Post your 3 favorite and 3 least favorite US Presidents

James Polk
Henry Truman
Dwight Eizenhower

>Least favorite
Abraham Lincoln
Woodrow Wilson
Barrack Obama

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Donald Trump
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson

>Least Favorite
Barack Obama
Bill Clinton
George H.W. Bush

>Abraham Lincoln
Least favorite
>Harry Truman
>Andrew Jackson
>Ronald Reagan


>Abraham Lincoln
>George Washington

Least favorite

>James Buchanan
>Richard Nixon
>Ronald Reagan

You may be a degenerate pedophile, but at least you know that Harry and Ike were based.

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Abraham Lincoln - for putting down the great redneck chimp out
George Washington - for being the tallest man in the room
Franklin Delano Roosevelt - for rescuing this country from the disastrous policies of the paleoconservatives

Least Favorites

James Buchanan - sat on his hands doing nothing while the south militarized and let the U.S army fall into a state of near complete disrepair before dumping it in Lincoln's lap while uttering the single most inaccurate statement in U.S Presidential history ("History will vindicate me")
Andrew Jackson - Gimped American finance, created a crippling decades long depression, delaying the industrial revolution by about 40 years in America
Ronald Reagan - for selling people on the globalist neoliberal meme while bravely taking credit for Paul Volcker's policy reforms

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John Tyler
Benjamin Franklin
Chester A. Arthur
>Least favorite
Abraham Lincoln
Ronald Reagan

>James Polk
>Henry Truman
>Dwight Eizenhower
>>Least favorite
>Abraham Lincoln
>Woodrow Wilson
>Barrack Obama

Is this a joke? 50% of those are spelled wrongly

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>Chester A. Arthur

literally who?

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Lincoln and both the Roosevelts.

They seem to be the only Presidents aware of the power they held who didn't become a monster. The others are all cucks or crooks.

user, please look at his post twice.

He listed Ben Franklin as one of his favorite U.S Presidents, either he's a fucking moron or he's trolling. Either way, you probably shouldn't take him that seriously and if you are curious about Chester A. Arthur, google him.
>tl;dr Arthur's obscurity has caused some historians and journalists to describe him as "the Most Forgotten U.S. President".

Least Favorite:
Ronald Reagan
James Buchanan
Jimmy Buffet
Hold on, are we talking about musicians?

user, Ronald Reagan was an actor.

So far, in this thread, someone claimed Ben Franklin as one of their favorite presidents, and someone else thinks that Ronald Reagan was a musician.


>Ronald Reagan was a musician.
Well he did put out a bunch of vinyls back in the day warning us about socialism, roads with lanes, and colored television. That's pretty much music to the ears of conservatives

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Best Ideals
>JFK (aspirations, not the man)

Worst People at the Worst Time
>Clinton/Bush/Obama trifecta

>Teddy Roosevelt
>Abraham Lincoln

>Andrew Jackson

White House Supergroup
on vocals, Barack Obama:
on sax, Bill Clinton:
on piano, Richard Nixon:

This is the correct list.

>Combining the objective advancement of technology and the subjective advancement of culture as some front against conservatism

This is a great post.

Where's Ben Franklin and his armonica?

Couldn't find any footage on Youtube, sorry mate.

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Don't worry, I found some

Bill Clinton
Andrew Jackson
Thomas Jefferson

>Least favorite
W. Bush

>colored tv overstimulates the eyes of young children, and creates a fondness for bright colors and loud patterns. And before you know it, little Jimmy is a homosexual

I can find "Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine", but I can't find the other two.

Nixon - SALT, EPA, Ended the draft, lowered voting age, medical initiatives, trade with China, etc.... The guy shaped how our world works now. He is easily the most prominent president to date
T. Roosevelt - curbed monopolies and set the stage for america to be a world power and was the first proponent for environmental initiatives.
Jackson - ended the banking monopolies, expanded voting rights, actually kept the union together, reduced corruption within the government
honorable mentions
Coolidge - Laissez faire president, altogether the godfather of modern conservatives and opened doorways for civil rights movements to take place
Jefferson, Washington, a few others I'm too lazy to type up
FDR - His policies were shortsighted and did nothing to fix the country, the only thing that saved the depression was the war
Obama - literally ruined decades of foreign policy by creating almost a dozen enemies for future presidents to deal with
Grant - corrupt and did more wrong than right for the country

honorable mentions for shitty
Lincoln deliberately raised tariffs that were the direct cause for the civil war then got rid of habeas corpus which I don't need to tell you why that's bad
JFK was a warmonger and a poor one at that, senseless war with vietnam, bay of pigs, etc....

