Why have Slavs always been so far behind technologically despite being in such close proximity with the West and the...

Why have Slavs always been so far behind technologically despite being in such close proximity with the West and the Middle East, two major places of historical development? Why have Slavs never contributed nearly as much to technological advancement as the West? Why have Slavs always had a far lower IQ than Westerners for all of known history? Are Slavs genetically inferior or is there another reason?

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Why is OP such a faggot? Has OP always been a faggot or is there some cultural background for this? Is OP a faggot because he's genetically inferior?

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>he thinks Slavs got to space through their own genius
You used German scientists that you took captive during the war.

as usual the inferior work as slaves for the superior

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>the "superior" are too stupid to make any technological advancement so they have to steal the "inferiors" work
Yeah, no. Keep dreaming.

That's wildly inaccurate and anyone with brain cells can tell. I wouldn't expect you to pick up on that though because Slavs are dumber than niggers.

I don't know about genetics but it's no lie that Slavs were historically backwater retards.

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Slavs hold championship among chess masters. Only other North Europeans come close and sometimes suprass them.


the best chess player is armenian.

Except Slavs have been trashed already. By insecure German subhumans.


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At any given time half of the threads on Veeky Forums are butthurt Slavs screeching about WWII and how all Germans should be killed. Slavs screech a lot more than Germans do.

The difference here is: Slavs do it on a fucking imageboard. Krauts did it in real life.

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>Slavs do it on a fucking imageboard. Krauts did it in real life
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I'll just say this: Nikola Tesla

that's Nicky Tessa, famous Australian inventor

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those are valid questions

You know, slavs actually faced a lot of difficulty, the one western people didn't when they were at the stage of developing. Take the Serbs for example. They have fought so many wars, held back the Ottoman Empire form invading Europe while as the western world was developing and gaining riches and proposing new world "ideas" that changed the world. But slavic people have far more than any western person did, such as Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin,Yuriy Voronyj, Yuriy Knorozov, Ihor Sikorskiy, Boris Grabovski, Fedor Pirotskiy and so on... Please don't say such things without learning, go back to school or something you clearly havent read a book in your life.

>Why have Slavs never contributed nearly as much to technological advancement as the West?

Most slavic countries still have low population density relatively to the west.

Why is Romania not slavic?

They're just not Slavic, they're also genetically distinct from most of Europe

he thinks Muricans got to space and build nukes through their own genius

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Russian space program was made entirely by Slavic people. Not be inferior krautniggers piece of shit garbage.

Russians also constructed tsar bomba and advanced computers & other technology while krautniggers were enslaved by Slavs in the DDR.

>>Krauts want to ethnically clense Eastern Europe
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Part 1.

Historically, Eastern Europe lagged behind mostly due to distance needed to travel and make contact with other people groups, which discouraged trade and with trade, the exchange of ideas with others that leads to innovation and wealth to act upon those ideas.

The Fertile Cresent and the Mediterranean were the center of technological development because of how closely interconnected the peoples of the time were because of the region. Greece could trade with Phoenicia and Egypt in a matter of days, allowing all of them to trade goods to create wealth and share ideas among each other to innovate.

Eastern Europe however, is sparsely populated, and what settlements are there are far, far apart in distance and many traders weren't about to go that far out of their way unless the goods were really worth the money and time. Krakow and Kiev, 2 major trading cities without much in the way between the two cities, is 900 kilometers over land, which takes over a month to travel as opposed to Constantinople to Venice, which is a few days to a week by ship.

Put yourself in the shoes of a merchant pondering making the trip from Krakow to Kiev to Novgorod and Moscow to sell goods, the trip there and back will take months, there are few places to stop in transit, and the roads are vast and unguarded. You could lose the whole caravan to bandits because the road is too long for guards to protect, or the onset of winter straight up paralyzes all movement of goods. Not a good venture unless you're out for Amber which is worth its literal weight in gold.

Part 2.

