If humans evolved to eat meat then how come vegetables are good for weeks after picking, can be eaten raw...

If humans evolved to eat meat then how come vegetables are good for weeks after picking, can be eaten raw, and don't spread diseases?

Meanwhile meat can't be eaten raw, spoils extremely quickly, and is full of shit like salmonella and botulism that will fucking kill you.

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Make better decisions about how you use your valuable time. This goes for everybody that is thinking of replying, too.

Because we have huge brains that require protein and in African grasslands sometimes bone arrow and meat are easier to come by than vegetables.

>is the animal trotting about like it's dizzy and sick
>has the animal been freshly killed

Not that hard to know Einstein

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Fuck you, you don't tell me what to do

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And because humans eating meat from livestock developed immunity to deseases that killed off other humans

Was meant for

Humans are omnivores. Any other answer is retarded.

>immunity to diseases

Go eat raw chicken I promise the salmonella will fuck you up.

Meat is like having sex with a woman, it's fantastic but she will age quickly.
Vegetables are like fucking a fleshlight, it will last forever but it's completely bland and for losers.

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Why does nobody talk about the fact that when we got to the New World, none of them were eating any meat. The Indians weren't, and neither were the Aztecs.

I mean they contracted deseases from the livestock and got immune to them so that when other people came in contact with the tribes it killed them

If humans evolved to breathe air, why do we die of lung cancer when that air goes bad? Huh huh?

If humans evolved to need gravity, why do we get taller in space? Short is a sign of malnourishment!

I am smrt like op.

Because that's wrong you liar.

Ah, brainlet meme, the crown argument of a master debater.

It's LITERALLY true. They didn't have any chickens, cows, pigs, or other livestock.

They had turkeys you faggot.

they hunted you fool

yeah cuz there was plenty of stuff for jungle Aztecs to hunt like spiders

god damnit just type aztec cuisine in google

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>The Mexicas domesticated bees for honey, and turkeys for meat and eggs, also dogs and duck. They hunted and fished as well, and used animals such as deer, rabbits, iguana, fish and shrimp for food. Even insects, such as grasshoppers and worms were harvested. These various types of meat made up only a very minor part of the Aztec food that was eaten.

are you actually this retarded or are you larping?

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Farming was invented ~10,000 years ago. Before that humans ate mostly just meat.

>reverse food analogy

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I like how nobody in this thread is pointing out that we've been engaged in a primitive form of genetic engineering ever since we started farming. You think wild wheat or vegetables of various kinds looks/looked anything at all like what we put on our plates now? Dumbfuck.

Do you really think vegetables are healthier then meat when we douse them in pesticides in order to keep insects off of them? Moron.

surely they killed all those buffalos for keks

and chihuahuas

>muh Buffalo
Retard they killed them for sport and ritual not to eat them

user, I've never awakened in the morning with a massive tent pole boner from eating broccoli the way I do from eating red meat the night before.

Pesticides kill insects, but can they kill human?

>gets most of their calories from meat
>makes pemmican which lasts for months

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It's not a matter of killing, it's a matter of negative health effects. I dunno how true these claims are but people have been bitching about pesticides causing cancer, birth defects and various other shit I can't remember the specifics of for decades now.

I suspect that there is some truth to these claims simply because pesticides are ultimately a poison and poisons are not healthy things to consume for obvious reasons, even in small amounts.


meat can be eaten raw
but not as much as cooked meat


salmonella and botulism
mainly due to imporper meat handling procedures.

a freshly slaughtered animal would rarely have those.

Not even remotely true if you do the most basic amount of research. The massive preponderance of arrow heads alone should tip you off, even if you don't research it.

>meat cant be eaten raw
Fucking ameriburgers

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