Looking back at history, can we make accurate predictions about who is gonna be the next superpower?

Looking back at history, can we make accurate predictions about who is gonna be the next superpower?

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Definitely Mongolia.

Greater Israel

>BRIC meme
Lmao, Brazil, Russia and India are not going to be superpower level for at least the next century. Either the EU really centralizes or China gets it shit together (or both)

Brazil will become the leading power after WW3 purely because it's unlikely anyone will bother to nuke it

>not a 3rd world shithole
I'm betting on a centralized EU

Only the US has the strong to be a superpower at least for the next 200 years, Memezil, India and China can be regional powers if everything goes right for them (that i heavly doubt, specially in Brazil's case)

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If China stops being so commie and lightens up a bit, India and Brazil get their shot together and Russia miraculously gets a better reputation overnight, then maybe they can compete with a US-EU superpower force.

A united Europe would have superpower potential.

United Africa for sure.


Superpower doesn't mean being super strong you retards

Right now, the only one capable of maintaining status of a superpower is USA (EU is not a country)

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no no no, greater Luxembourg


>EU is not a country

Not yet

The Brasilenos will crawl out of the ruins of WW3 like so many rats and cockroaches after a structural collapse.

The white man and the yellow man will destroy each other. The black man will starve. El Goblino will inherit the earth.

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I'd love to believe that, but there is no way we will unite unless some miracle happens

Well i mean the generation of brexit-type idiots is literally dying off

hmmm how big and juicy is her cock?

>the black man will starve


Dumb people never die off, they breed like rats. There is always going to be nationalistic-crazy majority who compensate for their shitty life by taking pride in achievements of others who happen to speak the same language, and these idiots will never accept the idea of centralized EU which would be relevant on the world stage and they'll rather live in their impoverished irrelevant shitholes dependent on others

>tfw Britain won't be part of the future EU superpower because of the ill-considered vote of retarded pensioners who think that the EU is responsible for Pakistani immigration

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I am Polish and I will fight tooth and nail against EU, they want to send refugees to Poland.
I don't want my country to be a crime ridden hellhole like Western European countries.

>not a hellhole
This isn't /pol/, we don't worship your country just because it doesn't have any brown people.
Millions of Poles are leaving your country for Western Europe. They also commit the most crime out of any of the immigrant groups, so thanks for that.

Last time I saw a chart on England crime statistics per nationality Poland featured proeminently at the top 5. Not really good looking, mate, unless you'd rather be robbed and shanked by Jan rather than Ahmed.

>wanting to be ruled by supranational government with politicians that don't give a flying shit about you because you have no parliamentary or democratic control over them, only so said politicians can play at being a superpower

Is it because you secretly envision yourself being such a politician? Or because you want to to pride in the achievements of others (as long as they aren't from the same country as you)?

The European Caliphate will eventually be a superpower. They have to expand the rape rooms quite a bit, but the bongs are leading the way on that, how to capture government completely and get barbarianism accepted and flourishing. It'll spread and then sharia will start spreading behind it and then...

We will fight together one day.

>They also commit the most crime out of any of the immigrant groups,

Objectively wrong. Please provide a source for this bullshit.

Israel will be the head of a one world government within a few years to a decade so look forward to that!

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Don't be so glum, chum. In 2019 or so there will be a final vote to leave the EU with, or with the lack thereof, the final deal. Once it all collapses Britain will crawl back


pick one nigger. Also absolute numbers??

Poland has a lower crime rate than UK or Germany and lower homicide rate than UK France and Germany. Heck, London alone in 2 months has more knife crime than Poland in a year.

nice try but Poles have similar crime rate to Brits

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The problem with this is that Poles and Irish are foreign nationals while the various Pakis and Pajeets count as British. Rotherham case perpetrators all had British passports, for example. Break this down by ethnicity/race instead of national status.

