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What were some of the most genuine friendships between countries of all time?

My personal favorite is the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance. Like, these countries were true bros in every sense of the word.

What are some other feel-good relationships, Veeky Forums?

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USA and Israel


>Longest alliance still in force
Complete meme, did not apply at all during the 20th century when it could have mattered.

> Rhodes wants even more land
> Has an autistic fit
> Pressures the government to action

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

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Alliance? more like best vassal-overlord relationship.

America and France

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This is one of the least sincere alliances in existence. They only time they help each other is for personal gain.

just like any alliance

Almost never cooperated with each other post-1783.

The France that he means, the Kingdom of France under its rightful rulers, ceased to be in 1791.

>Slave and Master

Portugal didn't expelled Russian diplomats um this current crisis

France and Scotland

Literally formed in seething hatred of England
Ever since 1066, le frog has been jealous of the accomplishments of Angleterre

Has the UK ever helped Portugal? I mean I guess there was the Napoleonic war, but that was more for British interests.

>The 1890 ultimatum was said to be one of the main causes for the Republican Revolution, which ended the monarchy in Portugal 20 years later.
Now Portugal has an ugly flag

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Came to help defend the country against Napoleon at least. And before in the 7 years war against the Spanish.

Reminder that Portugal isn't doing anything in solidarity with England now to condemn Putin about that thing with the dead Russian spy, partly because the government is supported by anti-establishment parties, partly because we want to win the world cup

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>Portugal sends troops to fight with the BEF in WWI on the western front
>Portugal stays neutral to ensure Spain does the same
Utterly based porto bros.

Virgin green and red vs chad blue and white.

I'd welcome back the monarchy just for that.

At least the Azores knows what's up.

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Italy and San Marino desu

Reinstating an indepdennt Portugal
Fighting Philip of Spain so you wouldn’t be ruled by them
The war that establish the Aviz dynasty

Meuthen agreement needs to happen once we leave the EU

that's a nice fuckin flag

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Those cunts sold their daughter for fame and money , even our detectives know it.

Anyways , love you britbongs

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Love you too!

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Cool girl!

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love you too portugal

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