ITT Post your country's most just and righteous wars

US reporting–American_War
>US liberates the oppressed Texas peoples from the Mexican Imperialists
>Buys Mexican land fair and square after they lose and stop attempting to land grab
>Take a stand against Israelis
>End the British Empire
>Save the South Korean people from the oppressive, inhuman North Korean regime
>Difference in modern day human rights between North and South clearly show who was just

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The bloody emu war , Aussie here

We were literally a proxy for the interests of an imperialist power but oh well–1922)

You don't deserve to be in Anatolia let alone Constantinople. Fuck off back to Mongolia roach.

>ending Hungarian steppe nigger raids
>driving back the Turks after they tried to conquer German lands
>doing the same to the French
>btfo'ing Frenchmen again to unite

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>immgirate in and replace the native population
>"This land is mine now, stop oppressing me! America help!"

Fuck the EU and Fuck Spain for overfishing.
Fuck you too, Denmark. It's our island. Stop leaving us Danish flags and Schnapps.

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>Pls imigrate, Gringos wi los need u
>Acully now that yuo setled in i deprot yuo hehehe
>Fuck off

The fucking winter war

Ryssä niggers took Karjala, but damn we made them pay for every inch. And atleast we got to keep the polkka

Just enough land to bury their dead,

All the wars against Denmark

April 9th, 1940 was the best day in history.

I'm Greek you retard

>End the British Empire
should have taken up adolfs offer lmao stupid fucking britniggers

As a HUNGaryan here are the best ones: (where we took the city for 5 years) where we held off the vastly superior turkniggers a very nice victory against the turkniggers where we secured the existence of our nation for 70 more years.

>Buys Mexican land fair and square after they lose and stop attempting to land grab

This was just to legitimize their conquered land. They literally made this deal while having Mexico City occupied.

My nation is not old enough to have any of those so I'll just claim all the achievements of the Commonwealth, Allies(WW2) and anything good the West and 'Communists' have ever done.

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As a Texan, I can say that that's not exactly what happened. You see, Texas had a population of about 3,000 in the early 1800s. So Mexico, newly independent from Spain, invited a bunch of American settlers to come to Texas for some cheap land. Americans bring slaves, Mexico no like slaves (being ruled by white Spainards that had racial codes for public office tends to do that). Americans want slaves, come and take it.
The end

>be some mountain goat fucker
>get payed by Frenchies to start some turf war with Charles the Bold
>kill the best monarch of Europe
>completely destroy the most prosperous and developed country in northern Europe
>remove the buffer state between France and Germany and hence plunge Europe into 400 years of near constant wars
>in the process get rich and fat being the neutral party and merchant of everything
Switzerland's finest hour!

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Meh not much tbchwy

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Any war with Teutonic Order
Other than that, this probably.

fucking delet this

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>Kill natives
>colonize New World

If only we had diseases with us


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The Independence War, naturally. It was so just that it's obscured every other war we've fought - mostly because those wars were unjust and embarrassing or our role in them was pretty contemptible.
If this were a 'your country's most kvlt wars' I'd have said the Thirty Years because we spend the whole conflict raping everyone and digesting the German countryside, and not for the soldiers' benefit of course.

So was Qutlumush, until he wasn't.
You Greeks need to stop listening to idiots, Turks and socialists every time they bleat about imperialism, as though taking someone's money makes you their slave. They're your enemies, dummy, they'll say anything to look like the poor innocent victims or concerned citizens or whatever.
Imperialist powers fork over billions' worth of aid in the vague hopes that their 'proxies' will achieve at least part of an objective while pursuing their own interests, why the hell should Greece have refused? Out of 'solidarity with the oppressed?'

>Out of 'solidarity with the oppressed?'
Yes, Greece takes pride over not being an i*perialist power.

British Invasions of the River Plate
>British invade Buenos Aires twice. Get repelled by local residents in improvised militias. These invasions are remembered positively today because they triggered the independence movement just three years later, as Argentines realized the Spanish crown had basically abandoned them to their fate yet they could still fend for themselves with no reinforcements.

