Why is this board so butthurt about a dictator and his family getting executed?

Why is this board so butthurt about a dictator and his family getting executed?

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You'll never understand. Why bother explaining it?

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>A bullet, fired by somebody in the back, hummed near my head and grazed either the palm or finger (I do not remember) of somebody. When the firing stopped, it turned out that the daughters, Alexandra Feodrovna and, it seems, Demidova and Alexei too, were alive. I think they had fallen from fear or maybe intentionally, and so they were alive. Then we proceeded to finish the shooting. (Previously I had suggested shooting at the heart to avoid a lot of blood). Alexei remained sitting petrified. I killed him. They shot the daughters but did not kill them. Then Yermakov resorted to a bayonet, but that did not work either. Finally they killed them by shooting them in the head. Only in the forest did I finally discover the reason why it had been so hard to kill the daughters and Alexandra Feodrovna.

> When we began to undress the bodies, we discovered something on the daughters and on Alexandra Feodrovna. I do not remember exactly what she had on, the same as on the daughters or simply things that had been sewed on. But the daughters had on bodices almost entirely of diamonds and [other] precious stones. Those were not only places for valuables but protective armor at the same time. That is why neither bullets nor bayonets got results. By the way, only they had guilt in their dying agony.

what are you trying to say?

I think I do understand. Because you have information about Anne Frank and the Romanov family, you feel more emathy towards them than some random Russian serf whose family died of hunger or was killed by monarchist goons.

>ywn protect all of the poor children from an agonizing fate

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People on all sides commit atrocities but you were asking specifically about the Romanovs, people rightly are disgusted by how they were treated especially the children.

>you feel more emathy towards them than some random Russian serf whose family died of hunger or was killed by monarchist goons.

The same thing happened and worse under the new Communist regime so really nothing changed for the Russian peasants. And the Royal family was brutally murdered for no reason.

yeah he was actually only an absolute monarch who resisted any attempt to reduce his power or improve his country, who fired any good ministers and kept sycophants around

>no reason

they had a secret police going around and murdering people, it made sense to kill them so they couldn't be used as puppets against the soviets by sympathisers or foreign powers

But by Russian Salic law the women couldn't inherit anyway


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Out of naievety and foolishness, which no doubt brought ruin and suffering to Russia. But that doesn't warrent the barborous execution of the entire family by the lowest of the low of Russia's criminal underclass who came into power over them, nor does it justify the actions of the Communist regime that came after them.

You're right that they killed them to prevent the legitimate ethnic Russian counter revolution from suceeding out of ruthless strategy in the ensuing civil war. But as I said the idea of secret police going around murdering people didn't change, except you also had a basketcase state that killed far more than the Tsar could eve have.

>Constitution of 1906
>Chapter Two (Articles 25-39) regulated the order of succession to the throne. The thrones of Poland and Finland were declared "inseparable" from that of Russia,[20] while precise rules on succession to the throne were spelled out. Females were eligible to succeed, though they were placed last in order behind all dynastically qualified male descendants of Romanov emperors
So unless Alexander, Nikolai, Vladimir, Kiril, Boris, Andrei, Dmitri, the other Nicholas, and Peter die they don't have a fucking claim you brainlet nonce

Women could inherit after Peter the Great changed the law in the early 1700’s, and so with the exception of the brief and autistic reign of Peter III, Russia was ruled by female empresses for almost 70 years straight, but Catherine the Great’s son Paul - who ruled briefly from 1796s to 1801 - reverted the law back to pre-Peter the Great days, because he believed - rightfully, as it turned out - that his mother was planning on disinheriting him. Paul wanted a far more rigid, clear-cut law of succession, not just “name whoever you want”.

I'm not even talking about the soviets, but nicky appears to be pretty heartless or clueless.

In his diary there are bits that go like this

>our brave troops put down a few hundred rebels, killed a few women and children that's very unfortunate, anyway the weather today was really good I beat prince lyvotz in tennis 6-3 I think I''m getting better

The Romonov dynesty weren't good for Russia, whether he was actively malicious or not Nicky was a fuckup and his son would probably have been worse. Ironically he would have been a great constitutional monarch like George V, he had all the tools for that

ok, so women couldn't inherit, unless somebody changes the law. Got it

His wife was more of a crazy retard and he cucked to her advise rather than his ministers. That was his main flaw, at least he expresses sentiment of regret toward the death of women and children.

