If the mediterrenean race is so great...

If the mediterrenean race is so great, then how does it come the most of the Renaissance Italian portraits portrayed blond or red haired women?

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read the nazi philosopher rosenberg and he actually makes a valid point, it was a standard to depict them as such as the epitome of good and beauty

This is how did the Italian nobility look like: Light haired and dolichocephalic :)

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>only northern europeans are allowed to have blonde/red hair

>we wuz romanz and renaiisanz and shieeeeet/!111111!!!!

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No, but the pure-breed mediterreneans are dark pigmented.

Also it's the local m*diterreneanists pushing narrative that Rome was 0% blond or red-haired.

...and renaissance, of course, "mediterrenean".

it wasn't zero but it certainly wasn't close to 50%

Even 1% of the light hair genes implies Nordic admixture.

Especially when it is seen in the ruling class like the emperors.

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What the fuck is a "pure breed Mediterranean"?

Michelangelo (self portrait btw)

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All that really proves is that that Lombards and Visigoths invaded Italy, which we already knew.

proof that nords were in italy and were the ruling class? blonde hair doesn't nessearily mean nordic as pic related would show you.

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Still waiting for these famous "mediterreneans", shitskin :)

>no source
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Blond hair and progressive features = Nordic

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They have Dinarid features, not gracile medshit
Left: Nordic
Right: Alpine + Dinarid

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What does gracile mean?

Weak bone structure, hyperectomorphism, unable to get proper muscles.

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Brown eyes.

Grey eyes.

Nigga, what tf is the boundary zone of the Mediterranean for you? Fucking malta? Carthage?

also, glad to know you have read any books and studies past 1900.

>what tf is the boundary zone of the Mediterranean for you

Dark hair, dark eyes, swarthy skin, gracile body type, short or medium height, narrow face, narrow nose, low cephalic index.

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Which "subrace" is more inclined to be broad-shouldered?
Is this Germanic?

Forgot pic. Is this guy Germanic?

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>Which "subrace" is more inclined to be broad-shouldered?
Many races, especially Nordid (Robust one esp.), Cro-Magnid, sometimes even Alpine and Dinarid.

gracile largely refers to facial features.

I'd say Faelid (Nordid-CM mix), frequent phenotype in the Northern Germany.

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