How would the world look like if this magical earth apple didn’t exist

How would the world look like if this magical earth apple didn’t exist.

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Better, since Irish people would not exist.

Europe would probably eat a lot more sweet potatoes.

That’s racist

I can't believe some of you euros simply call this earth apple in your own languages. It doesn't even looks or tastes like apples

Its amazing to think the Irish subsists in most of their history without potatoes

In Polish it means Earthen

Like this. Although potatoes have a higher caloric content, 140, than onions which have 50 calories, the yield per acre of onions is higher.

Potatoes: 10,000 kilograms per acre.
Onions: 20,000 kilograms per acre.

Since we are comparing ratios a simple multiplication should be enough to estimate proportions.

10,000 * 140 = 1,400,000
20,000 * 50 = 1,000,000

Therefore we see the ratio of calories per acre between potatoes and onions is 1.4:1 This is enough to reduce a population's available caloric intake, but not catastrophically.

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Same texture when eaten raw

Germany wouldn't be unified

I don't care

Have you ever seen what onions do to earth? after harvests the soil is so shit that you have to rotate crops 2-3 times just to plant onions again (feasible in the equator where there can be 2-3 harvests a year, but not so much past the tropics). has traded onions for generations.

>Eat potatoes raw

This is how equatorial countries end up dealing with famines.

Fewer Irish?

It also has to do with the fact that most of the soil in jungles and other terrains asociated to equatorial countries are incredibly hard to harvest, acid soils and awful fertility fucks crops, and the methods like slash and burn used to farm in those ecosystems end up fucking the soil even more

cabbage and turnips

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No Peruvians.
Spain doesn't get fat and lazy off their gold and silver. Maybe remains a world power.

Other root vegetables take up the slack.

blame the french.
most of us don't do that shit.

turnip, onion, rutabaga, cabbage, (fava) beans, carrots is what my countrymen ate before potatoes

But, why did potatoes replace almost everything?

We existed before potatoes were brought here you know

And here you are using English calling Ananas Pine Apple.

He said euros so he’s obviously amerimutt

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Apples used to look more like potatoes than they do now. They used to be mostly used for making cider, and were not normally eaten raw.

Sweet apples didn't exist before the breeding of the "Red Delicious" in 1880. Before then, apples were for cooking and for cider, no-one ate them raw.

When did the big thick orange carrots get bred?

It's possible they were always a somewhat common mutation, they became popular as a tribute to William of Orange after he freed the Netherlands. Carrots were typically purple before then, but they naturally have a range of colors and the modern predominance of orange carrots is basically just a fashion choice.

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>Before then, apples were for cooking and for cider, no-one ate them raw.
you can't be fucking serious

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It's not called an apple in genesis.

if it was NOT apple originally then your statement of people not eating apples raw gets even more moronic

people who re-interpreted it as apple obviously had the idea of apple as a fruit that can be eaten raw

I don't give the slightest fuck if you want to be an ignorant moron. Apples weren't sweet before 1880, deal with it dimwit.

>Apples weren't sweet before 1880
i don't care about that as well but i will highly doubt that as well simply because culture of growing apples is literally millenia old and i question that it took until 19th century for glorious bumfuck UHMERRIKA to (((invent))) sweet apples

and your argument is competely lost anyway, them being or not being sweet has nothing to do with your continuous idiotic statement that people didn't ate apples raw

Have you ever tried eating a wild apple raw? They taste horrible

>culture of growing apples is literally millennia old
Yes, as already stated, they were grown for cider. Try to keep up.

I did, it was OK. Just because they were not as sweet as most modern cultivars doesn't mean perupetually hungry peasants didn't eat them.

>The 'Red Delicious' originated at an orchard in 1880 as "a round, blushed yellow fruit of surpassing sweetness".[2] Stark Nurseries held a competition in 1892[3] to find an apple to replace the 'Ben Davis' apple. The winner was a red and yellow striped apple sent by Jesse Hiatt, a farmer in Peru, Iowa, who called it "Hawkeye". Stark Nurseries bought the rights from Hiatt, renamed the variety "Stark Delicious", and began propagating it. Another apple tree, later named the 'Golden Delicious', was also marketed by Stark Nurseries after it was purchased from a farmer in Clay County, West Virginia,[4] in 1914; the 'Delicious' became the 'Red Delicious' as a retronym.

>During the 19th century and early 20th century it was a popular commercial apple[1] due to the ruggedness and keeping qualities of the fruit, but as packing and transportation techniques improved the cultivar fell out of favor, replaced by others considered to have better flavor.[2] It was known to fruit growers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a "mortgage lifter" because it was a reliable producer and the fruit would not drop from the trees until very late in the season. By mid-twentieth century it was mostly used as a process apple rather than a table apple, and orchards were replacing it with more popular varieties.

Absolutely NOTHING about apples not being eaten raw before Red Delicious or it being some revolutionary new kind of apple.

And cider? Seriously? You realize most apple growing cultures never even drank it?

That picture is cancer

>the guy who traded Dutch cities for his homeland gets rewarded with carrots

That’s the point, look at these weirdo’s they don’t cook the fruit they just eat it plain like what retards
Glad I’m not eve