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>Red Dead Redemption but its in Manchuria rights before the Mukden Incident

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someones got to be the bad guys and were ight with japan and fearful of china

it doesn't have a chance in hell I'm afraid

Who said anything about the games being feasible?

>Call of Duty but in Burma

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Apocalypse Now like FPS set during the fall of the Aztecs.

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Who do you play as?

call of duty or battlefield set in late 80s/early 90s Africa, all from the viewpoint of Bush war veterans turned mercenaries

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>Gay dating sim from Classical Greece

A Conquistador journeying through horrors to reach Tenochitlan.

those 8 yr old boys got you all hot and bothered user eh?

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Holocaust Train Simulator.

I'd love something set on the border, your character is on the run from the law on both sides.

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I’d give anything for an RPG set in the Troubles. I’ve been thinking forever about it.
>Map covers the high risk, southern counties
>3 factions, PIRA, UVF and UndercoverBritish Army
>Espionage, stealth and slow movements
>huge emphasis on characters, lots of multiple choice paths and alternate outcomes
>70’s-80’s soundtrack
>captures the depressing, grim vibes of Industrial Northern Ireland in the early 80’s
>Direct Combat is rare with a huge emphasis on realism. Even one enemy is a challenge. Two requires planning
>No clear good guy, have to choose based on personal feeling

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This sounds sexy

scuse’ my autism, but I’ve had this idea in my head for about half a year now.
in short: Mount & Blade, but early 19th century (approx. 1815-25) Canada/USA during fur trade
I took alot of ideas mostly from VC and a bit from 1866
in longish:
>Race; Native, or European/white, or foreigner
>for white; can be American, Canadian/brit, or french
>for native; algonquian, siouian, dené, uto-aztecan
>factions switched out for different tribes
>can choose which tribe to be associated with; e.i. lakota, cree, shoshone, crow, gros ventre, etc…
>fight other tribes for territory, or diplomatically have them alliance with you (iron confederacy, etc…)
>towns/villages switched out for bands. [keep in mind, this will allow towns/bands to be on the move]
>some permaneant towns settled by whites
>can lead a band as chief, like a lord/jarl
>settling band turns it into a temporary town/aka indian village (can move when please) based off of VC town settling. Can settle troops
>castles switched out for forts (trading or military) there’ll be lots
>economy is based off of trade like in VC, trade different animal furs (like beaver, buffalo, deer which differ in price), skins, weapons, horses, food like in base game
>renegades, bandits, mountain men, trappers and such too. white or native. good or bad
>M&B already has bows, guns, spears, axes, throwables for weapons. So it works out.
>map spans from alberta to ontario in north, and missouri to utah in south
i dunno, have a quite a few ideas, but this is just a basic sketch blueprint i guess.

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RPG set during the 30 year's war

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This also sounds really sexy

I think an RPG set during the Wars of the Roses where you can play the dynastic game through intrigue and rise to power, or pledge loyalty to a particular house.

FTL but in a steamboat.

You're in the western theater of the Civil War, and you've come across a paddle steamer that you and your band of lascars and scalliwags will use to stay alive in the chaos.

You go around, looking for guns, money, alcohol, bitches, and enough wood or coal to through into the furnace to keep the boiler moving.

Combat takes place in the first person, with you in the pilot house screaming commands, or out on the deck shooting at people.

You have to decide whether to cooperate, attack, or run away when the Union, Confederate, and Indian forces encounter you.

There would be two different disclaimers, depending on what side of the Mason-Dixon line the game is being sold in

>North of the Mason-Dixon line: This game is dedicated to the brave cause of the Confederacy, and to the brave men and women who gave their lives to resist federal tyranny
>South of the Mason-Dixon line: This game is dedicated to William Tehcumsah Sherman, and the brave men who gave their lives to destroy the wretched, inbred plantation state that was the Confederacy

The amount of shitflinging would hopefully be enough to make up for no marketing budget.

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Call of Duty but its in the 2nd Sino-Japanese War

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You play as a Norwegian soldier in WW2 from the battle of Narvik who gets left behind in the rearguard and surrenders to the Germans, who puts you in a prison camp for one year until Operation Barbarossa.
Your character gets recruited by the SS to join the Nordic Legion, under the excuse to protect Norway from Bolshevism, and gets sent to Russia alongside other foreign contengients. Throughout the game you fight through the Baltics and up through Leningrad, and back into Estonia through the Courland pocket.
The final mission has you hold the line in the rearguard as German civilians evacuate through the sea.
[spoiler]the final scene of the game shows your character critically wounded as the last ship sails off. He realizes that he will never see Norway again and dies alone in a nameless trench[/spoiler]

>Outlast during the Khmer Rouge/Free Congo State.

