Is this accurate?

is this accurate?

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This one was the best:

But that is not Gandhi vs MLK


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Oh please
Frederick the Great is heavily underrated

More accurate than Shad anyway

I'm Frederick the Great, out the gate first servant of state
Oblique attack tactics ain't exactly straight
I've got creative talents and battle malice
Hard as steel on the field, genteel in the palace
Russia's fucked up, but no wonder why
With your tundras and taigas and bears, oh my!
I would pay a guy to tear out my eyes
If I had to look at your troll face every night
Now bring me my chair
I'm weary from tearing you a new derrière from here to Red Square
Fought a Seven Years' War, I ain't scared of a Tsar
'Cause beating you only took me twelve bars

Who's Next?

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I always liked this one

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>tfw no Ron Paul vs Bernie Sanders
>tfw no Fidel Castro vs Augusto Pinochet
>tfw no Karl Marx vs Milton Friedman vs F.A.Hayek vs John Maynard Keynes
>tfw no Galileo vs Neil Armstrong
>tfw no King George III vs Nicholas II
>tfw no Boss Tweed vs George Soros
>tfw no Kim Il-Sung vs Francisco Franco
>tfw no Radovan Karadžić vs Davy Crockett

There it is
This board really is a reddit colony

Castro v Pinochet would be beautiful to see.

>tfw no Pope Alexander VI vs Martin Luther
>tfw no Cicero vs Louis XIV vs Cromwell
>tfw no Kant vs Plato
>tfw no Homer vs Vergil (ft. Dante from the DMC series)
>tfw no Charlemagne vs Augustus
>tfw no Hirohito vs Cao Cao
>tfw no Mussolini vs Robespierre
>tfw no Attila vs Sir Francis Drake

What we're actually getting:
>Martin Luther vs Martin Luther King Jr.
>Rockefeller vs Elon Musk
>Mussolini vs FDR
>Hitler vs Vader 5
>Nice Peter vs Epiclloyd 3

>With your tundras and taigas and bears, oh my!
Did I mention we have tigers?

>MLK jr. again
>Hitler vs Vader 5 with no 4
>more NP vs EL
Oh boy

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While I love this one as well, it could have been better with Diogenes on the sidelines insulting everyone.

>Cato the Elder vs Nelson Mandela
>Otto Von Bismark vs Angela Merkel
>Jeff Bezos vs Marcus Crassus
>Gregor Mendel vs Richard Dawkins
>Mark Zuckerberg vs Guglielmo Marconi
>Emperor Meiji vs Charles V
>Joseph Goebbels vs Dick Cheney
>Samuel Colt & John Browning vs Masamune & Muramasa
>Vlad the Impaler vs Roland
>King Arthur vs William the Conqueror isn't the same user. We need a nice four way battle.

I hope to god they never do Marie Antoinette

not gonna lie, they impressed me by including zulu's buffalo horns in a verse, and caesar coming back at him with a wedge formation.

TFW no Mencius versus Plato

I love this one, firstly because the actually included the bull horn formation but more importantly Caesars second verse is fucking amazing. Him literally just explaining his battle tactics is genious.

I'de love if they did more military people and it was just them rapping their battle plan at eachother.

>A battle of cucks only known for writing the ideas of their betters, the only good insults come from Socrates and Confucius who are still bitter about the previous battle.

The intro with the silhouette of Frederick playing the flute was so fucking badass.

Other than the ones mentioned so far I liked the all russian one too.

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>epic rap battles of history
>of history
it belongs here

>Sun Tzu


Adaptations and usage of history is still historical discussion. Better this than pregnant Holocaust victim Confederacy roleplay


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