The reformation of islam will be the most important event/ events of the 21st century

The reformation of islam will be the most important event/ events of the 21st century.

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> most important even of XXI century
> not World War III

WW III is just a war.

The reformation of islam will (hopefully) restructure the faith so true muslims won't feel compelled to kill infidels in order to get 1000 virgins.

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It won't happen in your life time that's for sure. But the economic collapse of the West and subsequent conflicts are going to eclipse it in importance up until the Muzzies start writing the history books.

>decades of bloody intra-islamic warfare based along doctrinal and national lines
>this is an event that has yet to happen

what exactly do you think is happening right now in the middle east?

>Islam is a monolithic religion and not already divided.

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The implication here is that the reformation of islam will reform the tribalist, patriarchal, low-IQ people that are muslims into western liberals, just like the christian reformation reformed backwards medieval europeans into modern liberal europeans (spoiler: that's not how it happened).

>islam needs to be reformed
Keep your filthy "modernizing" hands to yourself Schlomo.

All Islams everywhere? Wow I had no idea it was such a homogeneous religion.

it's fucking nothing compared to climate change, automation, AI and the wests trade deficit moving wealth to Asia

It's basically like the magic constitution (or the magic dirt) that makes spics and chinks into americans, only for muslims.

>over rating the importance of Islam because of /pol/ brainwashing
China isn't Islamic, India isn't Islamic, Brazil, Nigeria etc. Islam will be irrelevant when the emerging powers start jostling for position

WW III will (hopefully) eliminate Islam

>India isn't Islamic
India has the world's third largest Muslim population. It has only a few million less Muslims than Pak-"literally Muslim India"-istan does and in a few years/decades will probably have more

not to mention Nigeria also

The majority of Nigerians are Muslim.

Islam doesn’t have some sort of central authority like the Vatican that must be “reformed”. If by “reformation” you actually mean “modernization” or “liberalization”, then it has already happened:;

In both countries the Muslims are vastly outnumbered by Hindus or Christians. India has more muslims than most countries because of its huge population, as a % they aren't important

Granted, but the point remains Islam will continue to remain relevant into the C21st.

I agree emerging powers will displace it as a global hot topic (and sooner rather than later) but it's not going anywhere. Whatever happens in the Middle East when the oil runs out is a problem the new global order is going to have to face, anyhow

Maybe the Islamic reformation IS World War 3.

Nope, 50% Christian and rising. Muslims have a handicap in Nigeria, because they occupy the less fertile north of the country.

Not saying it won't be relevant. But the most important thing of 21st century? Over the rise of China and India to global powers? I don't think so

You're right, I'm not defending the OP.

I'm not sure using crude comparisons to historical events in the West is that useful. I mean one could say the rise of Wahhabism IS the reformation of Islam. And that's what's causing most of the bloody problems.

OP here

Perhaps the reformation of islam won't be the most important event of this century.

You mean once the Saudis run out of oil shekels to spread their toxic salafi ideology with through propaganda and terrorist groups so that actual, azhari style Islam can once again take the world by storm?

>islam will exist in the future
nah senpai

The destruction of islam will be the most important event of the 21st century.

Liars, con men, tricksters, deceivers.....yup. Checks out for muslim.

nice joke friend

Wahhabism and Salafism are the reformation of Islam. They're fundamentalist, anti-traditionalist movements that seek to break with established religious power structures because of their perceived corruption, re-start theologian debate by encouraging individual study of the sacred books. They like to dress simply, mostly in black, live frugally.

Reformation wasn't anything like what Enlightenment historiography portrays it as. Obviously its consequences were good from the point of view of the theory of human progress, but this doesn't mean the movement itself was.

there are more muslims in India than in the entire middle east

Yeah but it probably won't happen until the 22nd century

China has been hugely important before, why do people act like this is some historic thing?

There's probably more church going Christians in india than any single European country, and more Buddhists than any other country. There's a shit load of pajeets

Why do Chinese think the history of Asia matters as much as Europe? Had chinks colonized the Americas and Africa they would've been extremely relevant but as it stands only modern China matters.

Why do Europeans think Europe is the only continent that matters?

I'm not an European and I said why I think European history is more relevant to the rest of the world compared to Asia

Because they're the ones who determined continent status, hence why their relatively small landmass gets to be its own continent.

Because they've been too busy with warlording and gommunism for the last century or so to punch at their weight or even exert much influence on the world around them. The dragon waking up again is a pretty big happening, user.

How come Australia gets to be a continent?

>backwards medieval europeans

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Because it's not part of the Asian continental shelf. Funnily it's actually part of the North American shelf so it shouldn't be a continent anyway.

Islam main problem are Quran especially the Medina part and Hadith. Unlike Bible which was acknowledged to be written by human by most Theologian, Quran was claimed by muslim to be the word of Allah. And changing it will be considered as blasphemy of highest order as it mean that you are denying Allah. Hadith however is mixed. Sunni considered Hadith as the same tier as Quran while some others either consider it as not as important as Quran or totally deny it. Most of Islam problem can be traced back to Hadith. Unless someone manage to shill Quranist anti-hadith as hard as Wahabbist, Islam will never reform.

I think he means - once it's finished happening.

Isn't Iran slowly modernizing?

>just like the christian reformation reformed backwards medieval europeans into modern liberal europeans
Somehow this is worse than the evil Christian dark ages boogeyman I hear all the time from athiests

islam willl reform you


I'm assuming you mean plate, but either way you're wrong you fucking retard.
t. geofag

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>Using t. Wrong

there are literally more than a billion muslims on earth. how many of them, as a percentage, have killed infidels for 1000 virgins? fuck off retard

>he doesn't know what terveisin means
kill yourself
t. funland pro

Hi r*ddit

The rise of the Machine God will be the most important event of the 21st century, and indeed the last event of human history.

>Arabs play a large part on how the western world is progresses

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how many of them, as a percentage, have read the Quran?

>confusing Australia with greenland

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