Is your favorite Roman
And why is it Sulla?

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In history my favorite Roman citizen is Jesus.

Pompey denies any relevance Sulla might of had.
t. Gaius Marius

Who was Sulla?


The legend. The Icon. People's champion.

Big Max the large unit

Sulla is the GOAT. I just listened to the Hardcore History episode about him again yesterday. I'd give anything to see a TV series about him.

After all that shit he gave it all up and lived a happy retired life in his villa. Fucking boss champ.

>Roman citizen

>might of

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this gigga chad
>spends life partying but poor
>fucks a rich cougar so good she leaves him all his money when he dies
>joins the army and despite havign almsot no experience with it becomes one of Marius's best officers through sheer natural ability
>eventually marches on Rome to become sole dictator then after doing what he wants steps down and retires

>when somebody saves the picture you *literally* took yourself
Holy SHIT I feel honored, OP

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It’s a nice picture

Lol no caracalla wasn't the emperor at the time

Yeah, a little too big though. Back when I had a phone that could take 5 MB photos in the right conditions, goddamn. You take one in a public place and zoom in, and see details of people you can't even see when zoomed out.

Just recently heard of the guy. Any reading recommendations?

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also rate my OC


Sulla was too much of a chad to be a feels guys. You should make Marius the feels guy since he died shitting himself that Sulla was coming back.

it could be "when the nose on your bust breaks off even though you were the biggest chad in roman history"
or the thing where marius took credit for ending the jugurthine war

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>taskbar at the top
Dude why

Here's a summary:

>Marius (Caesar's uncle) forces Senate to give him the command for the Mithridatic War, which was originally granted to Sulla.
>Sulla gets pissed and marched into Rome, and slaughters Marius' supporters, Marius himself flees Italy.
>After everything was back in order. Sulla goes East to fight Mithridatic War,
>Marius uses Sulla's absense as an opportunity to invade Rome, and kill all Sulla's supporters.
>Marius died couple of weeks later of Natural causes.
>Sulla gets really pissed and marched into Rome again, and genocide all Pro-Marius supporters, and took away their properties.
> After everything was done, he retired and died peacefully.

Goes better with my wallpaper
Lucius CornFEELius Sulla FEELix
The command wasn't granted to Sulla though, it was his by right since he was consul and he wanted the command. Sulla didn't march because he was pissed, he marched to save the government of the Republic and deliver the city from the occupying revolutionaries. At this point he didn't slaughter Marius's supporters, just forced them to flee or swear allegiance to uphold his laws, only Publius Sulpicius Rufus was killed for being the maddest cunt alive.

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based men of all times

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Only answer desu

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With an incredibly nasty skin disease though

Jesus wasn't a citizen lol

Marcus Aemilius Scaurus

Sulla was ugly and a faggot.

Constantine was the best Roman.

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>literally anime character eyes
Hold up Hirohito, I'm onto you
The based father or the son who killed himself lmao

Go to bed user.

Sulla is for sure one of my favorite romans.
But don't you guys think that Caesar learned
from Sulla and even outdoes Sulla? Caesar is
one of the greatest Chads in history. He banged
nearly all the mothers and wives of his political
companions. Got kidnapped by pirates but doesn't give
a shit and let them later all crucify. He won all
important battles. Especially Alesia and Pharsalo
were glamorous victories. Caesar is also one of the
greatest gamblers. His election for the pontificate
was one example of how he gambled in his life.
He really had an outstanding life and was later on
even declared as a god.

tl;dr Sulla is good Caesar is better

>Got kidnapped by pirates but doesn't give
>a shit and let them later all crucify.

Fucking love that story.

Why are you typing like this?


Jesus lived in during the reign of Augustus and Tiberius. People outside Italy didn't have citizenship at that time.

Be more specific, plenty outside Italy had the citizenship but all were either Italians, Italian freedmen, or wealthy provincials who bribed/paid a governor to become citizens.

