give me your best memes Veeky Forums

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pretty sure OP is showing a nazbol meme, not communist

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W H A T I F G E R M A N Y W O N W W 1 ?

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Real communism has unironicly never been tried and I think you /pol/tards actually know that

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>Forgetting the most madman part of Peter's life
>The All-Joking, All-Drunken Synod of Fools and Jesters
>Constant partying
>Constant drinking
>Builds a mansion to house all of the party members
>Engages in real life shitposting
>They dance in the choir dressed as women, panders or minstrels. They sing wanton songs. They eat black puddings at the horn of the altar while the celebrant is saying mass. They play at dice there. They cense with stinking smoke from the soles of old shoes. They run and leap through the church, without a blush at their own shame. Finally they drive about the town and its theatres in shabby traps and carts ; they rouse the laughter of their fellows and the bystanders in infamous performances, with indecent gestures and verses scurrilous and unchaste.
>Weddings and funerals of dwarfs and fools seem to have been especially favored by Peter as occasions for publicly mocking the church and its ritual. Zeljabuèskij has left a particularly vivid account of one such wedding, that of the court fool Jakov Turgenev. Outlandish costumes of tree-bark, straw, mice skins and the like were de rigueur for the occasion while the wedding itself took place in an open field in a tent and was capped with the couple making a triumphal entry into Moscow on a camel.
>When the Tsar's favorite dwarf died in January 1715, he was laid to rest in a ceremony both humorous and bizarre. Six black ponies pulled the sled carrying the coffin, followed by twelve couples of male dwarfs walking hand in hand. "But the most diverting part of the show," writes one eyewitness, "were the she-dwarfs that followed the men in the like order, being ranged according to their several sizes like organ pipes

>The mock-conclave which was to select Zotov's successor was convened in Moscow on December 28, 1717. In all some 188 members of the Synod of Fools gathered together for the occasion. The proceedings were officially opened with an invocation to Bacchus and a procession from the courtyard of the deceased Prince-Pope to the palace where the election of a new pontiff was to take place. To insure proper secrecy and to screen out any outside pressure or influence on the assembled, all the windows and doors of the conclave chamber and the living quarters were sealed up with wax. When the time came for the actual voting to begin the candidates for the office were first seated on specially designed stools to have their sex verified.30 This done, each eligible voter approached the Arch- Abbess, kissed her breasts, and received his ballots, one white and one black-colored egg9 the white eggs representing "yes" votes, the black "no". These were in turn deposited in each candidate's chalice and then totalled up. In this particular election Petr Ivanovic Buturlin emerged as winner and new Prince-Pope.

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Does anyone have the pic with the friends and enemies of England through history

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t. Plebbit

Dumb tankie

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It's been tried, just never fucking worked


just made this for

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It's never been tried because human nature has gotten and always will get in the way

Stalin Crowder

should be great britain & portugal vs everyone else


tankies are stalin supporters, so they would think it was tried under stalin and it worked

Whats this meme called?

memeball on /pol/, i think its called picardia or something elsewhere

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>not tactical british victory

Nice one.

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Rate me please.

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>Lions are symbol of your country
>when lions ceased to exist in Britain since the ice age ended

what an absolute madman