Is Hitler the most hated historical figures?

Is Hitler the most hated historical figures?

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For now.

Yes, but he's also one of the most misunderstood.

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This. Just wait until drumpf's time has passed

nah, hes always had his admirers
judas was probably the most hated when everyone was christian

among white people sure. They don't really care about him in like India or China. Pretty sure Churchill is more of a controversial figure in India while Hitler is almost respected.


Xd le orange hitler Cheeto is baaaad

No, it's really just western europeans and russians who are but blasted over him.

He's right. Those who admire him think he fought for the white race, when in fact it is more appropriate to say that he fought for the Germans. This causes everyone else to also adopt such an idea and thus, you have /pol/ on one side and the shaming of any white as a "Nazi" on the other.

Hitler is satan stand-in for the modern western state religion of holocaustianity

Aren't there any white supremacists who hate Germans for the destruction of Europe? Who do they like?

Napoleon used to be equally hated.

>Aren't there any white supremacists who hate Germans for the destruction of Europe?

Unironic White Nationalist here, Nazism is completely indefensible and retarded edgelords' continued infatuation with it is basically shooting our cause in the foot.

>Who do they like?

Ian Smith, Enoch Powell, and George Wallace are my personal favorites. They all served in WWII against the Nazis too.

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I dont get this comic.

It was pretty funny to see teenage Nazi spergs on some alt right subreddit say that Hitler dindu nuffin and the Nazis were good boys, then turn around and say how Poland is so FUCKING BASED for opposing Muslim immigration and not having many non whites.

White nationalism cannot be mainstream because of association with Hitlerism, while the Jews can laugh because that's why they can moan so much about "6 million".

"We must secure the future of our people"(18) is being dragged back as a concept by being associated with Fascism(88).This ofcourse pleases the "Coveteous jew"(6 centilion) who's agenda is the subversion of society and the destruction of European ideals.

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/pol/ posters are so pathetic

fuck off lefty piece of shit all I wanna do is browse and discuss history, at least we can have a fair debate with pol u fucking cuckshits.

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>at least we can have a fair debate with pol

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"White nationalism" cannot be mainstream because it is American mongrel nonsense. As for the rest, just Hunnic nationalism cannot be mainstream.

There are countries where Napoleon is liked, but there are no countries where Hitler would be universally liked (as far as I know).
Napoleon even has a verse dedicated to him in Polish national anthem.

No. Not at all. And he will return as the most heroic figure again.Modern time proved that he was right destroying all these people

prove him wrong

The most controversial and famous yes.
The most hated? idk. just go over /pol/ and see the number of wehraboos.

stop LARPing

desu there the most tolerable part of /pol/ now.

>Savitri Devi’s basic political books are The Lightning and the Sun, which deals with three historical figures: Genghis Khan, Akhnaton, and Hitler. She sees the one as a man of peace and the sun. Another as a warrior and a killer without any greater idea. And Hitler as a sort of a god and a devil combined. As a sort of superman, outside history. He is against time. He is sort of inhuman. He’s considered as something semi-divine.

>The irony, of course, is that is how he’s perceived in Western culture. The number of films, the number of plays, the number of ideas that feed on him, retrospectively, as a sort of force; as a force of negation. As a force of anti-divinity. Because of course, in a dualist system evil is very powerful, and the idea of the diabolical is extraordinarily provocative and interesting. And he is presented in diabolical colors. Indeed, there is nothing more diabolical. So in a way her configuration, and her spiritual cosmogony, and that which has occurred, are identical in the way that a photographic negative and a photographic image, a positive, is the same image reversed, the one from the other. She has the absolutist view, albeit in reverse, of the contemporary society about him and his dictatorship.

Should be Marx tho

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Only in the Jew-worshiping West, whose native population is in irrevocable decline.

Rising powers in the East and South admire Hitler.

>he hated the man who saves him of die as infant of opium overdose.
i mean he is directly responsible of 90% of your salary.

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>he's an anglo

even worse

Fuck off commie

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At least people forgot about Pilate and that awful thing he did.

I would like to reserve the greater part of my hate for someone who did terrible things when they knew better. First thing that comes to mind is Truman. Someone who isn't born evil, wasn't made evil by a sad life, nor could be said to just have evil in his bones...yet does a truly heinous thing anyway because it suits him and his.

There must be worse out there. The extremely cruel -- like Dirlewangers -- the ones who do evil things because it pleases them, I try to look at them more like germs or sick animals. Not humans, capable of conscience. But there must be a lot of important figures whose actions sunk far below their own standards for themselves, who defied their own demonstrated consciences and had the audacity to go on living with themselves. I think there's a different moral plane for them.

I have to admit that I don't know that much about Truman but I think that if anything should define a man it's dropping two atomic bombs.

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>Dropping the atomic bombs was bad
/jp/ pls go

Was it good?

>pls don't teach me thx!
You should consider a life change

>>pls don't teach me thx!
>You should consider a life change
OK, teach me then
How was he misunderstood?

A proper answer to Pearl Harbor, in any case.


Teens are dumb.

2,335 men sworn to fight and die
225,000 men, women and children plus who the fuck knows how much cancer

If that's proper, what's improper?

short war best war

Yes, at least most other dictators and tyrants had noble goals and good intentions in mind.

Hitler was just a racist bigot.

What would have been achieved if the US in all fairness and for great justice had just killed back '2,335 men sworn to fight and die' can you tell me?

Pilate dindu nuffin

Hey, dude, to be fair he also made autobahns, the vw beetle and was an environmentalist.

that's precisely the problem

Go grab your abacus and subtract 2,335 from 225,000. I'm not your dad

Yes and rightfully so. Probably one of the most evil and repulsive men in history.

>calling someone cuck
>you can at least argue with /pol/
Go home faggot

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except the war wouldn't have ended after the mere killing of '2,335 men sworn to fight and die' and Japan wouldn't have surrendered, and there would have been more casualities on both sides

w2c t-shirt?

>didn't mention the fact that the guy the /pol/tard was calling a cuck was also a /pol/tard since nobody actually unironically uses the term "hitlerism" except other stormniggers

That's true. What's also true is that war crimes are war crimes whether or not they are expedient to achieving your ends.

The alternative was to land invade that shit hole and have unspeakably higher death rates while the soviets are simultaneously coming in from the back and spawning a north Korea south Korea situation.

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100,000 were also killed by firebombing raids on Tokyo alone. Civilian casualties were an unfortunate consequence of the strategies employed in WWII, with bombers targeting the industrial foundations of enemy nations. The A-Bombs dropped on Japan were an extremely loud statement, but as far as casualties go they were insignificant in the overall scope of the war

No you have

Me, personally, hate the vikings the most. I fucking hate those BOAT NIGGERS