village

Based African poster btfoing out the /pol/tards. Keep doing your thing.

The Virgin stroll

>Whatching chicoms and obnoxious black poster trashing one another

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