Just to illustrate:
>In June 2010, through a Freedom of Information Act request, The Sunday Telegraph obtained statistics on accusations of crime broken down by race from the Metropolitan Police Service.[n 2] The figures showed that the majority of males who were accused of violent crimes in 2009–10 were black. Of the recorded 18,091 such accusations against males, 54 percent accused of street crimes were black; for robbery, 59 percent; and for gun crimes, 67 percent.[27] Robbery, drug use, and gang violence have been associated with black people since the 1960s.[28] In the 1980s and 1990s, the police associated robbery with black people. In 1995, the Metropolitan Police commissioner Paul Condon said that the majority of robberies in London were committed by black people.
>Street crimes include muggings, assault with intent to rob, and snatching property. Black males accounted for 29 percent of the male victims of gun crime and 24 percent of the male victims of knife crime.[27] Similar statistics were recorded for females. On knife crime, 45 percent of suspected female perpetrators were black; for gun crime, 58 percent; and for robberies, 52 percent.
>Between April 2005 and January 2006, figures from the Metropolitan Police Service showed that black people accounted for 46 percent of car-crime arrests generated by automatic number plate recognition cameras.

>Implying /leftypol/ will care about facts

The 2nd galactical Baltic empire

Want to know a country that has a lower homicide rate than the UK?
Fucking Burkina Faso because fucking 3rd world countries like poland do not report their crimes. Check it out

All countries in Europe report their crimes well. Only some African countries have this problem because of basically non-existent law enforcement.

I would prefer both tbqh, Chinese are fucking ruthless and another superpower might balance things out.

Maybe in 2 hundred years, unless an African Napoleon/Bismarck is born (the same applies to Latin America).

>Poland report their crimes well

hahaha nigger provide sources

What's the Brazil superpower meme coming from?

Brazil economy is in freefall and they are about to elect another socialist to the Presidency. All their South American trade partners are trying to diversify away from them because it's a literal dead weight on the continent.

Notbas bad as Venezuela but getting there.

I don't know man. In the event that all oil resources on the planet suddenly disappear they can become relevant.

You provide sources that it doesn't. World Health Organization collects homicide data and determines which databases are reliable, apparently all countries in Europe have reliable databases except for Bosnia, Albania and Montenegro.
You're just a buttblasted retard who has no idea what he's talking about and unwilling to admit countries filled with niggers are more criminal than countries filled with Europeans.

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So you're telling me poland has a database as reliable as that of belarus, mexico, or venezuela.

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Overrun by muslims and assorted third worlders (and not aggreeing on wether to approve of that), old, not caring about anything but their money and comforts, simply burned out.
They also like to hate on each other for reasons like "your criminals come here because that's where the dough is" or "your granddaddy killed mine, gib 1 trillion reparations".

>Polish criminals go to the west to "work"
>Crime rate in poland low

And UK, Netherlands and USA.

India's already number #3 in economy. India will sit at where China is right now (in comparison to the US) in ~2050.

China however will stay the dominant from 2050-2100. India will catch up to China around ~2100. Once again it will be China/India world economy making up ~50-60% of the world economy.

>but per capita
>but nominal

t. delusional Pajeet
You would need a centralized government to get your shit (no pun intended) together and really compete with the big boys.

Yes, and?
>the WHO gives UK, the Netherlands and the USA the same reliability as Mexico, Belarus, and Venezuela
This is the opposite of a reason to trust the WHO.

Poland, like any eastern european country is known for being more corrupt than France, Germany, and the UK.
No one in their right mind would think the polish police operates on the same level of budget and competence as the police of France or Germany.
Poland has high undeclared crime rates like literally any poor country.

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World Bank/CIA/IMF predicts it as such. Whether or not you believe it or not really isn't that important in the context.

>Poland has high undeclared crime rates like literally any poor country.

Give us a source for your claims or stfu already.

Pajeet, please, The World Bank predicted that Brasil was to become a superpower and look at them now.

