The romans weren't nordi

>The romans weren't nordi..

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The people who say the Romans weren't Nords are just butthurt Arab rape babies, pay them no attention. Everything we know about the Roman Emperors proves most of them were closer to modern Nords than morern Meddis


Those two don't even look alike

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Mediterraneans had facial structure similar to their statues though and most of those statues when they were painted depicted them with brown hair, somewhere around dark to light eyes, and a peach or tanned complexion.

I won't say that there aren't similar qualities between nords and the original medis but it's hard to tell if Italians or Greeks are really the original people now either.


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I wouldn't say most. Augustus is always portrayed as have blonde hair and blue eyes, Julius is portrayed as having blonde hair and grey eyes. A lot more emperor's are portrayed the same. My point isn't exactly that the ancient Meds were Nords but they're certainly closer to modern Nords than modern Meds. There have been too many African and Arab invasions over time, it's had a big impact on the Med populations.


> Julius is portrayed as having blonde hair and grey eyes
You mean Caesar? He was described by Svetonius as having dark hair

This fucking thread again

Have you ever seen people irl?

I actually have Nordic and Anglo ancestry, I don't have any Med ancestry. It's just a ridiculous WE WUZery to claim the Romans were Nordic.
Of course, this is all just a LARP thread and I had fun making that WE post so I'll leave it at that

Romans had both nordic and med ancestry. IE was nordic.

That guy on the left looks like a bitch.


Your shit Scandinavian Nordic languages are no older than 500BC.

They weren't Nordic but they were closer to modern Nords than modern Meds

Paint analysis shows he was depicted with brown hair and eyes and a ruddy, tanned complexion.

Republic and East Roman Empire were Meds.

The Germans were responsible for the Decadent West.

End of Line.

>Augustus is always portrayed
Not a single of his portrait survived. He is described as having subflavium hair ("yellowish") and bright eyes. And also hooked nose, complexion between fair and dark. He was apparently also rather small and had small bad teeth.

>There have been too many African and Arab invasions over time, it's had a big impact on the Med populations
You have no idea what you're talking about.



They were probably even more Anatolian/Greek-like than modern Italians.

Why does Veeky Forums always take the bait?

Wow, both have faces that can be seen sideways...


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>thought the Italian rape baby meme wasn't true
>get my Dad's DNA tested
>8% arab
>9% Israeli



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Because everyone here is underage

Nordcucks have small eyes and small snub noses. Roman statues have big eyes and big noses.


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Augustus was a fucking unibrow.

>He had clear, bright eyes ... His teeth were wide apart, small, and ill-kept; his hair was slightly curly and inclined to golden; his eyebrows met. His ears were of moderate size, and his nose projected a little at the top and then bent ever so slightly inward. His complexion was between dark and fair. He was short of stature

Sicilians aren't Italian, dumb Amerimutt


He just keeps getting worse and worse.

>He had clear, bright eyes, in which he liked to have it thought that there was a kind of divine power, and it greatly pleased him, whenever he looked keenly at anyone, if he let his face fall as if before the radiance of the sun; but in his old age he could not see very well with his left eye. His teeth were wide apart, small, and ill-kept; his hair was slightly curly and inclining to golden; his eyebrows met. His ears were of moderate size, and his nose projected a little at the top and then bent slightly inward.110 His complexion was between dark and fair. He was short of stature (although Julius Marathus, his freedman and keeper of his records, says that he was five feet and nine inches in height),111 but this was concealed by the fine proportion and symmetry of his figure, and was p247 noticeable only by comparison with some taller person standing beside him.

>his shoes somewhat high-soled, to make him look taller than he really was.
This alone proves that the keeper of his records was full of shit because Augustus clearly had a complex regarding his height. Apparently he was small even for a Roman.

>all dat curly brown nordic hair
>that swarthy nordic skin

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What's a "snub nose"?

What's similiar about it? That they're fucking gray? lmao

I think it's a joke. It's easy to recognize Nazi statues. They always have angry long faces and small eyes. Kinda like Schwarzenegger.

Nords what do you gain from claiming Romans as your own. This shit doesnt make sense. Its not like you contributed anything anyway. This is why i find the whole niggers had no civilization thing so stupid. Yes they didnt have civilizations so what. Its not like they were living then. Fucking losers in your parents basements. You probably dream about living in tje past. Nigga just play CIV

The small wh*Te subhuman nose that points upwards. It's the complete opposite of the big Roman aquiline one.

