Who was in the wrong?

Who was in the wrong?

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i already know what direction this thread is going to go in, let me just say if there was mass jewish influence in america

we would have let israel conquer egypt

>implying the soviet union doesnt exist

required reading:

The semitic ones.

Unironically Palestine for being too butthurt to settle a compromise.

>Hey, why aren't you ok with us stealing land from you, wtf.


>Steal $100 from you.
>Ok, lets settle this. I'll give you back $1 and we agree to drop this issue forever.
>Oh noes, your evil ass refuses to make peace by taking this generous settlement offer of 1¢. I am the only one acting in good faith....
>Meanwhile my jets have just bombed your home killing your wife and children while you were at the negotiating table.
>Ready to apologize for making trouble for me?

Western europe was at fault for not commanding the jews move somewhere with not too many people already living there, like Australia, where they could have been given land and property in a peaceful way.

>Who WAS wrong?
Israelis, they came from abroad and took the land which wasn't theirs
>Who IS wrong?
Palestinians, acting all asshurt despite Israeli government and state being clearly for the better of all

They both act like stubborn children with compromises.

Both suck. But who is really at fault is great Britain.

Muslims, for existing.

>Israel being better for all while Palestineans are still treated as second-class citizens in their country

Nice joke

After a certain point, it becomes pathetic

>Jews start buying land in the British mandate in Palestine
>Palestinians attack them
>as soon as Israel becomes independent, Arabs attack them
>lose so badly that they end up with less land than before
>Arabs keep trying to push Israel into the sea, keep losing more land
>eventually big Arab states give up on conventional wars with Israel
>Palestinians keep bombing buses and hijacking planes
>when Israel agrees to give Palestinians a state if they stop attacking them
>Palestinians respond with the Second Intifada
>Israel withdraws from south Lebanon
>Hezbollah moves in and starts launching rockets
>Israel withdraws from Gaza
>Palestinians elect HAMAS
>every time the Israelis give the Palestinians any land or any resources, Palestinians use them to conduct more futile attacks against Israeli civilians
>dominant Palestinian organizations explicitly state that they will not accept any end to the war if it doesn't involve Israel not existing any more
>in the process, Palestinians manage to get expelled from Jordan and Kuwait, blockaded by Egypt and trigger a civil war in Lebanon that kills hundreds of thousands of people

If you're an Israeli who doesn't want their country pushed into the sea, there's no reason to give the Palestinians anything.

If you're an American there's no reason to sympathize with either side.

Let's say hypothetically a foreign (as in, not Palestine or Israel's neighbors) militia comes in to invade Israel and succeeds against all odds. The militia also makes a claim for Palestine. The militia offers the Palestinians two choices: Leave and be returned to the country their ancestry belongs to prior to Israeli occupation, or stay and convert into the same religion as the militia. All other choices will lead to the arrest of Palestinians. Which do you think would be more likely that they choose? Or would they try to resist?

>If you're an American there's no reason to sympathize with either side

Except for political reach in resource rich land and that sweet ca$h user

>side with Israelis
>immediately alienate most of the billion plus people in the Muslim world
>side with Palestinians
>NATO and Japan begin to worry that the US is too fickle of an ally to rely upon, and begin to look elsewhere for protection
>diaspora Jews and diaspora Arabs shitfling about it wherever they go

There's no reason, morally or practically, to take a stand. There is nobody worth supporting.

Islam is a religion. If you don't live anywhere near the area there's no reason to give a shit unless it benefits you economically. It benefits the US economically. If all of the 1 billion Muslims are butthurt because some invaders took over a swath of land nowhere near them decades ago and the US is economically benefitting from it then it sounds like a personal problem. The US didn't force the Zionist movement. If Palestine wants to be angry at a western country for their situation they should pick the UK.

Almost every ruler in the Arab world blames Israel and the US for their problems.

This is partly because they're gay for Hitler and still think the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are real, and partly because they're butthurt about Western pop culture replacing their crap culture.

You forgot when Jews agreeded to the Peele White Paper which left them with less than half the land of 1948 Israel, while the Palestinians kept the rest and got to ban Jews from owning property in their land or moving there. The Arabs rioted and rejected it. They needed it all.

You also have to recall that much of Palestine wasn't even cultivated in 1900. It was a backwater; Eastern Jews said Jaffa looked worse than a ghetto and returned to places that pogromed then rather than stay there. By 1930 the Arabs didn't just care about land, they saw all the wealth the Jews had made and demanded that too.

They would demand all of Israel. They always do.

The Camp David deal gave them their own state, all of Gaza, 87% of the West Bank, and no more settlers and they rejected it after little negotiations.

Just because the Arab world doesn't like the US for stupid reasons doesn't make it justified or something that deserves a reaction. I think Palestine has every right to be pissed at Israel and even the UK. But they also should be smart enough to know that with US/Western Europe backing Israel is going to keep whatever they want and just give up and be sad about it. Not every war can be won and not every imperialized nation fought against the odds for centuries and gained independence. The vast majority are still imperialized.

If Jews are descendents of the Tribe of Judah they must abandon non-Judean territories to Palestinians.

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I suppose you think Hawain natives should be bombing schools today as well because principles.

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Why can't they share? Either way it's their fight. Stay out of it

>Why can't they share?

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This one is right.

>Either way it's their fight. Stay out of it
Unfortunately you can't due to superpower influences... unless you're a third worlder.

Arabs for being retarded.

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You're right.

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The United States of America for supporting a right-wing, pro-settlement regime in Israel.

>immediately alienate most of the billion plus people in the Muslim world

Israel is just a convenient excuse that Arab opportunitists use to try and consolidate power in the ME and ultimately wage war against the entire West. It’s not actually an end goal, and westerners need to stop being so naive about their intentions. It’s the equivalent of Hitler asking for Danzig or Putin taking Crimea with the excuse that he just wants a buffer between NATO. It’s not a genuine demand to create peace, Muslims have tensions with literally every non-Islamic country they border, not just Israel. Go ask Buddhists and Poos about how peaceful they are.

The nine dash line has more of a historical basis than that map.


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