How do the Japanese view this man?

How do the Japanese view this man?

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Is he one of those gay porn stars in nico ico memes?

Notice me Mishima-San!

was he gay or not? he had a wife

Yes, he was gay.

I mean he "had" "sex" with other "men" but does that make you gay?

Wrote a shitty book
An heroes for nothing


If he said 'no homo' then is not gay

One of my co-workers really likes him. He's a very machismo right-wing traditionalist Japanese though. Into Japanese painting and martial arts.

The average Japanese doesn't know about him in any great detail.

An heroing was the only way it could've ended for him, he was obsessed with death
The movie is actually great

Ironically unlike most Japanese traditionalists today, Mishima wanted Hirohito to abdicate.

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He thought Hirohito betrayed the Japanese by proclaiming that he wasn't a god.
He was sort of like a sedevacantist of Japanese imperialism.

Nah, he just visited gay bars to strengthen his fraternal bonds with his fellow Japanese kinsmen.

>Natsuko did not allow Mishima to venture into the sunlight, to engage in any kind of sport or to play with other boys; he spent much of his time alone or with female cousins and their dolls.
>Mishima returned to his immediate family when he was 12. His father, a man with a taste for military discipline, employed parenting tactics such as holding the young boy up to the side of a speeding train. He also raided Mishima's room for evidence of an "effeminate" interest in literature and often ripped apart the boy's manuscripts.
Man, no wonder he turned out to be a suicidal homosexual.

It was research for his book, so it's completely academic

Japanese here. Nowadays he is almost forgotten. Young people rarely read his works and old people remember him as just a lunatic who committed seppuku. An intellectual like I who browses Veeky Forums reads his works. I found them mildly interesting but his thoughts are too extreme to be taken seriously. I think he was not so much a homo sexual as a masohist. In an interview he once confessed his ultimate fantasy was to be dissected by beautiful boys, which he depicted in the last scene of The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea. If there's anything modern Japanese right wing people will find appealing in Mishima, that will be his tendency of self destruction, which is the ultimate aesthetic of samurai and the empire of Japan.

>An intellectual like I who browses Veeky Forums

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Only the most educated minds can comprehend pregnant Anne Frank erotica and the 400 Holocaust threads a week

Why is "Sun and Steel" so damn expensive? I want to read it but I can't afford $60 for 150 pages




In my country
this man
who is nothing

Thats weird, he seems to be gaining popularity among the youth in the west

He felt things for both genders

Did he cuckold the current emperor or not? All wikipedia says is "After briefly considering a marital alliance"

>He was sort of like a sedevacantist of Japanese imperialism.
He was the ubermensch of Japanese nationalism in that he realised that the Emperor and Samurai code had no intrinsic value but he still respected and followed them because they gave him purpose.

In the west, their identity seems to be threatened due to Islam terror etc. Japan experienced the same crisis after the war when Mishima was popular. But today we rarely doubt our identity because despite the westernization our tradition has not changed deep down.

True Veeky Forums dubs, for true Veeky Forumstorians

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>their identity seems to be threatened due to Islam terror

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He was the Fernando Pessoa of Japan, when we talk about their similar ideas. Their lifestyles were completely different

I don't think it counts as cuckolding when you fuck the woman beforr the other guy fucks her, and you don't fuck her again afterwards

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Did nothing wrong, he was the hero Japan deserved, but not the one it needed right now.

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