History repeats itself

>history repeats itself

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>history progresses

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>time is linear

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Needs a bernie sticker on his forehead

>Hegelian dialectic

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>history no repet, it RYME!

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>Grug live like Grug's father
>Grug's father lived like Grug's father's father
>Grug's son will live like Grug

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>history is real

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>you're on the wrong side of history

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> history is written by the victors

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>there are good sides and bad sides in history

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these two hit right in the feels
>"it's just like in rome" whenever "decline of the west" is brought up

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So what am I supposed to take from this funny thread?

Any view of history is a brainlet view?

>x, was a warcrime, but y wasn't because my country did it

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>it's not a warcrime if you win

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then who writes history

The jews

>So what am I supposed to take from this funny thread?
>Any view of history is a brainlet view?

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>Heh, look at that pleb, thinking there are good guys and bad guys in history

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>civilizations fall because muh lack of virtues

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>that ideology belongs in 1922, not today

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>d-d-d-d-da America is l-l-like d-d-d-a f-f-fall of d-d-d-a R-R-Roman R-R-Republic
>T-Trump is l-l-l-like C-Caesar o-or G-Gaius M-Marius

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>the icc definition of "war crimes" is a perfect standard

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> roman empire fell because of this one thing that I hate

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>the roman empire fell because of a similar issue happening now in America

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Lol at this thread

>wow, X never would've happened if it wasnt for this Y guy

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>if x side won this war things wouldn't be this bad

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>the EU is like Nazi Germany

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> i wish i lived in medieval times

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>there are no ifs in history

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most of the shit said in this thread is true

>political side I don't like is just like (vilified political figure in history)

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>most of the shit said in this thread is true

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>All the documents, soldiers' testimonies, survivors' testimonies, nazi officials' confessions,.mass graves pictures and so on don't prove the Holohoax
>These standards of evidence don't apply to attrocities committed by regimes I don't like btw

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>those who don't understand history are doomed to repeat it

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>man, The Wiemar Republic was great until Hitler came and ruined it

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> modern concepts like nations existed thousands years ago

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it's usually backwards

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>polygamy is totally natural, I mean they did it thousands of years ago

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>fuck borders, I'm a citizen of the earth

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fuck you

winners and losers

> Modern society x I dislike is like historical society y disliked by most people

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>attributing historical figuress to tangentially related modern states

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>history happens in first person but is told in third person

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>racism was invented and exported by european colonialists

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that is implying that we are the same people as did the mistake
we're not
we don't have the same essence as the people of the past
we change, we evolve

> everything ancient source says is true

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> The Roman empire fell because of "degeneracy"

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>being fat used to be seen as attractive as it meant wealth

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> we should judge him by standards of his time

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>he doesn't

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>if he died before he did x he'd be seen as a great leader

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Isn't this one true? I mean chubby and pale not fat

>aristotle was wrong about literally everything and hindered scientific progress for centuries

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> it's bad art because it's ugly

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>you know x was actually a really shitty person

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>sometimes you must look back to go foward

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you say all of this but dosent this thread disprove everything

> philosophy was solved by this one guy

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>history is not "then" it's now!

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don't worry, this is a thread for brainlet wojak sharing, posts are genuine and intended to be seen as posters' beliefs

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>it's such a shame x didn't win this war

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this is true though, unless you think that his ideas were more a placeholder because nobody could think up anything better for the next 2000 years, (which might be true for lack of proper tools).

i only have normal wojacks

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To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.

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>it matters not the leaders of the country, but the people

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>I love history!
>All they care about are hearing about cool battles and WW2 "what ifs"

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>history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggle

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>it's x fault that y exists

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> irish people aren't white

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>American history is so boring, it's just a bunch of dead old white dudes lol

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>the irish weren't considered white when they first came to America

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> monarchy is ideal form of government

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>religion was a setback for science, all it's ever done is start wars

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>"I'm a fascist, fascism is being nationalist and wanting a homogenous anti degenerate society right?"

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>christians, jews and muslims lived in harmony under islamic rule

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> there would be no socialism without marx

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Literally no British person thinks this. The "Irish aren't white" thing comes from America.

> X are poor because genetical inferiority
> Z are rich because of grand conspiracy

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>bad moment in history all started with a political thing happening now that I don't like

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> pope is antichrist

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>yeah x was bad but what about y which was worse!

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> atheism led to world wars

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Never heard this one

i have
it was related to how progressive germany was before the nazis took power

> nazi science was superior and ahead of it's time

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>Yeah x was a warcrime but it was necessary

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>the Wehrmacht were just following orders, they would've been killed otherwise

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>women played no role in HIStory

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>Hitler wanted to kill anyone who didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes

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name 4

> they deserved it

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>great man theory is the only correct lens to view history with

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>nazi means national socialists therefore nazis were socialists therefore liberals

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>the Nazis took everyone's guns, if the German citizens were armed the Holocaust would've never happened

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>anything in pic related

This is partially true though. Even far left academics concede this to some extent

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