Sea People

What the hell were their problem?

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They were potheads, that's about it.

A widespread drought hitting all the regions in Southern Europe including Northen Italy

Destroyers of civilization (in order):
6.Other steppeniggers

We don't know

Sardinian genetics

who would that be


Fucking underwater niggers

Where did the sea people come from? Why did they destroy everything?

Will they ever return?

They need booty. Lots of it. So they raided for some booty, why not?

Vikangs were the sea people.

Flip 2 and 3

Chad sea people

Gutians plunged Sumer into chaos after taking it over.

Some of them were Sherdens and the Philistines.

Sherdens were either descendants or members of Sardinian Nuraghi culture, since their descriptiom corresponds with their statues.

There were refugees from Atlantis. Everyone knows that refugees are rapacious barbarians.

Will there be a third wave?

Unironically Jews. They were a hillfolk herder offshoot of the Canaanites, and during the bronze age collapse they went down from their mountains and fucked up the Canaanite civilization.


More importantly, why hadn't homer touched topic of sea people in his epics? Surely event of such scale that it destroyed his civilization had to be described in some of his works.

Treeniggers - not to be confused with bogniggers or plainsniggers - plunged Europe into the dark ages.

seaniggers were greeks all along and he didnt want to make his people look bad

Interestingly enough he described the invasion of troy by sea peoples.

This, and the Odyssey too. Odysseus sailing around the Med looting everything.

Cretan lie

Why would greeks raid themselves to the point of annihilation? Did the sense of comradery just vanished all of a sudden?
Second time i see this response to my question. What did he mean by this?

Hmmm. Is this an ancient conspiracy?

>What the hell were their problem?
A dark age.

Its pretty clear that they were Mycanean, Sardinian, Cretan etc

Yeah I'd like to see some proofs.

Mycenaean here, can confirm.

Sherden = Sardinia. Shekelesh = Sicily. Peleset = Mycaneans. Tjeker = Crete.

The eternal Swiss

Not him but the last Hittite king defeated a fleet coming from Cyprus around 1210 bc and some decades later Ramses III defeated another coming from the North, presumably from Cyprus too, and the king of Ugarit also complains to the king of Cyprus that his men joined the enemy flleet around the same time. There is evidence of a migration from the west to Cyprus during this period especially from the Aegean, archaeologists have also found a fortified settlement with mixed Mycenaean, Cypriot, Anatolian, Sardinian and Canaanean pottery which was founded around 1250-1200 bc and abandoned by 1150 bc, which coincides exactly with the timeline of the sea peoples' invasions

>What the hell were their problem?

It was a different time...

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Why did so many ancient people not wear shoes/sandals? I see that in a lot of illustrations but, like, didn't all the small rocks and shit hurt them?

Were dorians one of the group of the sea people?
If yes, that means they killed mycaneans, who were greeks too.
Fratricide at its finest.

No they weren't or at least none of the names resemble that of the Dorians, and there is not a "distinct" Dorian material culture in the bronze age, the whole Dorian invasion myth is a 19th-20th century invention


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That's probably why the Sea People were so pissed off, their feet hurt so much or something.

What about spaceniggers.

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The Hebrews/Phoenicians were undoubtedly part of the Sea Peoples and also some of the Canaanites the Punic Sea Peoples fucked over ended up blending with the Sea Peoples to form the Canaanites and the Hebrews. Punic and Hellenic dominance of the Mediterranean between the Bronze Age Collapse and the Roman expansion suggests to me that the Sea Peoples were basically a confederation of Hellenic and Punic pirates, as they ended up on top at the end of things.

The Jews were a Southern Canaanite people closely related to the Seafaring Phoenicians, but not the same. They were both in the Israelite Kingdom, though, and both were considered Hebrews. "Phoenicians" proper refers to Sidonians and Tyrians, who fall under the tribe of Asher, although Greeks used the word to refer to all the Canaanites.

>More importantly, why hadn't homer touched topic of sea people in his epics?
See In the Trojan War, Myceneans sail to Ileum and sack the city using a "wooden horse." The Sea Peoples were probably a mix of proto-Phoenician pirates (Hebrews/Jews) and proto-Greeks. Makes sense as Greek and Jewish DNA overlaps a lot.