Why do so many people judge the HRE?

Why do so many people judge the HRE?

It was a state which slowly but surely evolved into an empire encompassing thousands of de facto states which cooperated against outside threats and in the end endorsed local sovereignty and religous tolerance.
And to those who claim it only promoted or allowed in-fifhting within the empire I can tell you that the erea where I live flourished for centuries in the HRE.

I think alot of bias against it stems from the modern notion of centralized states as being the best way to govern possible, which is not exactly true.

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Asking Veeky Forums about Germans is like asking /pol/ about Jews
Drop this shit because you won’t gain anything from it

That's not true. People only react to obnoxious Wehraboos. No one hates Germans or German history in general.

The HRE wasn't German only, it had a multitude of cultures and ethnicities. (I am not German for example)
I know Veeky Forums isn't a big fan of Germans, but the Empire was more than just them.

like everything else, it worked until it didn't

>modern notion of centralized states as being the best way to govern possible
>modern notion
hooooo boy

centralized states might not have been the best way to govern, but more centralized states such as France victimized the smaller HRE states many times. The 30 years war was essentially outside powers picking on the smaller states which couldn't defend themselves

You're right, I should change that to current notion. I know the idea is much much older but it is widely spread these days in a manner which wasn't always the case.

There's one autistic screeching Polack who basically lumps nazis, 2nd empire, Prussia, HRE, Teutonic knights and even the fucking Franks into a single group that in his mind exists only to exterminate poor innocent Poles. Better hope he doesn't discover this thread.

Too complicated for brainlets on Veeky Forums. Too alien in its interiour workings for people that have only ever known modern states.

Well there's autists but there isn't some anti-German sentiment, outside of /pol/-baiting bullshit like ''3 gazzilion killed in Dresden'' and ''where are the bodies????''.

>no anti-German sentiment
>ask something related to Germany and you get a few responses ranging from “Germans are dumb because x” to “we should wipe out Germans into a Dresden holocaust”
>while asking about a pregnant Jew eating cocaine chocolates will garner the attention of everyone

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Well, you are correct that alot of people here do not seem to understand feudalism and its positive sides.

As I said, outside of /pol/-baiting threads this doesn't happen.
No one's doing it in this thread for example, and we had good threads on Prussia, Austria, German Empire and similar shit.
But no one wants to talk about fucking Nazis since 90% of threads about Nazis are started by /pol/ niggers who aren't interested in discussing and are just shilling for their cult.

>exists only to exterminate poor innocent Poles
Having browsed Veeky Forums for a while, I wish he was right.

I enter this board every day, and if it happens.
Stop denying reality, you imbecile, you do not get anything out of it.

This pathetic board is full of assholes who learn history by reading Wikipedia articles.

>feudalism and its positive sides
Feudalism had positive sides?
I think I read this guy once who basically described feudalism as a low-end form of organization. He especially described the byzantine transformation (from a centralized state to a feudal one) and claimed that it was insufficient ressources and prosperity that made such a transformation necessary. The idea that complexity has costs, and sometimes a simpler form of organization is superior for the given circumstances, is hard to sell to modern people though.

No dude, this entire board basicalyl hates german anything. Furthermore, this entire board hates everything /pol/ likes or things the people on this board thinks that /pol/ likes for that matter. Combine that with the simple fact that this hatred is motivated by the presence of a certain number of /pol/ posters on this board who have their own hatreds for certain things Veeky Forumstorians like and you have a simple and permanent recipe for an incredibly shitty board culture that prevents quality discussion from happening more often then not.

>this entire board basically hates german anything
post a threat critical of the Wehrmacht and watch your assertion collapse like a house of cards

All of Germany’s and the HRE’s modern day demonization stem from the fact that the peak of their strength just happen to coincide with a cousin sect of Germanics (UK and US) also rising to power and getting the better of them in WW1.

Germany literally did nothing wrong until Hitler which was only a natural reaction to being humiliated by the Anglos so hard.

Feudalism has alot of good sides.
To name a few:
1. Local autonomy. A liege would know his vassals/subjects by name and face. This comes in handy when dealing with small town and villages where legal judgement should be passed by the lord.
2. Stability, feudalism can be an amazing stabilizer if it is coded into law properly due to the inherretance nature of the system. And it provided security when there was no all powerful state to control things like baditry.
3. volountary association. Alot of people forget that the oath of becomming a vassal is by free choice. Not imposed.

What do you have against poles? They're useful structural support tools.

because this board attracts a certain kind of losers of mostly eastern european origin whose cultural achievements are dwarfed by their most western neighbour

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Because people worship strong and centralized states and the HRE was not always the first and very rarely the second. Its like an inverted Roman Empire or Chinese Dynasty, where instead of a powerful central authority you had a large group of decentralized authorities. The advantages of decentralized countries work great in some conditions, but power projection tends to work best with tightly run ships, so to say. Lots of autonomous lords can more easily defend themselves from raiders and some types of invaders, but other types of competition are fatal to decentralized peoples, especially in forms of economics and many types of mass scale war. This was most largely pronounced in wars with Revolutionary France, where the HRE was not fighting France as much as Prussia and Austria were fighting France.

No it wouldn't, actually. Remember those /pol/tards I mentioned in my post? They have things they like too and the majority of Veeky Forumstorians looovvveeessss to shit on anything they like. Or are you arguing that this board has a bunch of wehraboo types unrelated to /pol/ here? I find that assertion rather doubtful as the prejudices of this board would have driven them off rather quickly.

We here prefer to make soap out of them.

No seriously, if the general sentiment in poland is just half as bad as among Veeky Forums posters, they're gonna join the european racewar on the muslim side just to see germany gone.

Nobody unironically hates the HRE or Germans except Eastern Europeans. Even during WW2, the Western front was very civil with POWs on both sides. The rate of soldiers dying after capture was between 1-2% as opposed to the Eastern front where surrender meant instant painless death if you were lucky.

I swear, after reading the Heart of the Europe I think I'm a honest to god HREaboo. The system wasn't perfect, and the industrial revolution would've probably killed it if the French Revolution didn't, but it united central Europe for more or less 1000 years. That's got to count for something.

You just fell to bait and people memeing about