What Nietzche actually said:

What Nietzche actually said:
>"God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?"

What atheists hear
>"God is ded lmao."

Why are atheists so retarded?

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Cuz atheists are usually 14 years old or Ricky Gervais

>implying anybody has any clue wtf Nietzsche was on about

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The irony being that they are exactly the people who have to suffer most from the death of god. Quite poetic.

edgy teenagers and deluded atheists love Nietzsche while not giving a single shit about at least one different philosopher
its kinda sad

And Dostojewski because they heard about his ubermentsch motive
Anyway i love both of them but i can agree with your sentence

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> You must cite an entire paragraph of text! XD
What the fuck? Are you retarded or what? His full quote doesn't even contradicts the short iconic statement.

>He thinks Nietzsche is sad or regretful about god "dying"
nice reading comprehension

The more popular he is, the more misinterpreted he gets by the masses. Stop mentioning his name. Elitism saves.

Not him personally, but he was one in a billion. He's lamenting the masses, who just a few decades later would face the consequences of god's death.

Only elites wont change the world
Welcome to the world after french revolution
Only masses can do something


The sad realisation is that God is really dead and while the atheist will accept that in the sheer absurd nihilism of meaningless existence and theist will try to worship the corpse with his hollow rituals and pointless cargo cult lip service, there no one remains who could restore the glory of God once again.

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See this

The masses are located and placed in a system that you could be compared to the allegory of the cave. People do not know, let alone having access to information and other things that could help them compete with the elite. Schools, books, universities and free information are self sustaining and deceptive systems. Or how N. would say: A master wouldn't teach his slaves how to rule

I can understand that masses are dumb
But without them we will not change the world
Maybe I'm in trouble with my individualism but it's hard to me
I think that real Ubermenstch would rather save the world and other people than doing nothing and masturbating to himself how great he isn't
You may be great but if anyone wont understand you you will be always be average person

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So... What exactly his stance? Is he an atheist? Theist? Or you he just wrote a bunch of pretentious nonsense to trigger normies and you can swing his words either way?

Probably at Ecce Homo he said that atheims comes to him naturally
May be bad translation dont have book right now to check

Why discuss his thoughts when you cannot even spell his name correctly?

>Is he an atheist? Theist?

That's not the question. Dumb fucking idiots always concerned with the material. The issue is one of morality. Morality has to be based on something and in the west it was based on absolute truths of Christianity.

Because the Enlightenment and the scientific revolution shattered the veil of absolute Christian truth, something had to replace it. Nietzsche himself was very critical of the pillars of Christianity and viewed it as slave morality, whereas he proposed a master morality based on strength and glory and conquest of the self.

The problem with his morality is that it only works for a very small minority of people. The masses need slave morality and so far they have not been given a new one. In the absence of morality you have the world wars and the decadence that followed

nietzsche said we should move beyond master and slave morality. which would one day make the ubermensche

> In the absence of morality you have the world wars and the decadence that followed.
It isn't like there were no wars or decadence before the enlightenment. Technological advancements just made wars more deadly and decadence more decadent.

One of the best Nietzsche inrepretation i ever heard
*clap clap* user
(no irony)

That actually made me interested in getting around to reading Nietzsche faster. Thank you!
(i'm just a brainlet newfag that hasnt even read nizshe yet hahahaha)

Yea but gay marriages, destroying of the family, egalitarism, feminism, pacifism, trans *ekhm* (((people))) and many others its the effect of no morality

The last time Philosophers had influence into the elite group was about 2300 years ago. The last time a politician had influence was the Ceasar family 2100 years ago. The last people who tried to revolutionize against the elite were Napoleon 1989, Lenin 1926, Hitler 1934. All of them lost. Life and the world became nothing but cold business after the industrial revolution. All this ein Übermensch would be aware of. You either become the elite or you die under it.

> pacifism
> egalitarianism
Both existed from the dawn of times. People like equality and not being killed in some nonsensical war.

