Defeat of Napoleon

This is the man who single-handedly defeated Napoleon
Say something nice about him

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His great-grandfather was the last British king to fight in a battle; this literal who did fucking nothing.

I always forget who the monarch of Britian was at the time of Napopan, probably for good reason. He did fuckall

>tfw you get defeated by all of europe but the vast majority of the world's population still remember only you and don't remember any of those that beat you to this day
yeah i'd say nap won in the overall legacy department

Well he has a pretty fly poncho.

Why did it take monarchs so long to realize that wearing leggings was effeminate as fuck?

Because of how much time passed before women started to wear leggings.

I think you mean this guy

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True but more people remember Wellington than king George IV

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This is the man who single-handedly defeated Napoleon
Say something nice about him

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No. He led the charge at Waterloo. I saw it in a painting

nigga you're as cold as ice

my arch nemesis

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George III died in 1820, aged 80 years old, while he had bouts of insanity his diary shows he was a genius


never saw before this portrait of tsar Alexander.


delet this

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I suffer from mutt education. I thought it was Wellington that beat Napoleon


Source for geniusness or source for dying in 1820
Google man

The tsar who got beaten to death
This desu, he should have just married the king’s daughter then got into power constitutionally, forcing the great powers to accept him

>forcing the great powers to accept him
This would never happen, most of them didn't really care about muh legitimacy, they just wanted to weaken France. And boy how short sighted it was.

How were they wrong
It was everyone letting Prussia get away with it that let ww1 happen, just like ww2 with Herr Hitler

Napoleon's bf

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Still better than the Prussian knight

napoleon prefered to be a prisonner of the brits because they weren't his main foes

That isn't Wellington

God I wish Hannover was still in personal union with Great Britain. Should have been done after WW2.

Looking at his shoes, I can say he was the Cam Newton of his day.

What was Wellington's beef, anyway?

>tfw leggings like this will never be fashionable again

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>defeating Napoleon
Um, sorry sweetie, what you're looking for is Russia

George III is unironically the most interesting man of era.
First king of Australia, last of America, his sixty year reign was inaugurated with Britain assent at the end of the seven years war and ended after Napoleon had died - his prisoner.
GIV, not so much.

It's sort of disingenuous referring to the last decade of George III's life as him ruling, though. He spent almost all of that time locked away in his private rooms, wandering around aimlessly, talking to imaginary people and being otherwise completely detached from the real world. He wasn't even aware that the United Kingdom had defeated Napoleon. His son acted as regent for at least a decade.