War of Argentine Independence
>Fought because colonists were not allowed self-rule and Buenos Aires waw cucked by the Spanish monopoly and wanted free trade. Proceeded to liberate not just the local Viceroyalty (which would become Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay), but also liberated Chile and Peru-Bolivia asking for nothing in return. A United Provinces fleet under Hipolito Bouchard circumnavigated the globe and also sparked rightful rebellions against Spanish rule in Central America, California and the Philippines.

Cisplatine War
>Again the United Provinces (Argentina) was the good guy, repelling an unprovoked Brazilian invasion into the then Spanish-speaking province of Uruguay. Uruguayan people fought on the side of the United Provinces, in the end were granted independence as a compromise between both Argentina and Brazil. (War ended in a stalemate)

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Most morally justified war in history coming through.

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>Expanding slavery to new territories
>just and righteous
Ah, classic 'muricans.

Part II

Anglo-French Blockade of the Rio de la Plataío_de_la_Plata
>A rare case of British and Frogs teaming up in the mid 19th century to force Argentina to allow free navigation of its internal rivers to any foreign power, were repelled by based Rosas in the Battle of Vuelta de Obligado. Argentine sovereignity over its internal rivers and territorial integrity was acknowledged.
>Isolationist and militarist Paraguay, run by dictator Solano Lopez, tries to interfere in Uruguayan affairs, triggering a war with Uruguay and Brazil. In the middle of this, he asks Argentina to allow its troops to cross its territory to invade Uruguay. Argentina, being neutral, rightly refuses. Paraguay proceeds to declare war on Argentina too, invades Corrientes province, gets its shit pushed in by the three rivals.

tfw every war we fought was fair except for the Falklands. Most people always remember that one and don't know about the others.

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Just squashed by them and driven like cattle by them, while never quite being unanimous enough to get into a position where you can shake off the yoke.
Any other people and it would be considered a national liberation war, but Greeks have these masochistic first world pretenses and a startling knack for contrarianism.

>Glyndwr revolt
>Owain Gwynedd's wars against Henry III
>Llywelyn ap Gruffudd's war against Edward I
>purge the Vikings from Wales and help England remove them
>try to help England against the Normans
All of our non-civil wars have been just because they were defensive. Then again, 90% of Welsh history has been civil wars.
>king unites a part of/all of Wales
>his lands are autistically divided amongst his sons
>his sons spend the rest of their lives fighting with and killing each other
>rinse and repeat
CK2 players know the struggle.

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>US liberates Texas from the Mexican Imperialists and unilaterally pushes its disputed border to the Rio Grande and build forts there to spark a war they know they'll win
>Pays for the occupied Mexican land when the war ends to soothe their conscience and not seem quite so bad also deports the Mexicans living on that land because they don't want a Texas to happen to them


Mexico reporting:

All of the wars involving foreign state actors have been defensive wars.

>Difference in modern day human rights between North and South clearly show who was just
The South of that day engaged in just as many shennanigans as the North of that day.

>US liberates Texas from the Mexican Imperialists
I don't think even that part was right, pretty sure Mexico in 1846 was a republic again.

USA troops literally went into Mexican side of the border, killed some Mexican soldiers and then pretended it was Mexican aggression on US soil. A fucking false flag to justify war.

Pretty sure Mexico ambushed them is the traditional narrative. Still had no business building forts on disputed land and acting like it's a huge surprise when the people you have the dispute with come and try to push you off of it.

That right there is basically the whole of the Indian wars and it's not like they act like they were being heroic and righteously upright noble men of honor regarding that whole thing. Well some do but they're the kind that would defend literally every historical event no matter how black a stain it left.

>false flag
Don't be silly user.

France here
Probably this one

>mfw beaners thought they could loot our pastries without consequences

>see a bunch of mexican related posts
>lets post this one obscure little conflict and lets see who we can troll

Wow user, you sure are the epic master of twists and ruses.

Is your Saturday slow too? Or just killing a couple of hours?

What nation?'_War
>when the Anglos try to restrict your trade so you sail up the Thames and steal their flagship to sell later on, baffling Parliament

>beein zis mad

I believe the Charles was scrapped for wood during the winter. A glorious way to go.

Debate why that's so.

It is inefficient, it promotes cruelty and degeneracy and society benefits the most when individuals are able to freely pursue their 'dreams' instead of being forced to do menial work (i.e. laissez faire).

