Are there any cool or interesting espionage stories in history?

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google search “agent storm” and “left of boom”

The cold war was full of intrigue and sabotage

Some Nazi intelligence agent got sent to Canada to monitor their industrial output of some shit like that, but immediately after arriving he withdrew all of his alotted funds and blew it all on booze and hookers then subsequently turned himself in and lived a cushy life feeding the leafs vital info
Christ, German intelligence was absolute dogshiteía
The Great Game is fun.

wasnt the canadians, it happened on Long Island

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There's always Yoshiko Kawashima, a Manchu princess who became a secret agent serving Japan out of hatred for the Imperial Chinese government.

When the Chinese finally caught her and charged her with treason, she claimed that she was not guilty because as a Manchu royal, she owed no loyalty to China. They still executed her.

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here's one guy that never ceases to amaze meía

Pujol was a Spanish national who landed a job spying for Nazi Germany before acting as a double agent in service to the British. He created an extensive network of spies in service to him that each got a pension on the Nazi payroll, only problem was none of these men existed, but were imaginary names to funnel money back to himself, with characters including a Venezuelan dock worker, a wine-drinking Scotsman, and a Swiss banker.

His intel reports to Germany were always either half-true or reported shortly after the information would've been useful to stop allied armies, but they kept him on the payroll and never noticed.

His biggest hoax was sending intel reports that the Allied invasion would be at Calais, with a diversionary force landing at Normandy, which the Germans accepted and kept Normandy lightly guarded for the landings.

Pujol then took the cash he was receiving from both the Axis and Allies and retired to Venezuela and ran a book store for the rest of his life.

>Mata Hari was a Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan who was convicted of being a spy for Germany during World War I and executed by firing squad in France.

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poor girl, it's not her fault the french were a bunch of cowards

>use an innocent civilian woman to do their dirty work for them
>get trolled by germans into thinking she is their spy
>execute her

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Isaiah Oggins was the ultimate "useful idiot", a prime example to what the Party elites will do to the most idealistic commies once in power.
>Be American Jew
>Be convinced communist traitor
>Renounce your American citizenship and convince your wife to do the same
>Get recruited by the KGB
>Travel to France and Germany
>Become "friends" with Tsarist groups and other White Russian emigres
>Report all their activities to the Soviets like the communist rat you are
>Many of these people get assassinated as a result of the espionage
>Travel to China and do the same
>KGB determines he knows too much at this point and is a liability
>Even though he has been nothing except loyal to the Soviet Union
>Gets captured by his KGB handlers
>Gets sent to the gulag and forgotten there for more than a decade
>Executed by Grigory Malenkov in 1947, on Stalin's orders
>Used as a KGB lab rat to test the effectiveness of the poison curare
>His wife never knew what happened to him until Soviet files were declassified in 1991
Serves him right.
This was karmic justice.

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>* Executed by Grigory Marianovsky not Malenkov, excuse the mistake

official Bond rankings:
1. Sean Connery
2. Timothy Dalton
3. Daniel Craig
4. Pierce Brosnan
5. Roger Moore
6. George Lazenby

official best Bond films (in no particular order):
>From Russia With Love
>On Her Majesty's Secret Service
>The Spy Who Loved Me
>For Your Eyes Only
>The Living Daylights
>Licence To Kill
>Casino Royale

Goldfinger and GoldenEye are overrated

You. I like you.

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i like how even though lazenby's acting is wooden his 1 film is still god tier

I believe all german spy landing on britain instantly went over.
Hell one of the agency worked more on keeping his job instead of any actually spying

A few were executed by firing squad in the Tower.

Is derailing the thread using pic unrelated info to write a post a clever ironic way of doing it? I see it here all the time and I laugh thinking that's smart. Please tell me it is, because if it is autism my life is a lie

>6. George Lazenby
Opinion discarded

How is he better than the others?

He's not even an actor, just some random Australian model they picked up.