The problem is Nick's dad didn't prepare him at all for the responsibilities the autocracy had and at the same time Nicky was really fucking autistic about not giving the autocracy up because it would make his dad think he was a shit, it's the perfect storm

I agree on this, good post. He wasn't ready for it at all. IIRC there are some amusing anecdotes regarding him making his personal guards parade around and stuff that seem very larpy.

yeah but Nicky was also a bit of a douche who couldn't handle people giving him the truth, he personally got very upset by stolypin and witte

didn't Nicky change the rules so that if ALexei was unable to rule or died, Olga would be empress?

>tfw you will never see Empress Olga

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Olga was the ugly sister

I think that the Romanovs are romanticized so much for two reasons. Firstly and more simply there's a lingering belief that autocratic monarchs are different from just normal dictators, we all praise kings and queens and people still buzz about royal families to this day. More complex, compared to the near century of bloodshed and true totalitarianism that followed, along with the active attempts at abolishing of pre-Soviet culture and religion, the shitty Romanov reign seems "better" for Russia. Nobody cares about the Romanovs themselves, but more for the pre-Soviet Russia that ceased to exist with their death.

One of the reasons why I stop visiting this board is for assholes like you. So stupid and retarded that it is hard to believe they exist.

Look damn asshole, it does not really matter if the child "was going to inherit the throne." That does not give you a magic letter to kill people and less a 13-year-old boy and his sisters.

wasn't Anastasia considered the least pretty one? On the beauty scale it was Tatiana/Maria-Olga-Anastasia I believe

Maria was like 12 dude, she hadn't passed the awkward phase yet so it's a bit unfair

*Anastasia, I'm fucking retarded

>Commie complaining about secret police
>Voting for two faggots that don't represent me,this country,or my personal values Is better

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That's one of the prices you pay for being in such a high position of power. Just as it is unfair that they were born in that position with all the benefits, it comes with the responsibilities and sometimes danger/being a target. Far worst has happened to millions of people in war.

Pretty much. Imagine if he backed a liberal constitution, imagine if he didn't fucking order troops to fire on citizens presenting a petition during the Bloody Sunday and most of all, imagine if he didn't FUCKING go to war over SERBIA by mobilizing and refusing to disarm after Wilhelm demanded it.

He was horrendously incompetent and I don't understand this board's obsession with him and his family.

He didn't order anything, he was too buy playing tennis, that's the biggest issue with his autocracy, it was so half arsed

tbqh I just wanna see his daughters lewd and nude

And pregnant

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forced meme

He actually did receive reports, although you're right. A lot of things went wrong during his reign because of his inaction.

Literally because his daughters were hot... It's honestly kinda dumb.

>implying you wouldn't

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Nicky and Willy memes

This,I'm sick of seeing it. I stayed for the romanovs
He prepped the Eastern front with ivanov. Technically they invaded German territory two days before the declaration of war. He learned his lesson from Japan,but I can't expect hisfags to actually read anything when stereotypes and assumptions are the standard here

probably because murdering dictators isn't justified when you put an even worse political system in place

>He prepped the Eastern front with ivanov
Even that was half arsed, one of his worst ideas was getting entangled in military affairs

>Even that was half arsed, one of his worst ideas was getting entangled in military affairs
Not due to either of them. Samsonov is the one that fucked it up,but again,I understand you can't be expected to look up even basic bitch information.

>This,I'm sick of seeing it. I stayed for the romanovs

I'd shitpost pregnant Maria and pregnant Anastasia too if someone would draw them.

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I'll bump some romanov pictures

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Dictators are a republican thing. The word you were looking for is autocrat.

I'll also bump some romanov pictures

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He didn't order fire on civilians you mong, he wasn't even in St. Petersburg at the time and only learned it happened later.

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Kill yourself.

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Yes, absolute monarchs have dictatorial powers.

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