Tfw America beat both the Nazis and the Commies afterwards too

>tfw America beat both the Nazis and the Commies afterwards too

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Why must we carry this burden all alone? Why must we constantly be the saviors of the world?

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>to only have millennial Nazi and Commie LARPers destroy America
Best timeline


I feel bad for Nazis and Gommies, they gave it their best shot but it wasn't even close.

Beat the British empire, too, kek.

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Post yfw Second American Civil War becomes a fanfiction crossover of the First American Civil War, Spanish Civil War, Russian Civil War, Weimar street battles, Eastern Front of WWII, The Troubles, Pacific Theater of WWII, and nonsensical meme ideologies turned into militant political movements like something out of Prayer of the Rollerboys.

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But you couldn't beat gooks

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The PAVN and VC got obliterated from a purely combat perspective. The US "lost" because it withdrew its combat troops in 72/73 per Vietnamization. If US forces were allowed to pursue into Cambodia, Laos, and North Vietnam without the bullshit "fear" from China, things would have gone far differently.

>Beat the British empire, too, kek.
easy meat there though

>lose war
>fail political objectives
>b-but if we didn't lose we could totally win

Literally wehraboo tier

No, you didn't.

yes, twice

Soviet achievement. Defeated 80% of German forces
fell due to the flaws of a planned economy.
Also just not true. The empire fell due to nationalism and the expenses of maintaining colonies.

Why are Americans so cringey?

When? You won in 1776, but never again.

>Soviet achievement. Defeated 80% of German forces
With the help of Lend Lease and the Allies occupying a second front. SU would have suffered far more losses and possibly been defeated without those two.

actually, 3 times, as we'd have to include the 1940's occupation

Sending guns isn't the same as being the leading victor. It was the Soviets who actually fought. Furthermore, whilst lend-lease no doubt sped up the victory, the Germans had lost the moment they failed in 41. And supplies never reached the USSR until 42.

Whilst lend-lease was indeed important, it doesn't make you the leading victor. The country which actually fought the most and gave the most blood is.


3 times? there's literally just 1776. What is the second?

And the 40's 'occupation' was US Soldiers stationed in an allied nation before D-Day, you tard.

>you and your rebel brothers will deus vult the anarcho commie spooks right to Hell for violating the nap

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Nibba. It was more than just guns. But yeah I don't deny the Soviet manpower and their drive to fuck the Germans.

>allied nation
kek, vassal nation more like

>was more than just guns

Yeah, and?

It's not the same as being the leading victor.

You still haven't told me what the 2nd time was. And the UK was not a vassal nation in the 40's. The US had to beg the Royal Navy to guard their coastline, and the Commonwealth took more POWs and defeated more than the US.

Furthermore, the UK had a larger navy than the US until 47.

>gave the most blood
Doesn't matter if the Sovs were butchers, of their own men and others. You don't get credit for butchery.

3 times, and after the 3rd it was forced into vassaldom

So what metric will you measure victory, if not in the fact 80% of the German death toll was to Soviets?

You haven't given a metric for victory at all, despite the actual contribution in the field being the most obvious. And you are retarded for believing in the human wave meme.

Americans are such fucking retards.

What are the 3 times? You still haven't said. What is the second? Why are you avoiding answering so much?

How was the third a defeat? It was an allied victory.

>How was the third a defeat?
The enemy submitted, was occupied and became a vassal state. That's what's known as a "defeat".

Submitted to what? Them joining their side?

Occupied? you mean an ally joining forces to defeat a common enemy?

And the UK became a US vassal because of economic collapse in 51. Not because of the war.

And you interestingly still haven't named the second!

Why are Americans so insecure? They attack their supposed allies because they feel the need to prove something. Pretty sad.

I'm not even denying the UK wouldn't have survived without US Support, but they were allies.

>Soviet achievement. Defeated 80% of German forces
I said Nazis
>fell due to the flaws of a planned economy.
A plan which didn't include America kicking their asses, but it's fine, since they ended up rescheduling to include it.

