Why is this the best board of Veeky Forums?

Why is this the best board of Veeky Forums?
Why does history attract such intelligent and civilized people?

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Low amount of posters - resulting in circlejerking.

It's probably /n/ or /po/ or some other board where nobody has ever actually posted.

I actually put effort into my posts on this board, whereas on other boards I mainly just shitpost. I think it has to do with expectations. I don't expect to read anything of value on /pol/ or /tv/, but on Veeky Forums I regularly see good, comfy threads with well behaved people and I don't want to be that guy that ruins it for everyone.

Is there some kind of /pol/ invasion today, half the posts I've read are pure cringe

This is why I lurk and keep my mouth shut. We finally have a fucking history board (no thanks to that queer m**t) and I hate seeing shitters and memelords try to ruin it.

i wish mods were more active here and actually deleted threads with low quality bait content quickly, so that it deters the pol menace

Gotta compliment them because they just now did delete two very racist-ciclejerky "next superpower" threads + one about Europe being invaded by muslims

Veeky Forums is something of a battleground, more so than /g/. Veeky Forums seemingly wants to be abused by /pol/ and /leftypol/ comes in to provide a counter to the forces of /pol/.

/pol/tards and their commie equivalents get raped in every thread here though. So far they had zero success.

We’re winning against Tankies and Stormfags but the /int/niggers are taking over this board

I piss on Veeky Forums
I shit on it.


>pick the biggest and most butthurt idiots out of /int/ and /pol/
>remove flags
>make the /pol/acks pretend they don't post on /pol/ and accuse everyone else of posting on /pol/
>add /gsg/ and Veeky Forums and their terminal autism
>sprinkle in some /leftypol/ to add flavor
>add some HOW DO I IMAGEBOARD reddit and Facebook newfags
That's Veeky Forums

I admit it
I post on /pol/
3 years ago

Do this quick test: When you see some leftist faggot sperging and telling you to go to /pol/ even if you're not from there, search the filenames of the images he's posting on 4plebs. In 90% of cases you will find out he's from /pol/ himself.

true, and ex yugo threads were removed when they spiralled out of controll
god save the Veeky Forums

I hate the go to /pol/ argument myself
/pol/ is a shitty cesspool but using that arguments makes us look like paranoid cucks
Atleast do it intelligently when posting against a real polfag like adding sweetie to your post or going full Oh Nononono

This, I've only posted on /po/ a couple of times but it's remarkably friendly.

Are you admitting to being a shitter and/or a queerlord?

This is best boards because the high level of discourse is expected and posts are backed up by reference credible source material.


Bitches please, Veeky Forums is a watered down version of what moot era Veeky Forums

That's not really fair to anons who left /pol/ post 2016 though.

Why do you anti white leftypol shills want an sjw safespace?

his, pol and tv are the by far most retarded boards here


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>Why is this the best board of Veeky Forums?
It's the lowest traffic highest split group on Veeky Forums. I just come here for the Romanovs and the Orthodox threads.

>add /gsg/ and Veeky Forums and their terminal autism
Y-you too

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I hate to admit it, but Veeky Forums is much more better than Veeky Forums, at least these past years. Veeky Forums kinda lost anything unique and it became infested with people asking for homework help, popsci discussion, and people boasting they know calculus. Yea /pol/ shitposting gets out of hand, but at here there are always well read people who can show sources, properly debunk their shit and give an interesting view. While in Veeky Forums sometimes you get an expert on climate science because if not all the responses are just kids saying "OMG science u dumb".

>tfw you will never liberate Paris with the lead echelons of the National French army
It hurts to live

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You do get some /pol/ shit like that sperg who keeps on same posting about human sacrifice in Benin while also trying to say it was ok when mesoamericans did it

Not even in my top 3

What makes them anti white not buying into your neo Nazi bullshit?