Napoleon 1789, I apologize for the typo

Revolutionares lost but revolution succed
There are no longer nobility or kings
It's past
To make future greater we need to lead the masses

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> People like equality

Wrong. "equality" as a moral good is the invention of the enlightenment. The foundation on which the west was built has always been hierarchy and inequality. The very notion of religion is hierarchical with God the supreme being to which everyone else strives.

Yea and nowadays there are still flat-earthers
Nobody gives a fuck about them like nobody gave a fuck about pacifists and egalistarians X time ago
Now pacifims is common and egalitarism is known as social good nobody can deal, its like modern god.

Modern 'West' doesnt praise God
Modern 'West' praise equality
West is dead

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even if you don't agree, the fact that something so trivial and simple is hard to refute just goes to show that people will believe anything.
Round Earthers who attack with ridicule and "can you believe this lmao???XDDDD" exposes the intellectual laziness of the modern man.
>the massess
the mass asses should be killed off in favor of
not the strong, but the heroic.

Equality was invented by Christianity. The church is literally the oldest institute of globalisation in the world.

Yes a god that says everything is equally beautiful and everyone is equally competent and that there is only one race, the human race and that to pass value judgements is inherently wrong.

Well, you're not going to get a David or a 9th Symphony in that society any time soon.

Art is a very good reflection of the times and it's no coincidence that the greatest art was made under the patronage of the catholic church. The greater the hierarchy the greater the prospect of transcendence. And coming back to Nietzsche and God, whether he exists or not is irrelevant, what matters is that the prospect of his existence is necessary. And that was Nietzsche's point and why he laments the death of God, even though he himself saw Christian morality as weak.

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> The very notion of religion is hierarchical
The very notion of God assumes that all people are equal as they are all insignificant compared to him.

>what is heaven
>what is hell

All equal rite :^)

>mass asses should be killed
i wish it happend but unfortunetly not possible nowadays

Pacifism was always the most moral position. The traditional war was an activity for a select few. Plain folks was rarely a soldier, he was a peasant, burger or maybe priest at best. Normal person participation in the war is the modern day decadence far worse than any gay marriage.

If you believe that being in heaven make you superior to people who are in hell, you commit the sin of pride and will burn in hell with whoever you consider being below yourself.

"Formerly one had the theory of the state as a calculating
utility: now one has the practice as well! — The age of kings is
past because the peoples are no longer worthy of them: they do
not want to see the symbol of their ideal in kings, but a means
for their profit. — That is the whole truth!" - 725 ( Summer-Fall 1883 )

He meant the industrial revolution and the false individualism that came with it. Capitalism brought new kings, that's what he meant. N. despised leading the masses, especially as a philosopher. If he was to choose which kind of ruling system he wanted, he explicitly referred to plato's the republic, politeia. Which would be the exact opposite to individualism, with the exception of the upper caste.

Another thing. Please don't use quotes from Will to Power. These are notes and writings he never wanted to become public, probably because they were too personal.

Passivism in the face of evil, is evil.

Being in heaven is infinitely superior to being in hell.

If you can't figure that out, you can't make the right choice, now, can you.

The face of evil exists only in fear mongering propaganda. Ubermensch should transcend fears.

The state of being doesn't make one thing in itself superior to another.


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t. (you)

>no trust me guys, my myth is true because I said it is and there's all this proof that I have

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This thread is almost as bad as the /pol/ one. But only barely.

have some dignity to the subject

There's only so many years of hearing the same baseless arguments about Christianity being needed for morality and people just claiming it's true without any evidence that someone can take before they just stop taking it seriously.

They're profoundly dumb ideas.

might sound dumb but how could god, an eternal and perfect divinity, die?

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>What atheists hear
>>"God is ded lmao."
You mean Christians, right?

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>Why are atheists so retarded?
They're not, you're probably just judging atheists by their least knowledgeable subset. That, or you're baiting.

[citation needed]

>destroying of the family, egalitarism, feminism, pacifism
reminder christianity originally supported all these things

>Why are atheists so retarded?
I used to be one of those edgelords in HS. Not really sure why. I guess because I thought I was being a unique by repeating it?

positivists, r*dditors and atheirsts have brain problems.

>atheists are a monolithic entity
Grasp harder at those straws, faggot

>le Nietzsche was a secret Christian meme