I'm sick of all the brainlets infesting Veeky Forums who not so much as expound but rather recklessly and sincerely...

I'm sick of all the brainlets infesting Veeky Forums who not so much as expound but rather recklessly and sincerely PEDDLE their uninformed opinions.

Have the HUMILITY to admit you might be either misinformed or lacking information altogether.

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why are you yelling, fren?

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brainlets are too dumb to be aware they're brainlets. think back to how stupid some of the things you said as a kid were, and understand that someone is in that place right now.

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no u

I'm willing to bet it's a bunch of underage armchair philosophers/historians who are autistic enough to sniff their own farts online but not autistic enough to dedicate themselves fully to the pursuit of knowledge

The Roman ruling class originated from modern-day Denmark.

Veeky Forums is pretty much just full-circle contrarianism

And what's the problem? Contrarianism leads to interesting discussion.

>contrarianism is bad
t. lemming

I just assume everyone knows more than me so I just lurk or post memes when appropriate.

Just look up a wikipedia article on the subject and quote some shit from there which backs up your completely unfounded opinion. Works like a charm every time.

Veeky Forums is contrarianism incarnate. I usually argue against the grain here to piss people off

Preach user
And take notes /pol/tards

(you're the problem)

*recklessly and sincerely peddles my uninformed opinion*

What are you gonna do about it, fagboi

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t. /pol/tard

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This applies to every the why didn't a africa create civilizations why africans make it out of the stone age threads

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ban americans

I wonder who it could be?

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Unfortunately a lot of people view academic discussion as intellectual combat. By this I mean they are far more interested in showing that their 'opponent' is wrong (read: retarded) and that they are right. You see this even among knowledgeable, clearly intelligent people. They refuse to adjust their view evenly slightly in the face of solid contrary evidence brought out by the other guy. It's not about developing a more accurate viewpoint through intellectual discourse, it's about holeing up in your predisposed viewpoint. They have a sense that acknowledging even the possibility of their own faults is akin to personal and political failure, rather than opportunity to better understand their own view or even fortify it by making it more nuanced.

Americans, Poles and Germans should be rangebanned from Veeky Forums.

Just take a look at this quality post brought to you by user.

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