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>mfw they actually believe this shit
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Mediterranean busts always seemed like they were accurately sculpted to the phenotype of the local population to me. The Nordic face looks completely different, and I am from a "racially Nordic" country myself.

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If you want to have a cherrypicking contest, I'm happy to oblige.
Pic related, from Villa di Arianna, 1st century

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there's literally only two colors used there


The nose can't be more different. This statue has the most stereotypical "Roman" nose.

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Oh my God do you guys never leave your house? I'm italian and I have a straight nose, my brother has a hooked aquiline nose, there are people from my ethnicity who are blonde with green eyes and others who could be mistaken for Pakis or Indians, it's almost like people from the same country can have different shapes of noses, hair color, face shape, or skin tone, there aren't ethnicities where all the people look the same, it's like you never left your basement

The sole reason for northern european features among italians is nordic migration.

How about this one then?

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A straight nose isn't Nordic, it's common everywhere you can find it even in Ethiopia

There were blondes in Italy then just as there are blondes in Italy today, but in both time periods they were a minority.


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How about this one then?

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Nigger do you know what phenotypes are? There can be blonde Italians and they're still genetically closer to their swarthy counterparts rather than Nordic

I know, I posted them to the user that posted cherrypicked images of dark romans.

I would question your sources. Also, while blondes in ancient Roman art aren't super rare, one thing that is super rare is blue eyes. Almost every ancient Roman depiction of a blonde I've ever seen has had brown eyes.

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[sarcasm] PFFFT, epigenetics and phenotypes are deception concocted by the Jewish plants in Big Genetics [/sarcasm]

It's not like you didn't cherrypick yourself

Fixed :^)
Suetonius' works are probably available online somewhere if you want to fact check them
That was the fucking point

oops forgot the pic

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Negro-centrism as snownigger-centrism, both of you are fucking retarded.

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>no u

>That was the fucking point
The majority of people in ancient Roman art are depicted with dark hair. That guy posting one picture of dark haired Romans is not cherry picking.

This one is much more Roman than this one

Italy was multi-ethnic even before the rise of Rome. There were Etruscans, Sabines, Samnites, Romans and other Latins, and gauls.

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what the fuck is a nord

this isn't skyrim

North Italians are closer to French than Sicilians. That makes sense as Italic languages are related to Celtic languages, not South Mediterranean languages. Why it also makes sense why so many Roman of the Latin patrician were red or blonde haired, and why the plebians who were conquered non-Italics were swarthy.

Pic related is from a Sicilian patricians house from the 4th century.

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Shh now. Don't ask awkward questions

Southern Italians are basically just Greeks still left over from Magna Graecia. I agree that Latins were probably closer to northern Italians/Spanish/French though. Tuscans also cluster separately from both northern and southern Italians and are probably still largely of Etruscan descent.

Latins from when? 1000 bc? 750 bc? 50 bc? We have no idea since we have no samples from before 650 be since they cremated their dead

I wonder if Etruscans themselves were pulled north by mixing with Italo-Celtics or the Italians pulled south by mixing with Etruscans, or neither.


The original Latins. I'm not saying we have proof, just that it makes sense.

It's obvious that the Roman empire was created by the Indo-Germanic NORDIC man. The soyboy m*Dshit would not be able to create such a proud and war-like state.

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an average terrone and "romanz wuz mediterrenean" poster LOL

>nordic means north germanic

What does the original Latins mean? The first people to speak Latin? We don’t know we don’t even know when Latin was first spoken

The original Italic tribes that later founded the Roman empire.

as opposed to m*Dsoyboy loving?

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I think he means the Latin people who founded Rome.

and who were Nordics :)

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Yes, just like modern Italy.

Genetic testing shows the population has not changed, and North Italians are genetically closer to South Italians than to other Europeans so no matter how much you snowniggers whinge and cry you won't change actual genetic science.

If the 'Rape of the Sabine women' had any truth in it, then the Romans were mutts from the beginning. They were also likely ruled by Etruscans, who were the most powerful people in Italy at the time and heavily influenced Romans.

those are both etruscans. the one on the right is a female.

Why do these threads always get so many replies?

Nope, the right one is a Roman.

The left one is a soyboy sw*Rthoid.

Because the truth upsets the m*Dsoyboy :)

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>brown eyes
Show me one (1) picture of a blonde Roman with blue eyes.

Mark Antony looks like a typical Italia.

Here's a reconstruction of him.

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None of you niggers were Romans

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Why he made him look different than his own statues?

Can't even find one, huh?

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