Is there any legitimacy to the "Celtic From the West" theory?

Is there any legitimacy to the "Celtic From the West" theory?

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Yes, Celts came from Atlantis before it was submerged.

Yes, Sea People were Celts.

It's highly unlikely, given how there were native groups in Iberia that preceded the celts.

what? isn't celtic culture from indo european culture?

I always wear a kilt because I'm Celtic
I'm French and I was born in Brittany

No, Celtics were considered subhuman for most of history, and only recently have they begun experiencing more success than Germanics.

isn't that the accepted progression
Celts developed one the western European seaboard from whoever preceded them, then spread back east
I mean, there's fucking records of the Galatians and Balkan Celt invasions coming from the west


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No, the accepted origin is in Central Europe, specifically on the Upper Danube.

Celts aren't even a genetic group. Its just a cultural mode that spread, probably from the alpine region. They were super advanced compared to their Bronze-age tribe competitors so they became dominant until better more successful civilization types came around.

I know an Irish person who unironicly believes this

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I was born in Brittany

Notice that 30% area in the Crimea. It's where the Egyptian priests told Solon's ancestor that the Atlantean's had a base in the Crimea.

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By Crom!

There are records of the Gauls invading Anatolia, and the Balkans, as well as Southern Germany, Italy, Spain, and Britain. If anything, Celts came from France.

more like doggerland

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>steppe U106

what you mean steppe boi, confusing anglo-saxon with a finngolian?

there is a theory that says they came by boat from what's today israel (not their original homeland but what they used just to get to the sea) through mediterranean sea all the way to ireland

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wow, never seen that before, it's like they came from america

I would give a leg for some excavtions in doggerland

And you wouldn't find shit there, maybe some hunter-gatherer shit. It was submerged in 6500BC. By that time even early farmers didn't arrive there yet.