Name 5 wars between democratic republics

Name 5 wars between democratic republics.
>tfw you can't
>tfw democratic peace theory is true

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name five wars between communist states

Name ten wars between any two states under the same ideology that aren't monarchies.

Soviet invasion of Hungary
Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia
Chinese invasion of Vietnam
Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia
Ogaden War

There weren't even 10 fascist states in existence so that's a shitty question.

>attributes an effect of the development of nuclear weapons (which just happened to coincide with the establishments of half-democracies around the globe) to democracy itself

There is literally only one democratic republic on earth, Switzerland, so your question is wrong.

>there were no wars since nuclear weapons were developed

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name five communist states

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Puppet wars count.

Soviet invasion of Hungary
Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia
Soviet invasion of Poland
Chinese invasion of Vietnam
Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia + subsequent insurgent war
Ogaden War
Sino-Soviet border conflicts
Syrian participation in Gulf War
Libyan-Egyptian War (Arab socialist vs Arab socialist)
Eritrean War of Independence (Marxist-Leninist EPLF Eritrea vs Marxist-Leninist Derg + Cuba)

All one-party socialist states with command economies.

Manlets go in 5 states is enough for 10 unique state pairs.
2 states is enough for 10 state pairs.

Stomping of Prague Spring
Soviet invasion of Georgia

And just fuckloads of civil wars and conflicts.

I concede, user.

I wish more people on Veeky Forums in general were like you. It costs literally nothing to admit you were wrong on anonymous Thai oil market.

Suez Crisis, Six Days War and Yom Kippur War.

I didn't do any math really, I just said that there weren't even 10 fascist states in existence, implying that fascism lasted too short to derive any rules about interaction of fascist states, and furthermore some of these existed too far away from each other.

False. False. False.

name 15 billion wars where this happens

Do wars of decolonization not count?

Anyways, a list.

War of 1812
Mexican-American War
French invasion of Rome, 1849
Spanish-American War
Boer Wars
Turkish invasion of Cyprus
Pakistani-Indian conflicts

He said republics, not democratic constitutional monarchies.

>Do wars of decolonization not count?
>War of 1812
UK wasn't a democratic republic. Like 5% of people had the right to vote.
>Mexican-American War
Mexico was a dictatorship, correct me if I'm wrong.
>French invasion of Rome, 1849
Wasn't France a dictatorship too?
>Spanish-American War
Colonial war, and Spain wasn't a democratic republic.
>Boer Wars
>Turkish invasion of Cyprus
Nope. It was a sort of proxy conflict with Greece, which was ruled by military junta.
>Pakistani-Indian conflicts

So two examples. Though Pakistan is hardly ''democratic'' society, they have a longer history of military dictatorship.

You responded to a question about 10 with a vague answer about 10. That's not a light implication.

I apologize, that wasn't my intention.

>war of 1812
>athens lands on sicilly
>boer wars
>american invasion of phillipines

Name ten battles over the Isonzo River.

American Civil War?

>war of 1812
>athens lands on sicilly
Eh, not really modern republics, but sure, okay.
>boer wars
As I said above, that could qualify.
>american invasion of phillipines
It wasn't invasion, more like fighting insurrection in the aftermath of Spanish-American War, and Americans did later grant them wide autonomy and finally independence.

-Western (Non Soviet) Allies in theory were at war with Finland during WW2.
-Quasi War with Revolutionary France.
-Punic Wars and other ancient wars.

It's disingenuous and cheap as hell to be puritanical about definitions when it challenges your hypothesis and then exceedingly liberal and generous about definitions when it supports it. Establish a single, simple and direct definition of what constitutes a democracy. You are not allowed to hem and haw about what constitutes a democracy and judge it on a case by case basis because you will be partisan and judge it only when it supports your hypothesis.

There's no "That could qualify" or "perhaps". Either it does constitute a violation of democratic peace or it does not.

Boer War does 100%. Orange Free State was a republic. UK was a republic. There were disenfranchised voters aplenty, but they are both republics. War of 1812 does 100%. Same deal. You cannot claim constitutional monarchies are not a democracy one moment and then use the example of peace between constitutional monarchies as evidence for democratic peace.

There is no factor in democratic peace theory that says colonial wars don't count, that's just your own opinion.

I'm puritanical for claiming that a country where like 5% of people have the right to vote is not a democracy and almost certainly wasn't a republic?
>Boer War does 100%
Okay, I agree. By that point a lot of people could vote in UK.
>There is no factor in democratic peace theory that says colonial wars don't count
They don't count because ''freedom fighters'' obviously aren't an established democratic republic, even if they claim to fight for that.
Admit it, there has been incredibly few wars between democratic republics, even though large number of states were democratic republics in the last two centuries.

Spanish-American War therefore falls under democratic peace theory. Don't bullshit around with "Oh but constitutional monarchies don't count" - there is no presence of that qualifier in scholarly definitions of democratic peace theory. As the link notes, various folks have various definitions on how much of the adult male populace should be able to vote for it to count as a democracy. You can argue liberal peace theory, but that's not democratic peace theory. Of the listed scholars in the link only Rummel demands liberalism. The other researchers do not require a democracy be liberal in the sense of freedom of speech, religion and economics.


You claimed
>Spanish-American War
>Colonial war, and Spain wasn't a democratic republic.

It was not a colonial war. It was a war between Spain (republic) and USA (republic) with rebels siding with the USA. It had an established democratic republic opposing an established democratic republic.

And yes, this is not to say the theory is false. It's as close to a physical law in foreign affairs as exists. It's just not perfect.

War of 1812 wasn't a war between democracies dumbass.