Sorry, but no war fought to put a king on a throne is just. Especially true when the U.S.A. does this. The Arabian Peninsula would be a better, more peaceful place today if Kuwait was part of Iraq.

Also, slavery discourages literacy. Traditionally, all slavery based societies made it illegal for slaves to be taught to read, and usually numerate as well. Some exceptions of course.

Germany reporting in.
>Jews keep fucking us.
>Say nine.
>Start fucking Jews.

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/pol/ go away

>monarchy is bad
>imperialism is fine though

>US liberates the oppressed Texas peoples from the Mexican Imperialists
except for the black ones though, right?

do it again you oz shitlords

well obviosly

user, you seem to have some heartburn with gentle Turkey, how can we help you see the beauty in these delicate flowers?

Mexicans are invading the US as you post, user.

t. mexican

Blacks aren’t people user


>invaded us three times
>stole our corn, cowboys, poinsettias, etc and called them their own
>made their illegal immigrants declare independence from us
>stole half of our country
>helped France the first time they tried to invade us
>helped our dictator in charge for over 30 years because he gave them all our resources
>tried to install a new dictator when we fought the one above
>took advantage of our poor for centuries, giving them special allowances in order to make them go there and work on the rail network, farms, etc
>blame us for the fact that they invited those mexicans over centuries
>biggest consumers of drugs in the planet, and drugs are cultivated in south america so they NEED to go through mexico
>declare the “war on drugs” because they are puritan retards spreading their cancer around the world, and in the process mostly jail blacks and the mexicans they invited in a disproportionate manner, to the point they became the country with the most prisoners in the world
>make us start a war because they can't either stop consuming drugs nor legalize
>70% of the arms cartels have come from USA
>ask us to deport central americans; and then proceed to blame the central american immigration on us even when we deport more than 90% of them; to then pretend we not only don't deport them but help them reach the US because we are evil; while saying we are hypocrites because we do deport them. At the same time
>use their global media to talk shit about us and create shit stereotypes
>made us their slave labor with nafta
>blame us for nafta as if it was a bad thing for them even though they gained over 4.2 million jobs because of it; obtained cheap things, while making our gdp per capita stagnate and destroyed our agriculture with their subsidized corn
>export their shit food culture and sugar infested garbage here

Fuck off

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Maccabean Revolt
Roman Wars

Occupation of Lebanon and recent Gaza wars were bullshit though.

>When an army with 2-5:1 advantages in men, tanks, artillery, and aircraft sneak attacks you and you end up destroying their armies and driving into their capitals.

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>Maccabean Revolt
>Roman Wars

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How do you liberate farm equipment?

It's not an invasion if you beg us to immigrate.
Also all of those are dramatic exaggerations to play the victim because your country and people are failures of their own accord.

>slaughter civilians
>Claim land that isn't yours

>Also all of those are dramatic exaggerations to play the victim because your country and people are failures of their own accord.
Ultimately, yes; you certainly didn't help though.

>helped France the first time they tried to invade us

America is the very reason the French (that you failed to defeat) withdrew from your shithole

Fucking Mexico is a squalidly corrupt shithole, ruled by 12 families, and you idiots might as well be North Korea you're so cucked.

When around Mexicans, lies are what you should be expexicans.

"Send 4 more legions to the that tiny eastern kingdom? I guess so. Annnnnnd they're gone."

These are another reasons on why Argentina is a shit country

Every war.

t. BR

Don't attribute to malice what can easily be explained by ignorance. Then again you're /pol/ so you think everyone that isn't white is out to hijack your narrative.

IIRC correctly the first time was the pastry war and the US had little involvement. Though that poster would still be wrong because also IIRC that conflict was not a full blown invasion.

No they're not. At least not the ones that are armed and would violently resist any attempt at stopping them. You misidentify the current mass migration pattern as a foreign invasion because you're either a psychopath or a bigot. Or both. Either way go back to /pol/ please.

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Yes, Mexicans are invading the USA, retard, and the corrupt Mexican government encourages them to do so. And those supporting this invasion are armed, as you should know. The invaders make up upwards of 1/4 of the US prison population, and for crimes unrelated to their illegal invasion. Fuck off, retard.

>get attacked by pretty much all surrounding nations
>btfo them one after the other
>Alexander it up and get btfo'd by winter
>Fränder, bröder, vår stormaktstid är över>

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