The sheer distance over land people had to travel to get anywhere created isolation on the Steppes, and strangled development in contrast with connected trading hubs, which is why Russia received its big break with St. Petersburg, a window to the West. With that city being a much quicker route to the heart of the region, trade to the region skyrocketed, and Russia and the region as a whole rose with it, after the Great Northern War and the founding of the new Capital, Russia and the Eastern European region as a whole became much more comparable to the West, but sheer distance still meant that the Eastern European interior still lagged behind where certain areas now flourished, cossacks sitting in Astrakhan were never going to see those new goods and trade, so the East did develop, but not evenly among all the vast expanse of land.

That's the historical part of it, in today's terms, it's mostly the region's amount of economic capital and how much people are willing to invest into the region for potential returns. Russia and Eastern Europe have received an explosion of development and investment since the fall of the Soviet Union which essentially severed all contact between East and West for 50 years, stifling development to create the stark differences we see in comparing the two today, but it'll take a while until investment and capital match that of the West, if they ever do. Economic sanctions in Russia, outright rampant corruption in Ukraine, and just the unattractive economic climate of Bulgaria Poland means it'll take time.

That said, Eastern Europe, and especially Russia, is not as far behind or as backward as commonly believed. Russia in particular is surprisingly good at keeping up parity with the West where it counts, and even surpassing it at times.

Part 3.

For a prime example, look at rocket technology. It's easy for trolls to say that the Soviets made rockets purely off the work of German scientists but that's only a piece of the puzzle. The Soviets were playing with rockets for decades, mainly showcased in WW2 with their Katyusha rocket artillery. They certainly had the basics down, and with that foundation they reached space first, even with the US having similar German scientists captured like Von Braun.

And even today, Russia keeps parity and even strides further than the West where it counts in military technology, with that example being the very recent unveiling of working hypersonic missiles and reactor-powered engines on missiles as opposed to combustion, something the US has been cracking at for nearly a decade and still hasn't nailed down.

(((Valid points)))
>slavs have lower IQ
>slavs have never contributed nearly as much technological advancements as western europe
compare russia to spain or italy
>Are slavs genetically inferior
you tell me, since your country was united by slavic cuckolds

wut? aint it norway?

What's the point of comparing Spain and Italy to Russia when OP was comparing Slavs vs western Europe? Spain and Italy have made a shitload of technological advancements also, and have both had bigger impacts on the world, than Russia.

Wrong. Russia had MUCH bigger impact on the world, you cretin. It was Russia and Cold war, which shaped the current world order, you fucking cretin. It was Russia which held the entire Western world in check for over 5 decades after WW2, and even now, when Russia practically elected US president.

Nickleberg "haim" Tesla is actually a know Jew.

Wrong on all levels because M'ladik wasn't mentioned. A war hero to surpass even his ancestor Alexander the (Great) Serb.

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>Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
>Sergei Korolev
>Vasily Mishin
>Valentin Glushko
>Boris Chertok
>Vladimir Chelomey
>non-slavic german scientists...
Are you the mythical kang of brainlets, user? or are you only pretending to be retarded?
Can you at least name some of revelant german scientists that soviets stole?

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>Slavs hold championship among chess masters

You mean Russian Jews?

Jewish master race

>>slavs have lower IQ

Average IQ in Serbia - 89
Average IQ in Croatia - 90
Average IQ in Bosnia and Herzegovina - 90
Average IQ in Macedonia - 91
Average IQ in Bulgaria - 93
Average IQ in Slovenia - 96
Average IQ in Slovakia - 96
Average IQ in Moldova - 96

Seems pretty low to me, certainly lower than in any Germanic country.

>this map
>St. Petersburg
>Significant use of non-Slavic language
Is this true?

Source: my ass

>all South Slavic

all the bottom ones are barely lower than germany

>sets you back 100 years after you abolish it


>>>Implying Moldovans are slavs
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Clear bullshit. I hear about Slavic scientists all the time in lots of my science classes.

My source is Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen: iq-research.info/en/average-iq-by-country