>Mexico, Belarus, Venezuela
Mexico and Venezuela both have DOCUMENTED high murder rates, precisely because their database works well.
>Poland has high undeclared crime rates like literally any poor country.
And your proof for this is literally non-existent. Corruption might get underreported, but murders do not, they're reported well unless your law enforcement outright doesn't function (like in Burkina-Faso or Somalia).
>economic freedom
Not even related to what we're discussing.

No, you.
Countries that are poorer tend to have higher crime rates, all the time.
Poland is poorer than France, Germany, and the UK.
To make the claim that Poland has lower crime rates than any of these countries in the absence of viable data supporting this is absurd and irrational. Until proven otherwise Poland is a post-soviet shithole.

>Countries that are poorer tend to have higher crime rates, all the time.
Not true at all, the correlation between wealth and crime is much weaker than the correlation between race and crime. In the US, West Virginia is one of the poorest states but it has a lower murder rate than Maryland and Georgia that are wealthier by about every metric, because WV is almost completely white while the latter two are full of niggers.
In fact, race is the best demographic predictor for crime.

China. How is this even a question?

Mexico and Venezuela's murder rates are both high AND heavily underdocumented, and you know it fully. To deny it is to be obtuse on purpose, please abstain from doing that in the future.
Your proof that poland has a lower crime rate is unexistent.
This map was about corruption. Corruption in the lowest cycles of authority (like in Poland and Italy) leads to the mistrust of law enforcement and the underrepresentation of all crimes. Perhaps this other map can help.

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I do not discuss the united states, black people, or the interesting racial dynamics of mutt-between-mutt slaughters, but Europe.

Same thing applies. There is no connection between wealth and crime, but there is one between race and crime.

>Your proof that poland has a lower crime rate is unexistent.
My proof is WHO data. You don't have any proof whatsoever.

Have you been paying attention?
I have obliterated the possibility of WHO data being trustworthy.
You are not debating in good faith.

ahahahah lol there is.

>some random liberal Gutmensch autist screeching on the internet is obliteration of WHO data
Sorry but no.

>lol there is
Rich niggers have higher murder rates than poor white people, so no there isn't.

>Poland, like any eastern european country is known for being more corrupt than France, Germany, and the UK.
>No one in their right mind would think the polish police operates on the same level of budget and competence as the police of France or Germany.
>Poland has high undeclared crime rates like literally any poor country.

Mate, it's not 1990 anymore.
Times have changed. I feel safer in Poland than in UK or France these days.

>Poland has high undeclared crime rates like literally any poor country.
Fun fact, even during the chaotic era of 1990s Poland had lower murder rate than France.

>Countries that are poorer tend to have higher crime rates, all the time.
I am pretty sure USA has higher crime rate than Slovakia or Slovenia despite being richer.

Poland has lower crime and homicide (0.74) rate than Germany(0.85),UK(0.95) and France(1.5)

London-has 800 victims of knife attack injuries in 2 months

WHOLE Poland-has 700 victims of knife attack injuries in a WHOLE year.

Let this sink in. 38 mln country in Eastern Europe has less knife attacks in a year than London alone in 2 months



Eastern European countries have lower crimes than West Europe

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>wladislaw thinks his country's data collection methods are as robust as real countries

i suppose you believe more people get raped in sweden than the democratic republic of the congo, too. after all, the statistics prove it, right?

Sweden has a wide definition of rape.
As to murder it is a rather well defined statistic and Poland isn't a third world country, neither is Czech Republic or Slovakia. Police is actually quite efficient these days and while there might be corruption in terms of getting contracts from government, murder is documented quite precisely.
In fact Poland documents crime more robust than countries like France or Germany where police is actually ordered to cover up crimes.

