Aboriginals human or not?

>Considered phauna until 1960s

>Built nothing out side of grass piles worse than mud huts
> literally never progressed passed the early stone age

>Southern Africans and north Amerindians out developed them

>Didn't even create the bow and arrow

>Forgot how make fire?

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If they can interbreed and make children with other humans, then they are humans.

Back to /pol/.

>Considered phauna until 1960s

That's a myth though. The myth originated from activist in the past that Saud that the government basically treated aboriginals like animals.

>Were considered phauna until the 1960s dam that's fucked up my nigga

>Considered phauna until 1960s
that's false. they are definitely a step behind in evolution that's for sure

Tigers and lions can make offspring, therefore tigers are lions
Horses and zebra can make offspring, therefore horses are zebra

>I have no idea how evolution works

>considered phauna until 1960s

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>populations separated for thousands of years by vast stretches of water
>completely the same

>I have no actual understanding of what an species is.


Your post is retarded mate

Agriculture was a mistake.
They are smartest humans.

>A group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding.
The offspring has to be able to produce offspring of its own too, then abbos are humans. QED

> back to leftypol with your sjw nonsense

Is someone is a poltard here, it is you:

Offsprings of humans and abos are sterile tho

t. Kristian Vikensoper

I fucking wish that were true, then there'd be none left outside the mission towns by now
t. Australian

??? Aren't there 1/8 abo australians.?

Blame your ancestors for fucking them

Are you stupid?

People claim aboriginal ancestry for free shit

Tells some Abo tales or Close Encounters of the Abo Kind, lad


Ligers are sterile you mongoloid

They burned down the continent a long time ago

american education everyone

is it true Australia was all forest until Abos got there and set their first fire out of control?

of course they are human

native Americans arrived in the Americas with the bow and arrow

aboriginals arrived in australia before it was invented and were isolated whenceforth

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They just couldn't stop Fire-stick farming

The boomerang is a pretty cool invention and Abo's myths are fun.
But godamn are Abos ugly.


Abos didn't invent the boomerang.

doesn't matter, your mom will still fuck them anyway

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It was all forest back then, but then climate change happened, unrelated to Abos. Everything west of the Great Dividing Ranges was always going to turn to desert, the geography is simply too shit.

The direct impact of them was mostly felt in the southeast, ie. Victoria and New South Wales. That's where their fire stick farming had major impact, turning areas of denser forest into sparser forest with grassland, as well as turning all the trees eucalypts, whereas there were apparently more non-eucalypt species.

But Australia was never going to be some lush paradise. It was always going to be a damn sight worse than Europe, and was always going to be mostly desert.

nice damage control

>Considered phauna until 1960s
Actually bullshit perpetuated by abos with a victim complex. They never once were classed as fauna, though it would make sense if they were

What speak an actual Laguage retard


The pennicle of abo architecture is worse than mud huts

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I'm still baffled on how the Maori didn't just sail a bit west and wipe out the aboriginals. They were well capable of it

Abos have been on the Australian continent for 60-80,000 years. They arrived literally 40,000 years BEFORE agriculture was even invented. They are primitive humans and their culture and biology reflects that (both lactose intolerant and alcohol intolerant). If somehow they all died prior to Europe colonising Australia and all there were, were remains, we would not consider them modern humans

They need to produce FERTILE offspring.

Then grizzlies and polar bears, bonobos and chimps, humans and neanderthals, wolves and dogs, wolves and coyotes
We have plenty of examples, but knows little

>aussie applogist in aussie thread
>fucking americans!
Just lol

>can have fertile offspring with everyone else
>not modern humans


Are neanderthals human?

>It is generally believed that Aboriginal people are the descendants of a single migration into the continent, a people that split from the first modern human populations to leave Africa 64,000 to 75,000 years ago


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You've missed my point.

Neanderthals DNA is in humans today, therefore the offspring of humans and neanderthals must have been fertile, yet scientists do not consider them human, corroborating 's point that scientists might reach the same conclusion.

It's almost like a freezing winter would encourage robust heating and housing development more than subtropical climates with bountiful resources.

Also, I'd have a YOLO mindset if the worlds' deadliest shit shared a continent with me.

If that were the case, scientists would've be wrong, as the evidence shows Aboriginals are indeed modern humans

Right, because you think the first civilizations were Nordic.
Do you think it snowed in Babylon?

Anatomically modern.

The Aboriginals didn't have Centrelink for Maoris to bludge off back then so there was no point

>worlds' deadliest shit

Is there any other kind?

I agree that theyre kalahari bushman tier monkeys, but why the fuck would you bother making anything more then a mudhut in Australia? Even in the rainy parts youve got all the canopy in the world. All you really need in that environment is spears and boats.

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Not him, but how about a perfectly transparent jellyfish the size of your thumbnail with meter long tentacles that would cripple you in sheer agony?

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How likely are you to get killed by that? Because the likelihood of getting killed by niggers is astronomical.

Its not enough to worry about though, the odds are you'll be killed by gonorrhea a thousand times before you die from a snake bite.

Grizzlies and Polar bears can produce fertile offspring

Am I a bad person for disliking aboriginals because I find them ugly?

No, its tribal instinct to hate the next tribe over that looks and sounds different.

The first civilization was Danubian.

Yes, Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis were indeed humans. We, Homo Sapiens Sapiens are another subspecies of human (the only one remaining), you retarded /pol/tard.


Getting killed by gonorrhea is like 90% likely in Australia

It's hard to say because most of their victims look like they simply drowned. And avoiding niggers isn't that hard: they make tons of noise, you can hear them whooping and hollering in the street at each other hell most of them don't even have cars or don't leave their shitty neighborhoods, allowing you can take necessary precautions with a little foresight.

You'd never know the Irakunji was there until you were suddenly crippled by the worst pain you've ever felt in your life and can't swim any more

What? Speak an actual language, retard.

>Homo Sapiens Sapiens
I will never not find this retarded

in thumbnail form the tube looks kinda like the flag of argentina

they seem to be doing ok until they started getting shot

You don't want to be a 'Wise Wise Man'?
What do you propose we (our subspecies) be called?

You need to be civilized in order to be human, not just homo sapiens sapiens.

Our ancestors weren't human then? 'Civilization' is not that old, dude.

Not him, but we should call them Poison Monkeys.

Everywhere they go they fuck up the environment and kill all the really interesting animals and the more of them you get in one place, the more unpleasant that place becomes

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Yes, they were devil worshipers.

Simia is a defunct genus and we are already part of the Homo genus anyway. We could be Homo Sapiens Toxicum though

>This is the intelligence of amerimutt

>Ah no he didn't put a comma there what a retarded

That's the thing though, a lot of early settlers literally couldn't concieve children with them.

Aesthetics is the purest form of morality. Being ugly is an ongoing evil act on their part and you are justified to hate them for it.