At least we could beat Ethiopians and Afghans

>The isolation of the United States is at an end, not because we chose to go into the politics of the world, but because by the sheer genius of this people and the growth of our power we have become a determining factor in the history of mankind, and after you had become a determining factor you can not remain isolated, whether you want to or not. Isolation ended by the processes of history, not by the processes of our independent choice, and the processes of history merely fulfilled the prediction of the men who founded our Republic. Go back and read some of the immortal sentences of the men that assisted to frame this Government and see how they set up a standard to which they intended that the nations of the world should rally. They said to the people of the world, "Come to us; this is the home of liberty; this is the place where mankind can learn how to govern their own affairs and straighten out their own difficulties," and the world did come to us.

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>A plan which didn't include America kicking their asses, but it's fine, since they ended up rescheduling to include it.

When did that happen? lmao

The USSR collapsed due to internal problems.

>I said Nazis
Okay. And?

Internal problems including
1)Not being able to keep up with the Americans and loosing an entire Cold War along with all almost all worldly influence
2)An American boot so far up their ass it came out the other side
3)Internal bleeding caused by having an American up their ass

>Okay. And?
That's right, I said it. Nazis. All of 'em. Every single Nazi and Nazi supporter somehow in any way reachable by Americans, had their asses kicked. The Soviets only got lucky facing the 3rd Reich, since it seemed they were waiting for a chance to kill off one metric fuckton (and a half) of their own boys. Unfortunately, and this makes me cry as an American, we were not able to cut through the other side of Germany in time to kill the Eastern Front Germans. I will admit that. That's fine though, the US still got to kick the asses of the ones facing THE RIGHT way.

>pregnant Anne Frank in the American Civil war becomes reeal

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>Submitted to what?
Occupation and vassal status.

You’re literally just repeating your post like a broken clock. Are you ok?

You're literally repeating your whining like a broken clock. Are you ok?

What are you even saying? You aren’t responding to my points, you refuse to name the 2nd war and seem to think joining an ally is a military victory?

Amerimutts actually believe this

>What are you even saying?
Well, as you're asking again, submitting, being occupied and turned into a vassal state means defeat.

>Conveniently forgetting the commies you couldn’t beat

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Wasn't real Communism


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so you lost to fake communism LOL

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It's ok, we made up for it by making the Commies loose against ragtag Afghans

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um sweetie, billions in weapons and training stops them being ragtag

>tfw America beat itself

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ironically those same ragtag afghans didn't need any outside help to beat the US


doesn't the same apply to the vietnamese?

yeah, i bet that boat and those 2 AKs must have cost billions.

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>Some Russian sources give more specific numbers: Between 1953 and 1991, the hardware donated by the Soviet Union included 2,000 tanks, 1,700 APCs, 7,000 artillery guns, over 5,000 anti-aircraft guns, 158 surface-to-air missile launchers, 120 helicopters. During the war, the Soviets sent North Vietnam annual arms shipments worth $450 million. From July 1965 to the end of 1974, fighting in Vietnam was observed by some 6,500 officers and generals, as well as more than 4,500 soldiers and sergeants of the Soviet Armed Forces. In addition, Soviet military schools and academies began training Vietnamese soldiers—in all more than 10,000 military personnel.

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Maybe because it's true, Mr. Butthurt and obsessed.

>Americans are retarded
>now let me sit here and continue to argue with obvious b8, man I’m so fucking smart

They literally had MiG fighters from the Soviets and pilots trained by the Soviets. You’re acting like a troglodyte just to try and spite Americans.

>Viets literally had better fighters and tanks than China at one point because USSR and PRC had a breakup.

>>muh death toll
Doesn't take POWs into account and is also irrelevant to the simple fact that the reason Germany started getting pushed back hard in 1943 was due to having to fight on/prepare to fight on multiple fronts, combine that with the Soviets getting supplied by the west heavily in 1943 and you have the real reason why Germany was defeated. Without the above, the war ends in either stalemate or victory for Germany, albeit a limited one at this point.