Libertarian professor

>libertarian professor
>"Government has a monopoly on violence"

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Do you even know what the “monopoly on violence” is you brainlet? Just because citizens can inflict a few murders doesn’t mean that the government doesn’t have overwhelming domination when it comes to the ability to inflict mass organizational violence.

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*overthrows your monopoly on violence with even public uprising*
pshhh, nothing personel, government

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They do it’s called a military and/or police

Heh, little do you realize you have fallen right into the rhetorical trap. Once the citizens organize to challenge the government mass violence vs mass violence, the monopoly on violence over a geographic area is broken and divided into smaller monopolies on violence over the territories of each of the competing factions.

See the Syrian Civil war for example.

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But they do, you retard. The government and military literally have a monopoly on the ability to wage war -- politics is just an extension of, and the constraint, of violence; they have absolute control over it.

t. Fascist

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Don't they have? Have you tried to kill a person without the permit from a goverment? Or just beat up somebody? You will be severly punished because goverments don't like competition.

>communist revolution
>public uprising
Pick one and only one. I can't think of a single communist state existing or having existed that was built on a public uprising.

Should actually be a monopoly on legitimate use of force, and it's not just libertarians, I read pols and ir at uni and this is a dominant perspective.

"I can't think."

The phrase is just so pointless an edgy. It supposed to be provocative but it really isn't. The government is a manifestation of the will of the people. We give it the power which it manifests into action. If you are in the yolk of a tyrannical government then overthrow it with popular support, if you have minor qualms then work within the system to change it, if you like it then great. So what the fuck is this phrase trying to say?
I hate libertarians. They are the people who constantly complain because they are never in a position of power and say stupid shit like this.

>The government is a manifestation of the will of the people

thats classic. let me guess, we also signed a social contract. biggest bunch of idealist garbage ever.

not him, but government is a manifestation of the consent of the people, at the very least

Considering brutal tyrants tend to meet bad ends, yes it is like said

>Government has a monopoly on violence
>Government has a monopoly on request tribute(pulic taxes) to everybody under his power
>But for a reason, Government don't hass too a monopoly of responsibilities, like give universal medical care, education, etc.

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"I'm too cool to understand how governments work and what they actually are"

>State is the same as Government.

>libertarian professor

What kind of hovel uni are you in?

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aaaaaaaand he's retarded

Acting like the government uses violence as some market force is pure retardation. We don't have governments for no reason.

>"The government has control so its bad!"

The government provides many things and gives people rights to them...things that wouldn't exist otherwise.

>most powerful military in the world
>most technologically advanced country in the world
>cant or wont keep niggers from killing each other
America the free

they actually do not. to even call a government violent is to not understand what a government, or a state, is.