Perú and Argentina

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I am working on a little essay about these two countries.

Why do they have a good relationship?
So far the only stuff I found was Peru helped Argentina in the Falkland conflict (Islas Malvinas) and over the history Peru was led by some historical characters from Argentina, but is it only that? or is there something else I am missing?

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What good relationship?

strategic diplomatic alliance against Chile and Brazil, 19th century stuff

Search fo General San Martin, he was the greatest argentinean hero and liberate both Argentina and Peru (also Chile) from the Spanish Crown.
Every park in Argentina and Peru have a statue of him. There is also a statue in central park NY.

>Having a good relationship

Was he the guy that wanted a constitutional monarchy led by an inca royal family?

I would say the relationship went to hell when Argentina sold weapons to Ecuador secretly
> the eternal porteƱo

Cant tell you exactly but the liberation of Peru was araund the 1800s, the incas where long gone by then.

I think that was Miranda

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The family of the Inca emperor is still around, they're politicians. Queen Maxima is related to them.

Brief overview from an Argie:

>Armies from Argentina under the command of San Martin helped liberate Chile and Peru from Spanish rule. Also including Chilean troops and a fleet led by a British Admiral. (Cochrane)
>San Martin would serve as Protector of Peru (temporary office) but refused to become a dictator a stepped down from office.
>Peru-Bolivian Confederation declared war against Argentina and Chile in the early 19th century, but that's a really obscure and forgotten short war
>When Chile was at war with Peru and Bolivia, Argentina occupied the Patagonia from the natives, this is a reason for much of the animosity between Chile and Argentina because Chileans consider the whole of Patagonia was somehow "stolen" from them, while Argentina considers Chile was trying to steal it by arming Mapuche natives and sending them across the border, which Argentina stopped by militarily occupying the territory for good. By extension, Chilean-Argentine animosity extended to friendship with Peru.
>Not much happened during the 20th century except for the Peruvian donation of a squadron of Mirage jets during the Falklands War
>More than a million Peruvians immigrated to Argentina starting in the 1980s, most numerous South American immigrants in Argentina along with Bolivians and Paraguayans
>Some resentment in the 1990s because Argentina sold arms to Ecuador when it was at war with Peru, Argentina was supposed to be a mediator between bith countries. A really shitty move. A formal apology was made in the 2000s and the two governments mended ties

That's about it. Relations have been friendly but not particularly close. There were some bad moments and rough patches.

Argentina's closest allies in South America these days are probably Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay IMHO, we have the Mercosur trade bloc with them. Chile and Argentina have grown closer too because of 1990s democratization and both countries having conservative governments now.

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Are there any books you recommend for learning Argentinean history?

Peruvian immigrants usually aren't that bad

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>Are there any books you recommend for learning Argentinean history?
Well, in English anything by David Rock is golden, he is a British historian specialized in Argentine history. All of his books are great, he manages to mantain a neutral perspective throughout and goes really in depth.

If you are more interested in Economics, and 19th-Early 20th century settlers and the "special relationship" with Britain there's a great book by New Zealand historian James Belich called "Replenishing the Earth: The Settler Revolution and the Rise of the Anglo world", which has an entire section dedidated to Argentina, it's very detailed and helped me write my thesis which was on Argentine agricultural exports during this period.

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Thanks, user. I've been interested in Argentina for a while now but until now I didn't have any sources for it's history.