No military facilities? No military personal? What sort of bombing raid is this?

No military facilities? No military personal? What sort of bombing raid is this?

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A successful one

it's called justice

How come Germany had a lit up skyscraper city in 1945?

A war crime

t. krispy kraut

Fun fact - Most of the deaths in Dresden were due to asphyxiation because the fires burned away all the oxygen.

Jesus man, there was that much fire?

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The city of Dresden was a Railway hub for the Eastern-front. Striking Dresden helped the Soviets .

not enough

>Fun fact

>No military persona
Every german civilian who was aiding the war cause was a legitimate target

industrial military production, ya jamoke

bet you'll say that there was no strategic component to hiroshima or nagasaki next!

There were no bombing raids on Germany. It’s a conspiracy. Sure people died, but only as a result of typhus.

destruction of human capital.

If we had bombed Dresden it would be because it was a major logistics hub.But we didn't bomb Dresden,the citizens of the city just burned it down to prevent the spread of typhus.
This.Germans should stop the 7 gorillon bullshit.

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>m-muh Dresden was real
Yes, please tell me about those masturbation bombs again, Heinrich. Those must have been traumatizing.

War crime smore crime.

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Answer me this fucking dresdenfags
>If Dresden was actually bombed how come most of the city is nowadays intact
>Where are the bodies of all the civilians claimed to be bombed
>There are reports of a literal fire storm happening there,explain to us how is that possible
>Why do the Americans and Brits decide to bomb at different time with American doing daylight bombing and the Brits doing night time,explain why this makes any sense
>How is Germany bombed and still able to quadruple its war production with ruined infrastrucutre and transport lime
>It is said that the Brits developed the grand slam bombs tha could cause earth quake,explain how this weapon didnt end the war or be used today

Also why are we forbidden to dig up any graves in Dresden?

>No military facilities? No military personal? What sort of bombing raid is this?

It had krauts. Good enough reason if you ask me.

>this thread

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serious question, why do all bodies on photos from Dresden have hairs if they literally have skin burned to bone?

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She's smiling, looks like she liked it.

>Not Karen
A shit!

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Bomber Harris do it again

reading this thread I wish the holocaust actually happened like the anglo-jewish warcrime of bombing Dresden


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I've heard that Lancaster wings were made from the skin of Aryan babies, is this true?

Actually it was Aryan women, babies didn't give enough skin for such large wings

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Kys poltard.

>everyone who disagrees with my pro warcrime stance is from /pol/

are you a so-called 'intellectual'?

War crimes are objectively good.

Try to prove me wrong. (you can't)

A German raid.

I don't know, Hans, I guess you're trying to be part of the Western world.

>part of the Western world by punishing anyone who questions the Dresden narrative

The bombing of Dresden didn't actually happen, but it should have done.

that smore looks like it is the victim of a war crime



>invent total war
>get totally warred
>cry about it

g*rmans. not even once

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How embarrassing


>one of the foremost industrial locations of the Reich
-the Nazi party on Dresden in 1942
>there were no factories there at all, it was just a bunch of houses filled with orphans and widows
-the Nazi Party on Dresden in 1945

never trust a G*rmanoid

The problem is that the Nazis didn't waged total war, otherwise they would have fucking gassed the cities with the top tier nerve agents they had stockpiled and finished off the BEF at Dunkirk. Hitler was a cuck who gave the Brits too much breathing room and paid it by losing the war.

That just would have gotten him Vegetarianed and he loses the war even earlier

This board isn't even about history, it's just anti-German propaganda

We also have Anglo and Africa hate threads faggot, typical fucking German thinking he has it the hardest

Typical G*rman, can't even take the bantz

The eternal anglo meme is bearly posted anymore and as soon as anybody talks shit about Africa they are told to go back to /pol/

reality has an anti-German bias

You do realize there was something between the BEF and the Germans at Dunkirk, right? And you do realize that the total war was waged from the sudettenland, right?

No it's not. For me it's a plethora of thread by nazi sympathizers, trying to come to a serious board and fill it with their propaganda. Of course you create that kind of bashing reverse reactions. Because no one with a brain forgot the stories of both WW. And yes, the Germans created many of these stories.

>trying to come to a serious board
Stopped reading there

Thanks for letting us know

>indiscriminately murdering civilians by the boatload is okay when my country does it
Heckin based

Shouldn't have sowed the wind

>For me it's a plethora of thread by nazi sympathizers, trying to come to a serious board and fill it with their propaganda. Of course you create that kind of bashing reverse reactions
That's how it was. Now all the bashing has led to unironic tankies and /leftypol/ residents feeling right at home here and starting to spread their bullshit instead. I wonder when the pendulum will swing back.
Also, can't forget the /int/ niggers fanning the flames

>german civilians
No such thing, they were all part of the war effort, or did you miss the memo where they all called for Total War?

Yes yes and the Einsatzgruppen were an anti-terrorist organization that only fought against partisans

they purposely killed civilians in countries that had surrendered unconditionally to them

But user, aren't reprisals against the civilian populace to suppress partisan action a part of total war too? Surely they'd still be part of the allied war effort, no?

How are civilians who are in YOUR territory a part of the allied war effort?

>how are people in occupied zones who might sabotage your war effort from the inside part of the enemy war effort

Look at all these fucking saboteurs!

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>what is collective punishment

>hurr, I'm gonna kill all these people
>wtf, why they all hate me now????
>wtf, stop bombing my cities, i'm in charge here

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>guys I don't like indiscriminately killing civilians is evil and war crimes
>guys I like indiscriminately killing civilians is just part of total war
And we're back to square one

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Exception is that the G*rmans were killing people already back in 1941

>back in 1941
actually, 1937
actually, 1914
actually, 1871
actually, 1813 (tfw some Parisian buildings were saved from the Krauts by the Brits, that had been at war with France for most of the last millenium)