Did these people unironically believe they were part of a Master Race...

Did these people unironically believe they were part of a Master Race? How did looking in the mirror not immediately convince them of the faultiness of their ideology?

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Of course they were the master race, look at this peak ├╝bermensch

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well...better than churchill, roosevelt and stalin combined in this particular field

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>implying what im saying isnt true

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although stalin hides it well under the commie shirt

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roosevelt beat polio, the reich couldn't even beat anglo

>the virgin hitler vs the chad zhukov

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Unlike that faggot Himmler, Churchill was actually a soldier and a very brave man. Read about his war exploits.

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They were larpers

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Churchill only became fat as an old man, when young he served in several conflicts and managed to escape out of prison during the 2nd Boer War. Himmler was always an emaciated soyboy who never experienced war.

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Feels good knowing that I could beat the shit out of the entire Nazi elite with exception to Heydrich and Goering.
Goebbels and Himmler were to mega beta fags.

t. chub bub

Goering was the only nazi who was an unironic badass. Shame he became so fat after his injury.

Goebbels was the most handsome imo

Churchill looks like a total fag in this pic

He'd destroy you.

Finally you have something in common with Churchill

he probably was, there are a lot of stories about his less than straight encounters with other soldiers during his time deployed

>le everyone ever was gay
Tired of this meme

>everyone accuses everyone of being gay so no one is gay
im tired of this brainlet-tier reasoning

hey Mengele was in the military and got a medal when he was younger. Also he wasn't ugly, unlike most of the other prominent nazis.

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>Alexander, Churchill, Lawrence of Arabia, Frederick II, Plato, Byron, Caesar, EVERYONE WAS A FAG !!!
Just fuck off.

Mengele wasn't really high ranking though, he just got memed into demon status by buttmad Jews.

are you actually sincerely trying to imply TE Lawrence wasn't a screaming homo

OP just put mengele's image in his nazi compilation and I just needed to point out he shouldn't be in it

Himmler also threw up after actually seeing one of the executions he had ordered.

meme no source other than eyewitness

post yfw the nazis were so ugly they literally had to use a jew to be their poster boy


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He looks like a poof