Was The Zodiac Killer a white nationalist? The symbol on his hood is the same pagan symbol used by white nationalists

Was The Zodiac Killer a white nationalist? The symbol on his hood is the same pagan symbol used by white nationalists.

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Nah he was just into the occult.

Wdym by the occult?

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How could Ted kill those people

Eh, probably not if he was killing white people. But I guess anything is possible with a person that crazy. Probably just

> christian cross
> pagan symbol

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>Thinking it's a Christian cross
It's an ancient pagan symbol you dip. It originated in Thule.

Was the Zodiac Killer Irish? The symbol on his head is the same pagan symbol used by the Irish as grave markers

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White nationalists started using the celtic cross only in the 1970s, so after the Zodiac killer started using it.

He was no master criminal. Police just fucked up and let him go.

his unsolved cypher isn't some super mystery. It's unsolved because he likely screwed up the cypher and it's unsolvable.

Among the Inuits? That's certainly new.

We don't know because we never caught the guy or know who he even is.

He just ran for president you dumb fuck

Possibly. White & Black nationalists tend to be pretty deranged.

I'm not sure, but I believe that by the time when the Zodiac was active, this symbol wasn't yet in wide use by white nationalists.

The symbol itself is a symbol for Zodiac, so it speaks for itself, I guess.

Thule is Scandinavia brainlet

Its also the symbol for gnostic Christianity as well as a targetting reticle. Its also in this IQ test question. You'd have to be a brainlet to think this symbol represents anything in particular.

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>Its also in this IQ test
No it's not brainlet. A cross inside a circle is not the same as a circle inside a cross.

6 of one, half a dozen of the other it seems

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I’ve read about a lot of serial killers but never this guy. He has a low body count and seems kinda lame. What s the big deal?

He was never caught and was a mastermind. He left people people after his crimes and gave away some cypers. I believe once even made a phonecall to a tv station for 2 minutes.

I mean I guess

No one cared who he was until he put on the mask.

I agree, original Night Stalker night better

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for me? its gotta be David Berkowitz and the process church

He fucked with the police. He sent multiple coded letters to the them. The last one still hasn’t been decoded despite being examined by the greatest cryptographers in the world. Most people think it’s unsolvable on purpose.

This. 50 rapes and 12 murders, and they still have no clue who this guy was.

>Low body count
Please. Also, he was as smart as 10 Ted Bundy's. Maybe he didn't kill the most people but he's undoubtedly the smartest serial killer in American history.

We know who he is though. This is about unknown serial killers .

They think he’s still alive too. You think a madman like that could just stop?

37 according to him. He killed like 7 confirmed.

NOT even it’s 5 confirmed. He has nothing on

He's Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. Former president of a shithole

Orientalism, Occultism are pretty common strains in Fashland. How do you think these symbols came to be associated with White Nationalism?

What reason does a serial killer have to lie? These are hyper intelligent people, they only brag about what they actually do. They're not normies like you two who lie to impress.


He even went to the city community meeting where they were discussing him and stalked one of the couples home.


we know who is but the events surrounding him are very much up for debate. Son of Sam was the biggest money maker for the NYPD for the 70s he put over 300 hundred cops back on the job and due to him their was promotions galore.

He took a 5 year break between 1981 to 1986. Which suggest that he did have self-control.

Also most of his victims felt he was young, somewhere between 18-25. If he is still alive, he is probably in his 60s.

He called one of his former victims in 2001. He's probably still alive.


>They're not normies like you two who lie to impress.
Everyone is a normie at the end of the day. There’s like 5 dudes tops in all of history who weren’t normies : Sulla, Ceaser, Jesus, Ghengis and Hitler. Everyone else is crying for attention. Just look at Henry Lee Lucas. Most of these guys aren’t the intelligent madmen the media portrays them to be. In fact a lot of them are retarded.


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We're talking about The Zodiac Killer, not your run of the mill serial killer. TZK has proven himself to be hyper intelligent


He thinks white people are ghosts that evolved from thin air and that the world's otherwise been brown everywhere

If that’s the case you would think at this point hey would just pick him up then.
How he has gone so long without even catching a DUI charge and having to submit DNA and get caught like that is insane. He probably has a wife, some kids maybe even grandkids.


Why because he made autistic notes and called the police back when any Joe Schmo could use a pay phone anonymously? He has 5 confirmed bodies tops. We’re going by confirmed numbers here.

His understanding of cryptology outweighed the greatest cryptological minds of the time. Experts who had been studying cryptology for decades couldn't decifer some of his messages.

He did most of his crimes before DNA testing was widespread, and it is highly doubtful that there are any samples to make use of.

If he raped 50 or so women one of them must have born him a kid, right? Can't they use that kids DNA to search for him?


which serial killer had better promos than Ricky Ramirez? guy lived his gimmick.

Why was such an evil man allowed to have such a qt daughter?

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>tfw dad never brought me fishing with him

>Hyper intelligent
>Makes grade school level typos

So how did they link 50+ rapes and 12 + murders to him using DNA?

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they took samples anticipating advances in the field of DNA analysis

do serial killers actually feel love?

>hyper intelligent
>makes uncrackable ciphers

No, that's what makes them so dangerous. Their whole life they learn how to replicate emotion but they never feel it. A serial killer isn't made, he's born.

And then they connected all 70+ crimes to a single man. They have his DNA on file, so theoretically if he were to get a DUI and get his Mouth swabbed and thrown into the database within a few months the detectives working that case should have their man.

I’m pretty sure it’s just autistic gibberish.

t. brainlet

yes, they have the exact same emotions as us, however they are triggered by different things and interpreted differently

Jesus was the ultimate normie.

Gonna need proof Caesar and Sulla weren’t.

Jesus is literally God.

Jesus isn't a normie at all, are you insane?

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Psychopaths can feel love like anyone else. They just can’t comprehend other people from an empathic POV.

Making an unsolvable cypher isn't hard just use a onetime pad.

He wasn't a white nationalist, I swear you dumb fucks will make up any stupid theory you want about me

What's the answer to this?

I always found it strange that he sent in these cryptograms. Why would he send out info on that could lead back to him in the ciphers? He probably made a couple real ones to start the game and made the one "with his name in it" unsolvable on purpose.

Explain pls

no, this is the weird thing, he was soft whilst he raped them and was probably a kid

>>penetrating a woman with a soft penis
>>no, this is the weird thing, he was soft whilst he raped them and was probably a kid
If he was, then this sort of behavior sounds like a reaction some sort of horrifying abuse. Maybe he was molested or raped himself at some point?

Almost all serial killers had fucked up childhood.

They already have DNA samples, thats how they linked some of the cases together, its just they have no one to match it to.

>>penetrating a woman with a soft penis
No true

>Sexually "functional" and capable of ejaculation with consenting and non-consenting partners
according to one of the profiles of him

>It originated in Thule

How does something originate in a place that doesn't exist?

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