>Poland isn't a third world country
stopped reading there

>UK, France and Germany import a boatload of shitskins
>their murder rates (((magically))) overtake Poland and other Eastern countries
top kek

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low crime and homicide levels, highly developed infrastructure, gdp per captia near levels of western european countries like Portugal

reported crime, dumbo

China and India are set to be superpowers if they aren't already considered superpowers. Both have nuclear weapons, have tremendous population growth and have many natural resources. In the case of India, it is one of the fastest growing economies on the planet with a tremendous study ethic, even if that study ethic currently amounts to quantity over quality.

>western cuckling in denial about living in a crime-infested shithole

Paris police authorities “systematically” wiped tens of thousands of crimes from their books as part of a decade-long cover up to make the capital seem safer than it was, according to “explosive” new government data released on Monday.

Some 16,000 criminal acts were airbrushed from police books for 2011 alone, an audit of crime figures for Paris revealed.

Manuel Valls, the Socialist interior minister, ordered the report in September 2012 to investigate how crimes were registered in the Paris area.

The authors uncovered a system in place for the past decade in which the number of crimes was consistently played down. They said the cover up took off in earnest in 2008 - a year after Nicolas Sarkozy, the former centre-Right president, was sworn into office for a five-year term.

From then on, such practices were “organised, systematic” and “masterminded” by police superiors, the report found.

Using history as a guide, I predict:
>Europeans start more wars, advancing technology, but also destroying itself
>Russia builds up more and more, paranoid that it will be invaded by everyone, eventually invading neighbors when the opportunity is right to give themselves a bigger buffer.
>China implodes like always.
The other three are too young (Americas) or I don't know enough history about to make a prediction.


>forecasting GDP out to 2100
>even acting like it is accurate

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Muricah will be the only and best superpower in the world for the next 1000 years what's there to predict again?

>gdp per capita near Portugal levels

this really isn't helping your "poland isn't a third world country" argument

Kek, see It's actually westerners who doctor their data to make multikulti look less bad.

so are you at the point of saying Portugal is Third World country?

Telegraph is known fake news site, user.


Yeah those dumb Brits with their dumb decision to stay out of the euro market even when the euro crashed and the pound stayed strong and the EU begged them to join... So dumb. And now they want nothing to do with eurocuckistan so theyll be back if history is any indicator.

I'm not even British I just think it's goddamn hilarious when the rest of Europe tries to make the best decisions the UK has ever made to be bad decisions because
>They're not acting like a TEAM PLAYER

Nobody wants to be on a team with Europe.

I suggest going to Myanmar or Africa and see how really Third World looks like.
Or some districts of Paris

Superpower with a smaller economy than China and only 15% of world GDP?

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>Ignoring the based military budget line

You must be joking user.

>fake news!
>fake data!
>everything is fine, blacks and muslims create peaceful societies

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You're gonna deny Rotherham too?

I don't think black people are necessarily violent. Maybe not so advanced when you look at africa but it's not THAT much worse than expected for third world countries across races on a violent crime rate basis than some other first world countries. If you were going to go on violent crime alone in home countries, it would seem South Americans and Latinos have the violence market cornered.

Muslims obviously fuck countries up.. can't disagree there.

>I don't think black people are necessarily violent.
Stopped reading there

>Falklands not blue
Shit thread

EU, China, and the US. India still has a long way to go and Brazil can't quite reach the same level as the others. Russia is only relevant due to their nuclear arsenal, if Germany got their military in shape they could outclass Russia's regular military alone.

EU is more populous than the US and richer by some measures, all they're lacking is a proper military and centralization. China is on the way to surpassing the US in economic might already, it's only a matter of decades. The US will never willingly relinquish it's power, the US will continue to be the most influential military force on the planet long after the EU and China surpass it economically. The US will lose influence on every continent until it only has true dominance over the Americas but that will be a long and agonizing process.

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Well black people who assimilate as immigrants are normally not that bad in first world countries. It's when impoverished mindsets and single motherhood goes rampant that it messes with the likelihood for violence I think.