Open Bible

>Open Bible
>Chapter 1
>Talking snake

People DIED over this shit

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it not a snake, it the spirit of Satan manifest in the form of a's almost like you read the Bible with preconceived Atheist notions

So all the snakes who lost their legs were Satan too?

>Open bible
>some dude hypnotizes a snake
People DIED over this shit

no they were punished for his sin

I thought snakes lost their legs due to natural selection

that's because you're wrong

You act like you don't know that primates have better eyesight in areas where reptilian predators are more common. Where this is a story true in a sense that is older than humans. The very real possibility that we literally got our eyesight from the serpent.

>also sage lmao

At last I truly see. Praise Jesus. Fuck science and reason and shit.

I mean through evolution, its just likely a Hebrew metaphor/legend

>also sage again kek

Wait, so Lucifer is a reptilian?

>it's an user takes a few science courses after being raised in a religious household his whole and thinks he's Charles Dawkins episode

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Were the snakes dragons before it happened? They were cursed to the ground

Why is it that we can laugh at fucking Perseus fighting some bitch with snakehair but we can't laugh at Eve talking to a snake?

>it’s an ad hominem episode

It’s rude to make fun of wacky fantasy stories when people still believe in them

Because 1. Many millions of people literally believe in "the fall" as a historical event and see Adam and Eve as historical persons, because they believe that interpreting it "merely" as symbol / myth makes the resurrection absurd and unlikely. (Why would God raise Jesus from the dead defeating sin and death if sin and death are actually part of God's creation / evolution and weren't implanted in the cosmos by a dark power literally?) And 2. Because more people today place value on the Bible even if they view some parts as myth, so it is like a sacred cow that shouldn't be desecrated.

>people still fall for this bait after 11 years of Veeky Forums

Source on the better eyesight where reptiles lives

Because no one died over that shit

"The Fall" of man is actually when his eyes were opened and consciousness developed.
The "Serpent" actually aided in this matter.
There are other stories where the Serpent represents consciousness and the snake was grafted onto a plantlike Adam.
The Bible is a veiled continuation of Serpent worship that has been around for a very long time.
>In Malta, I uncovered elongated skulls of certain priests dat-
ing back to the Temple-building era. These skulls were created
using planks of wood on the heads of babies, in order to make the
individual appear serpent-headed, with long drawn eyes and
stretched skin. These people were known as serpent priests, and
the elongation of the skulls made the glands in the brain secrete
certain psychotic hormones, beneficial to the enlightenment ex-
perience and altered states of consciousness. The original serpent
priests were an elite, kept apart and secret from the main group —
the original shining serpent secret society.

>People DIED over this shit

Every time someone posts this I always remind them:

People were MURDERED over it.

People DIE of cancer.

People DIE of Zeus' lightning or Poisidon's earthquakes.

People are MURDERED by Moses' followers.

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>open american history book
>Fig. 1
>talking snake
People DIED over this shit

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Why were all snakes punished for Satan impersonating a snake?