What fitness routine should a white man who wants to live a long time do?

What fitness routine should a white man who wants to live a long time do?

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A reasonable amount of cardio, a good amount of strength training. Both are necessary for male health.

Don't believe what you read in the news. They cherry pick studies with poor methodology and twist the meaning of the conclusion to fit their narrative. You aren't putting yourself at risk of heart attack by lifting weights.

oven press x f

That headline says DOUBLES, OP got doubles, and nobody checked them. Sad!

This study was incredibly flawed if you do a deepdive into it, and this article itself is a gloss-over to validate an anti-white worldview. The study explicitly notes on its own accord that the findings failed to account for *type* of exercise, and that it's likely the inflation of white deaths stems from their liability to participate in events like marathon runs, which are known to prompt heart attacks in people with an underlying condition.



The one nigga who got his shit together tries to discredit years of physiological research. At least he's doin somefin.

>there's biological differences between races!

7.5hours a week could be 45 minutes of lifting 4 times a week, with an hour and a half long run on the weekends, and five easy runs of 30-40 minutes. That’s perfectly healthy.

get paid....money>muscles with women or train smart like asians...they dont train hard but smart

member that white cheerleader getting her legs fucked by the black cheerleaders by keep pushing her to do splitsyoutube.com/watch?v=NIdnTlQc3iA

just inches at a time and go easy...Cant force it like them. Blacks and islanders are really athletic and built differently
anti doping sports in europe said that

We cant train as intense as them, we dont recover as fast as these hunter gatherer people.
Gotta be asian lite...Those guys have been farmers longer then anyone else.
overtraining like a marathon runner will get you killed. We aint kenyans.

hell check out this tribe, walked naked and swan in 4c water without going into hypotermia, which would take 15-30min to kill us.

this aint a conspiracy just train smart, we all noticed this in PE class and in the gym or watch the games.

after all this board likes to shit on asians gains and shit and discredit black acheivments or circle jerk about being white.

you just train smart for your body and just be great at that.

>marathon runs, which are known to prompt heart attacks in people with an underlying condition.

well we dont see ethopicans drop in that sport.
hell first man to do it died after battle of marathon

Any that you want to. Read the actual study, the headline is clickbait as usual.

I highly question the validity of this study. Pretty must everything I've read up to this point shows a correlation between increased exercise and a decreased risk of heart disease

I'm not going to trust some fucking DailyMail article when it comes to science.
Give me the actual study. Then I'll point out that it's likely barely peer-reviewed and the fact that it's still just one fucking study.

DM is there to trigger people...usually when they overblow black or muzzy crime. Hell they did a totally bs one of a kid getting beat up by pakistani kid for saluting soldiers.
totally fake news, but thats what started the alt right.

>member that white cheerleader getting her legs fucked by the black cheerleaders by keep pushing her to do splits
What this has to do with race you dumb nigger, you cant force anyone to pull shit like that regardless of race if they are not used to
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brb exercising more

Here you inbreed bigger, multiple sources for (you) to nitpick upon
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>when whties are better
its nature
>when whites come short
it doesnt matter what race it can happen to anyone

if you left your basement youll see it for yourself. Theres a line for stupidity sure. There are exceptions sure..but thats what they are.

the girl is a cheerleader with some experiance. But she cant go out training like those blacks there. Different country and cultures tend to train differently.
like say in mma. Japan goes long an easy for training while usa goes short and intense

in wrestling usa focus more strength while iran like technique.
hockey canada likes to train physical while nords like stick play.

thai boxing in thailand picks toughness and endurance. Holland likes safety and condiioning.

sure they can learn from each other. But they pick those ways cuz it works best for them.

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t. Fat studies degree

stick with light exercise - enough to move lymph but not so hard to build up acid. Switch diet to 80/10/10 (mostly raw fruit/veggie). Move to tropics.


I felt like shit when i did this desuu

walk everyday

and eat well you will live forever

Minimum of 2x a week cardio or physical sports plus minimum of 2x a week strength training is my guess

False equivalence you dumb flip, a few occurency =/= many occurence. As expected from people who takes their news from dailycuck

Stay active. Don't sit on your ass in your elder days.

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if this was such a otherwordly issue every interpretative dancer, cheerleader event , gymnast and yoga teacher would be filled to the brim with niggers, its not, hell asians got good records lately even
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>comparing grown, irresponsible adults getting pregnant (read:they could use condoms and avoid it all together) vs raping children
>the pakis saw an oppurtunity and had fun...|
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That's because Ethiopians die of starvation

Around 30 mpw running, lifting is optional, can replace it with bodyweight exercises.

by the time my heart disease is kicking in they will be using that drug that cures atherosclerosis in one hit

This is retarded at best. Daily exercise has a positive effect on overall fitness, cardiovascular included. Also it is the only way to stop losing IQ points.

What study btw?

Do one rep of ignoring kike propaganda everyday forever.


>white men should stop exercising
the opposite of this

American Whites are apt to overtrain, that's not news. Other races half-ass it and don't die. Easy.