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He genocided Samnites so he's ok i'm my book.

My favourite Roman was the last one.

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>software to download mp3s mfrom youtube
just use mp3juices.cc or one of the other thousand websites

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>threw off his armor and dress
>tried to escape dressed as a peasant
>just another nameless peasant corpse
>middle schoolers and anime fans half a millenium later repeat some shitty propaganda story

this guy?

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Don't think you know what you're talking about m8.

tfw no augustus husband

Interesting but I prefer to get 10 or 20 songs at once, instead of searching and then downloading one by one. Also I've had the program for probably ten years now, so I haven't looked around for others.
And you do, Ioannes?

Belisarius is routinely referred to as Ultimus Romanorum, user, far more often than any of the other contenders. You're pretty dense.

>Declared enemy of the state
>Narrowly evades capture time and time again
>Gets caught, but is spared because captors are too scared to kill him
>Returns to Rome to in triumph to destroy his enemys
>All at 70 years old
Gaius Marius was a badass.

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I thought citizens couldn't be crucified

Anyone else find post republic Rome boring as fuck

>dies scared shitless because Sulla is coming
>gets all his homies and hoes killed

Charisma lvl 120

Oh sorry, bona fide Byzaboos are too pervasive. So your favorite Roman was a literal, actual, we-have-solid-sources-for-this, cuck and bitch boy. Every indignity heaped upon him by Justinian, he took like a gimp. The Romans believed that no free man should kneel, and had no kings.
He used to be badass, but at the end he was just a senile old codger who didn't know when to quite.
Yeah. Everything that happened after about 42 BC is a lame drag. Also it's too bad that Caesar's period in Gaul is so well known when politics and shit that were going on in Rome from Sulla's death to Caesar's time in Gaul were both hilarious and more interesting.

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One man with a chip on his shoulder is not a solid source. Procopius is the only reference for any of the slanderous things written about either Belisarius or Theodora, and he also coincidentally had an incentive to write slanderous things about them.

Well you'll have to change your thinking Eh

Sure was. Shitpost.

The problem with Cataline wasn't his politics, the problem with Cataline is that he was about to overthrow the government. Cicero knew, and even agreed that Rome needed reform, but above all he believed in a peaceful transformation into a better state, not violent uprisings and civil strife.

Nevertheless, a Roman citizen. Absolutely.

Paid in full... Roman citizen.

Or a birthmark.

In ether case, it was probably exaggerated by biographers -- ancient folks loved Muh Physical Flaw Mirrors My Flawed Soul.


English is not his first language.

In any case, if He were a citizen, He could/would have appealed His sentence to Rome and the Emperor.


Source? Available evidence of which I am aware seems to indicate otherwise, but I'll look at any source you have.

trajan aurelian cinncinatus

t. nigger optimate

Cataline could have saved the republic

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And Procopius isn't the only source so.... Even IF they are wrong about the cucking, Belisarius sure heeled like a good boy and took humiliation every time Justinian dished it out. Definitely not a Roman in the mystical sense with which people say The Last Roman.
I know m8, it's just a funny picture. Just another way of showing how interesting post-Sulla but pre-Gallic Wars Rome was.
True, unless he happened upon a corrupt govern with close and loyal henchmen who didn't give a fuck what the emperor thought or heard.

Sulla supported the senate, so fuck him.

Was he retarded or just naive?

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>And Procopius isn't the only source so....

Cite literally one singular source that doesn't reference Secret History.

>an unfailingly loyal general that obeys his emperor without question even through multiple snubs and periods of lost favor
>underage faggot on an uzbek shadow puppetry symposium thinks this is worthy of derision

Color me surprised.

heh. Disregarding that, there's literally no reason this board doesn't venerate Saint-Emperor Augustus Constantine.


Reminder Marius was a senile coot and deserved to be put in his place by Sulla

He was a subject of the Roman Empire, not a citizen.