Why cant orty's and prosty's into AESTHETICS as much as the mighty Catholics?

Why cant orty's and prosty's into AESTHETICS as much as the mighty Catholics?

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Because they shun aesthetics as decadence

Jokes on them. Also bullshit, the protestants used to be the biggest money whores on the planet.

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>no aesthetics

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0/10 not enough stain glass

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also St Basil's is technically secular now.
checkmate orthodox.


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Oh yeah? Well my cathedral is bigger then your cathedral.

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>also St Basil's is technically secular now.
>every single thing in there originates with Orthodoxy

>every single thing in there originates with Orthodoxy
what did he mean by this

Officially its a museum now, people still worship there so take it with a grain of salt. Also I didnt post the St Isaac's pic.

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Surprised nobodies talked about the crystal shit so far.

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>people still worship there so take it with a grain of salt
Yes. Not only that, they worship the correct way. Also, it was a way of funding Orthodoxy without having to create a bill to fund all of Othodoxy like Greece does so it's state supported.

Thoughts on the Knoxville cathedral completed this month?

They don't have indulgences and merchants financing them.

Forgot the pic.

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Postmodern as fuck but I like it

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That's weird, normal cross shape but got sort of a Regency vibe to it. I like it, could do with some vegetation and its a real waste not having stain glass in those feature windows. Its looking bland as fuck at the moment.

would deffinetely look better with some nice conicals out the front, and a painted soffit and gable, maybe a flower garden.

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The interiors aren't that great (but I guess they match the outside), though I like the lamps and the baldachin.

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What kind of catholics are you people? Wheres the 300 different exotic paints?

>and the baldachin
Or at least its bottom part/ground level view. The angular "roof" in the previous pic looks a bit bad.

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There's a bit more color in the dome.

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Ever since the Catholic Church has stopped being subsidized by the state they have barely produced any great works of art.

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The world needs more cool baldachins.

Pic related, largest bronze structure in the world.

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But for real, thats a really fucking nice dome. Rest of the interior is too bland for my taste, but maybe that just helps draws the eyes to the front. I like it, its pretty amazingly done, but lets be honest 1000 years of being the most expensive buildings in the world kinda has it beat.

The Pre Raphealites were Catholics.

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Dedication a few weeks ago:


because some people bless the poor by giving them gold, not sitting on it.

Catholics made those awesome aesthetics, but imagine what could be done if they donated it?

Those poor people died 500 years ago, the churches are still there. Anywho, im just here to complain about modern cathedrals, the oldest cathedral in the country got knocked down by an earthquake and the fucks rebuilt it in the worst possible way.


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>because some people bless the poor by giving them gold, not sitting on it.
They did give charity you fucking retard. How come you remember them doing one side of it but not the other?


They rebuilt is as a publicity stunt to show they werent wasting resources but the fucking thing cost as much as the rebuild. Also its made out of cardboard.

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Man when did catholicism become this anime katana religion for escapist larpers?

Its always been like that.

Is that Disneyland>

Also now that you mention it.

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>all those glorious artworks
>still shitty wooden chairs to sit on, especially when you're constipated

>being this undisciplined
We stand up in mine.

>kneels on a ceramic floor
>hurts your knee
I never get Catholics.

Its to stop all the blowjobs.

It's ironic that modernist furniture and hardware are just as expensive as classical ones, sometimes even more expensive.

>muh kitsch onion domes
at least post some good orthodox architecture

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>unironically using the word kitsch
Fuck off back to re ddit

We get it, you figured out how to make a shingled cock before anyone else. Stop rubbing it in.

Ironic. That's a protestant cathedral

>instead of matania
>or prostrating



I know, I just thought it would be a real (you) getter.

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Literally muslim tier, lmao

Nice ceiling tho

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never was a fan of multiple domes, gotta admit though St Puals exterior is pure sex.

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>Fuck off back to re ddit
I've never seen such a brainlet response. Are all words you don't like "reddit"?

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Personally i much prefer gothic cathedrals though

Do you really suppose that stuff is better than resolving trying theological questions in a way that is both logically satisfying and spiritually edifying?

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looks like Mcmansion


>Tiny brain wojack
Gypsy-tier Catholic gilded nonsense

>Engorged intellect
Protestant minimalism

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>lgbt jesus will condemn the homophones
We truely are on the wrong side of herstory

can't argue with Roman aesthetics, but you can't underestimate Greek/Byzantine aesthetics

forgot pic

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I think it looses its charm the less Russian it gets.

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Also youve outed yourself as an orthodox autismo.

why have i "outed" myself? yes i am orthodox

and the architecture isn't unique among orthodox, it's also catholic, ever heard of "eastern catholic"?

every stone you throw at orthodox christians you drop right on your own head

Is this now a cathedral thread?
Everyone post nice cathedrals from your cunt tree

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Who said im catholic? I just like cathedrals and needed a hook.

this wins

Man wells looks different from the side.

Don't get me wrong, I always love any heartfelt religious architecture, but I always seem to find massive Catholic cathedrals to be "tacky", for some reason.

Maybe it's personal bias, being raised Orthodox, but all of the character scenes, the stained glass windows, the abundance of stone and empty space, etc. always made them feel kinda weird to me.

I much prefer more subdued aesthetics. A few inspiring icons, a well-curated but simple nave, etc.

Then again, I am a Zen Buddhist, so take that how you will.

Actually only found it a couple of days ago, was searching up St Peters and Pauls cathedral (the rhode island one), theres like 1000 different St Peter and Paul cathedrals, alot of which are Orthodox. Who'da thunk.

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well i like them too, what does me being orthodox have to do with it?

No he's right only beta fags and Jewish women trying to impress their friends say that word

Havent you heard? Ortho's are the new fedora's. Sorry it happened this way kid.

Russian Baroque

i dont know, i think we're too medieval for that, our top bishops are even called "patriarchs", how shitlord is that

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>nothing personal

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It’s orthobro’s and proddy’s you scum

>he doesn’t use wood from the council of nicae
Wew lad

Nigga that Romanesque if anything.

nicaea, learn your own religion.

Eh, I'd call it half assed renaissance revival.

Undeniably the best cathedral interior

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All these churches are made by architects/engineers/mathmeticians who probably didnt give a shit about religion. They were only doing something they liked as a job for the client.

>Getting triggered over somebody's typo
K kid
We're pretty shitlordy brother. Atheists are worst fedoras, neopagans are fedora lite.

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Prots are retards, I agree. But Orthobros got some nice stuff

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You say that as if there's no inspiration involved.

I just really dont like onion domes.

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At least they are rebuilding it
I hope they rebuild it similarly to the original Cathedral it was a very beautiful building

are those skylights

I don't know what you mean

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the grey panel thing on the upper right roof, and the one on the roof peeking out behind the top of the spire to the right of the entrance

You have a keen eye friend. They look like skylights
(Pic unrelated)
Also is it me or do English cathedrals look a lot darker and more perpendicular (weird way to put it) then their continental counterparts?

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