Shame on the house of Ptolemy's for such barbarity, shame

Shame on the house of Ptolemy's for such barbarity, shame.

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Shame on HBO for cancelling this.

ROME is my favorite T.V series of all time, but it was good it ended when it did. Both because the Ascension of Augustus is the perfect endpoint for a story about the end of the Roman Republic, and also because of their plans for future seasons (Remember the whole Jewish subplot that went nowhere?). Which involved going to Judea and covering the life of Christ, which would have been terrible.


the jewish subplot was supposed to be the gateway to the wider judean subplot but the series was cancelled (due to the set burning down and costing too much to replace) before they got a chance

on the other hand the second season would have been a lot better had it been season 2, 3 and 4
2 was supposed to end with Brutus' death

brutus did literally nothing wrong

only tyrants need fear tyrant killers

other than being a loan shark who was in it to stop Caesar from giving the plebs to much power rather than out of any noble consideration

By the time of the Caesars the Senate deserved everything they got, heck the fact that they were allowed to pretend to exist was extreme leniency

Well Yea. I was using that to show how they were setting up the Judean plot for future seasons, but it goes nowhere because there were no future seasons. And It good to because covering the creation of a modern religion like Christianity in the show would have either been groan inducing edgy Fedora-Atheism or groan inducing Hippie "All faith is beautiful" Hollywood Spirituality.

who knows, the idea of observing the origins of christianity from the pov of the local and imperial authorities rather than that of the apostles is an intriguing concept and covering christianity in a series called "Rome" isn't all that out of place given just how important it would become to the later empire.

Pullo was originally supposed to be the soldier who speared jesus on the cross, kek. He'd have been in his 90s. would still love to have seen that though

i am less cynical and think jesus would have been portrayed as a literal nobody who was in it for one scene, the real focus would probably have been on pilate, herod, the zealots and sicarri, caiaphas and the sanhedrin, etc. i think it would have been great


>arm flail
>waving gestures

Brutus slew Caesar because he was ambitious


Caesar was ambitious

How the fuck could Herod pay TWENTY THOUSAND POUNDS OF GOLD???
Was Judea that rich in those times?

Taxing the fuck out of everyone and everything.

Still, that's like 10 tons of gold. Jesus. Or was pound a different measure back then?

(((They))) were always rich

Keep in mind that gold is really dense/heavy. That's about 1000 or so gold bars in total.