Were the 1980s the height of human civilization?

were the 1980s the height of human civilization?

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Now is the height of human civilization

t. Commie libtard SJW

Dude, the present day is just an exaggerated version of the eighties
I'm not a fan of it, just noting the steady forward pace

>Commie libtard
What did he mean by this?
No, really, what did he mean?


Could you not speak in buzzwords, thanks

That would imply Americans are humans

>lmao because we have cars and televisions that means present day isn’t shit with mudslimes fucking over Europe and communism rising in the West and the (((leaders))) trying to breed out white people
Fuck off soyboy

> crack
> aids
> wars and dictatorships
> shitty synth music

Holy shit, as a fellow /pol/tard, get the fuck off /pol/ for two seconds, pull your head out of your ass and read a godamn book you stupid nigger

back to /pol/ with you scum

Materialist cucks can only measure progress in the amount of material crap they own, what else is new? They're the shallowest people, ultimate plebs.

>everything right of jewish communism is /pol/
Back to /leftypol/

That's a rather strong argument.

Were you an adult in the 1980s?

I don't even understand what /pol/-types mean when they say "communism". They seem to use it to refer to absolutely everything that is not far right.


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T.a fucking child who never live in the 80’s

Not him but I was. I fail to see what was so special about this decade, most of the shit I see millennials posting about the 80s existed only in movies and music videos, not in real life.

The 80s were pretty Jewish to be honest.

What in the actual fuck did he mean by this when he answered to this? Really, what the fuck did he mean? What were his intentions?

The Pagan Roman Empire was the height of human civilization. No, actually, the Golden age of greek mythology, when only Gods lived and built the seas and mountains.

Reagan was the best US president 2bh

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t. Commies who get triggered when reminded that Reagan times were a million times better than their Obongo/Killary communist shit

How conservatives managed to make a guy who expanded the government as much as Reagan did into a hero, I have no idea. They seem to be partially blind to the evils of big government whenever their guys are in office.

>anti gun (look up Mulford Act)
>pro amnesty of illegal beaners (look up Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986)
>pro big government (look up his deficit spending)
>economic globalist (signed the CUSFTA which later became NAFTA)
Reagan was literally a liberal who duped the convervatives into voting for him because he was charismatic.

t. edgy 15 year-old kid



>lmao ur underage
Is this how libtards argue? Can’t even give any facts?

t. brainlet falling for a shithpost

dym 1970s???

Why would an answer ad hominems with anything else but more ad hominems?

Youre too fucking young to remember all the shit in the 80’s
Crime was higher then,and Reagan was neocon cuck

80s was the decade when homosexuality got normalized. The AIDS epidemic caused fags to admit they're fags - this is where the "coming out" crap comes from, they basically had to tell their family they suffer from a lethal disease that was targeting only fags. And soon after that it was fucking everywhere and faggots were the new normal. Before the 80s, they were in the closet.

Hey, Ivan was scary okay.

t. /pol/ tard whose vocabulary consists solely of buzzwords

I’d say early Egyptians had it way more cooler and real than we do now.


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It was the 1900s

Good post

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The 80s were just the 70s without Nixon or Carter, the modern world as we know it began with the fall of communism in 1991.

What did he mean by this?

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Ivan managed to collapse on his own because communism was retarded. Saying Reagan killed communism is on par with the Jews claiming they destroyed Babylon.

>the present day is just a bit modified ancient greece

>communism rising in the West
What the fuck are you talking about? I am getting the impression that Americans just call everything they don't like "communism".

Why were 80's Japanese women much more superior to contemporary Japanese women?

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It's not Americans specifically, it's /pol/ types - and they come from more than just the US. /pol/ type people call pretty much everything that isn't socially conservative right wing authoritarianism "communism". It's part of their entire reduction of the world's political complexities into a binary opposition good vs. evil children's cartoon.

It's not Americans specifically, it's /pol/ types - and they come from more than just the US. /pol/ type people call pretty much everything that they don't like "communism". It's part of their entire reduction of the world's political complexities into a binary opposition good vs. evil children's cartoon.

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in the west probably it was just before wages started stagnating to the point they are now
everywhere else was worse off though

This but unironically

No lost decade

The 1980s was a lot worse when it came to terrorist attacks in Europe. And communism was actually a real threat back then. How can /pol/ be so retarded?

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Nigger, I just wanted to clarify what the fuck thoser retards mean by saying shit like "communism is rising in the West" and "Obongo/Killary communism". Because I live in an ex Soviet country and I don't see how modern West is anything like actual commie countries. So far it looks to me that "communism" is just a slur word devoid of meaning.

>/pol/jew thinks he's going to be taken seriously outside of his meme board

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80s-90s US, Japan and Western Europe seemed very comfortable indeed. They were a good combination of economic prosperity and advanced technology (but not too advanced to the point where the internet has completely submerged our lives).

Communism is when the government does stuff

That's their logic. They call Obama a socialist.

Don't respond to /pol/ retardation.

I prefer the early 1960s.

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>Implying any of those things are bad

t. 16yo stormnigger

Socialism and communism are very very different though

Because conservative politicians aren't conservative, they get paid to pretend to be conservative to make people in red states vote for them so that whatever bank or corporation that sponsored their campaign can have a puppet to do their bidding.

were the 1980s the comfiest time period in human civilization?

No because Cold War and proxy war

t. Juan Carlos Gutenstein


Sounds like he's just like Trump.

> implying any of that is not standard Republican stuff

Oldfart here. I remember the 80s well. Fucking cultural wasteland.

the world was far poorer and ignorant back then