What does Veeky Forums think of Oliver Cromwell?

What does Veeky Forums think of Oliver Cromwell?

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bad facial hair

He banned Christmas and committed genocide.

>He banned Christmas


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He resettled Jews in Britain, either because he thought they'd help him compete economically with the Dutch, or because he wanted to convert them.

A bigoted and laughably hypocritical military dictator who somehow commemorated as a champion of parliamentary democracy

>it's intolerable that charles dissolved parliament for disagreeing with him
>i'm going to fight a war and commit regicide in the name of parliamentary sovereignty
>now charles is out of the way i'm free to dissolve parliament for disagreeing with me

He and like 40 of his friends got together and decided the king was meanie head and needed to be killed. So they killed the king, and then Oliver got to be king.

He was awful and a traitor and I'm ashamed that my house fought for him.

He was right on the former and wrong on the latter.

>my house

Uh huh.

"No kings but Jesus!"

Compared with the Stuarts he was an essay in nobility and integrity.

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abolishing by force what you claimed to fight for is the polar opposite of integrity. i've got nothing against the parliamentarian cause in general, and charles deserved it, but cromwell was an asshole of the highest order

My patrilineal twelfth-great grandfather was an MP and a colonel in the parliamentary army.

Uh huh.

Pretty rad guy in general, his only downside was his autistic approach to Ireland which while understandable was still very typical of the traditional incompetence England displayed in regards to Irish and Ireland.
Could have been so much more or a British Napoleon tbqh

Here's revered in my home county, as it is the one of his birth.

I admire his militaristic savvy, and the start of the republic, but then he fucked it up with power hungry grasping for power. Monarchist revivisionism overstated that, but it wasn't untrue.


He killed the lawful king only to rule as a pseudo-king himself, and left a legacy of vandalism and genocide.

The greatest military commander in European history, a man of great honour and conviction, one of the most adept people of all time.


Cromwell wanted England to re-enter the Thirty Years' War because he believed it was a holy war against Rome

One of my personal heroes, cleansed Britain of papist and monarchical filth. Wish I could've fought for him.

>actually walked the walk
>so British hate him

You fuckers are just so determined to have someone -ANYONE- ruling over you, aren't you?

I had a history professor who made him sound dope but forgot to mention that he also killed a bunch of people

the British don't hate him, only butthurt paddies do

>British hate him
How? We have big statue of him on a pillar accompanied by a lion outside Parliament.

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Terrible man. He invited Jews to England and gave control of the English banks to them. The absolute idiot.

Back to /pol/ now.

not true

He allowed a small group of sephardics to settle London and they became financially dominant. Either way the resettlement led to Ashkenazis resettling England later on

the ashkenazis came from russia in the late 1800s
fuck all to do with cromwell

>the system that led to the Rothschilds wasn't a bad thing
Go back to r/Israel

The policy of resettlement led to the Ashkenazis to resettle England from Germany, the Netherlands,

he thought it was a pagan holiday and an extravagance that people used as an excuse to make merry, get drunk and fornicate. And he was 100% correct, seeing how degenerate the holiday is in the modern day.

yea converting of the jews is one of the signs of the coming of christ, but so is the jew's returning to jerusalem. and unironically many english protestants thought their country was the new israel and jerusalem aka "the elect nation"

>embroiled in the third years war
WTF am i reading? James DID NOT get involved in the 30 Years' War besides sending a small contingent to the Palatine I think.

Dissolving parliament isn't inherently bad. The problem is that Charles I dissolved parliament in 1628 (?) and then didn't recall it for 12 YEARS until he needed them to give him funding against the Scots in the Bishop's War. Cromwell dissolved parliament only to call new elections again, which was well within the rights of sovereigns in a time when Kings actually had executive power.

Jews absolutely did not control English finance or banks, retard. Why can't you just acknowledge that the Anglos were also business and financially savvy in themselves? And coincidentally the period following the Jew's return to England was two hundred years of English dominance so even if what you said was true the English certainly gained a lot from their partnership.

>invited Jews into the Island.
>brits become super power.