Saw a similar gametype in Gmod, but,
Slave Escape. Asymmetric multiplayer FPS where one team are runaway slaves, starting out unarmed except for melee weapons, throughout the match they must evade the enemy team until they can escape to a predestined escape zone. The other team are the slavers and bounty hunters, starting out armed with general pre-Civil war weaponry, pepper boxes, muzzleloaders, whips, etc., they must hunt down and kill or capture all runaway slaves.
Global voice chat so the slavers can micspam Johnny Rebel and the slaves can speak in stereotypical accents if they want.

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Napoleon Total War but in the Roman era

At least it'd be easy to out-do the airport mission

Well, there was already a Medal of Honor set in Burma so why not?

Ok, rate my autism.
You are a French general in Algeria in 1954. Having just been defeated in Indochina, there is exceptional pressure on you to not be defeated by another group of "primitive" colonial subjects. At the same time, France's appetite for empire is fading, causing growing pressure to simply withdraw from Algeria. At this, the worst possible time, a group calling itself the FLN declares a war of independence for Algeria. Given scant resources, a native population, and a military that increasingly ignores the bickering government back in France, can you save French Algeria?

>genre: strategy game
You're given a map of Algeria, with available military assets, and current rebel threat in each sector of the country. In the beginning, the rebellions are small, but the situation WILL worsen quickly. You won't have enough forces and assets to fully pacify the country, so sacrificing areas to save others will be a recurring problem. The worse the rebellion gets, the more damage your forces take, and the faster public support for the war drops in France. This is intended to create an atmosphere of growing desperation and paranoia. You never know where the rebels will hit next, and anyone may be an enemy. Making matters worse, political restrictions on the military are causing increasing dissent...


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Metal Gear Solid V but takes place during the 30 year war.

Sounds good.

A video game about the Russian civil war (inb4 bf1 dlc which is shit) pretty much like RO2 where I could kill as many bolsheviks I want to.

Continue, by all means.

Alright, so you will have a public support gauge that measures domestic enthusiasm for the war back in France. Support will erode quickly if rebels win major victories or stage high profile attacks on major cities like Algiers or Oran. If support drops too low, the government may have no alternative but withdrawal. Rebel activity is highly unpredictable, and intelligence on them is highly valuable. Mainly, this intelligence will come from captured prisoners. Like in real life, torture will play a role in the game. It can be reliable or unreliable just like real life , and the best method of gaining reliable information will be to interrogate multiple captives to discover the truth.

To make matters worse, the political support gauge is not the only one you have to worry about. Army loyalty will also decrease the longer the war drags on, and increasingly wanes if the government takes actions that the army feels restricts their fighting ability. If loyalty gets too low, mutinies will start to break out. If loyalty gets REALLY low, officers may stage a putsch with the intent of installing military governance in France itself. Needless to say, this won't go over well with other countries.

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As far as the rebellion goes, the main weapon at their disposal is terrorism. The more success they have in killing civilians while escaping your counterattacks, the more the natives will side with what they view as the winning team. Rebels will also attempt to get weapons from the Soviets, whose response will differ depending on your success. Even if you are doing well in the opening, the situation in Algeria will grow more and more serious. The more desperate the rebels are, the harder they will try to find new ways to strike at you. The computer will adapt to your strategy, forcing you to adjust continuously in your planning to hold them back.

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>Europa Universalis but it is from 1350-1650 and it is actually in depth

>Total War but it is either the 16th or 17th century

>RPG but it is in the time.of Michael the Brave of the Romanian Principalities or it is during the War of the League of Cambrai as Venice.

>Europa Universalis but it is actually in depth
That doesn't sound terribly profitable, goy

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This sounds really cool, but I'd prefer a Vietnam setting over Algeria. The Algerian war lacked the same cultural impact.

Isn't that the one with the fucking elephant mission?

A Paradox-style game that covers the Bronze Age through to the early Middle Ages would be cool as fuck.

How would that even work? That'd require vastly different styles of play for the different periods

It would be limited to Europe and you wouldn't be able to control any of the Mediterranean powers. Also I should clarify that I meant that it would end at the Early Middle Ages, not continue through them.

>and you wouldn't be able to control any of the Mediterranean powers
Way to kill all interest instantly

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t. blob pro
Playing as a nobody tribe in barbarian Europe would be fun as fuck.

A game pretty much exactly like Rule the Waves 2 but out right now

Game set in 1950s Berlin. I'd want it to take a lot of concepts from LA Noire with strong emphasis on characters and interacting with them to gain intelligence.