>the New Deal didn't end the Depression, WW2 did

This is a crayon-eatingly retarded talking point

>it wasn't an expansion of the government
>it was a subsequent, even bigger expansion of the government

Andrew jackson
Maybe trump
Least Fav

>Lincoln deliberately raised tariffs that were the direct cause for the civil war
user, pls

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It didn't. The new deal literally created the roosevelt recession of 1937 you fucking tard because all those initiatives were short term contracts that didn't create long term economic stability

hurrr but my 11th history teacher said he was good.

Interventionist doctoring distorted a downturn into a depression. When WW2 began, FDR switched from Dr. Fix the Depression to Dr. Win the War, which decreased economically interventionist policy.

>decreased government intervention in the economy

not him, but
>It didn't. The new deal literally created the roosevelt recession of 1937 you fucking tard because all those initiatives were short term contracts that didn't create long term economic stability
Because they didn't go far enough.

World War 2, on the other hand, was an 800% increase in government spending and a mandatory government employment program that put so many men to work that women had to enter the workforce to keep up with the demand that government contracts were placing on heavy industry

Yep I'm sure all of that military contracting decreased interventionism lmao

What about the corwin amendment that would have made it impossible to make slavery illegal? And the secession crisis of 1832 which was literally because of tariffs. The reactions were mostly drawn after the morill tariffs of 1861. I understand the fugitive slave act and all, but it can't be downplayed the significance of purposely raising tariffs after civil unrest.

Yeah they entered a war economy, but that's true for any nation, war naturally reverses economic situations for the victors. You can't try and tell me that had ww2 never happened fdr would have been a successful president.

Once the war spending ended, the economy grew faster.
Conscription effected employment statistics.

>war naturally reverses economic situations for the victors

What is Britain

You mean the nation that got all of its valuable resources targeted during the war and biggest colony go on strike?


-Jimmy Carter
-Franklin Roosovelt
-Zachary Taylor (poisoned, RIP)

Least favorite:

-Bush II

>corwin amendment
A last ditch effort to compromise and avoid war with the south by giving them a constitutional amendment protecting slavery in states it already existed while preventing new slave states from being made. It's literally the best possible evidence that slavery was at the core of the civil was, because if slavery was no big deal/declining, then why the hell would the south reject such generous terms?
>Nullification Crisis
cited nowhere in South Carolina's articles of secession as their reason for seceding
>Morrill Tariff
Enacted by a Pro-slavery southern Democrat trying to please everybody while only inflaming tensions which already existed

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Actually Lincoln should go in place of Jimmy Carter, since Carter fucked up Afghanistan.

Because it wasn't the root of the cause. Yes slavery was an issue but the fact there was 60% tariffs that effected export heavy southern states.

Still not forgetting that he got rid of Habeas Corpus which should have been treason

>Once the war spending ended, the economy grew faster.
That's exactly the point Keynesians are making: It was an economic shot of testosterone kick-starting the economy after the single largest downward transfer of wealth in human history

The Russians fucked up Afghanistan.

The only thing the US did wrong was not holding something like the Bonn Conference in 1992 to prevent the Taliban takeover.

Oh, and letting the ISI have such a huge role.

John F Kennedy
Teddy Roosevelt
Andrew Jackson


>Because it wasn't the root of the cause.
The Confederates themselves disagreed with you. You need to stop buying into lost cause memes and read primary sources

>he got rid of Habeas Corpus which should have been treason
Emergency war time powers permit it. The point is that they remained "emergency" war time powers. Jefferson Davis often lamented that he could have won the war if only he could have exercised the kind of powers Lincoln did. In war, having a strong executive is one of the best possible assets you can have

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Teddy Roosevelt
Donald Trump
George Washington

>Least Favourite
Barack Obama
Lyndon Johnson
George W. Bush

only correct answer

After the war spending ceased, loads of Keynesian economists predicted disaster. There exists a consensus among economists, left and right, Keynesian and free-market, that the war ended the depression. From one perspective, it kicked up because of the spending. From another, it ended the New Deal.

>loads of Keynesian economists predicted disaster.

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Winston Churchill


>Least Favorite
Reagan/Bush Sr/Bush Jr/Clinton/Obama (same presidency imo)