Have you met any people thanks to your Veeky Forums life style? Have you made any social gains?

Have you met any people thanks to your Veeky Forums life style? Have you made any social gains?

I cant remember the last time I went out with someone on a weekend night, or even had a real conversation with someone outside of my work or family. I'm so lonely I think I'm going insane.

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I have social anxiety.
It the this time of year again when I get scared that school is ending but this time college and I won't see my friends for 4 months.
I'll stay at home because I have nothing where I live and I feel afraid.

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>”social anxiety”
>has friends

Fucking normie

>Have you met any people thanks to your Veeky Forums life style? Have you made any social gains?
Yeah. Just fucking talk to people.


>I'm so lonely I think I'm going insane.
You're not going insane user, you're "lonely" because you're uncomfortable with your inner dialog. You should embrace and enjoy solitude. Watch the Joe Rogan podcast with Henry Rollins. At 50+ years old that dude has no friends, not even a girlfriend/wife, and has a more exciting life than anyone on this board.

>tfw have friends but they rarely go outside to do something with me

>got a job working at uni track center
>gf is a rock climber
>met some great friends at the gym
>lifting helped manage my autism

clicking on Veeky Forums instead of Veeky Forums was the best mistake I ever made in my life.

Tell me more about it please, you might be right.

user, "friends" and being the "cool" popular kid in high school/college was all a huge fucking waste of time. In my late 20s early 30s I went monk mode. No facebook, insta, twit, work out at home, read, tend to my garden, great job, eat good food, sleep, and fuck. My closest friend lives 600 miles away, we talk maybe once a month, that's how we like it.

Isolation can yield powerful results if your time is used wisely. Become comfortable with yourself, your thoughts, your appearance, your behavior. You know when your time is wasted so stop wasting it. Netflix is fine in moderation, but what did you do that day to "earn" it? Did you wake up at 5AM, work out, pull weeds from your garden, tune-up your truck, put a roof on your pole barn, sweep/mop/dust your house, chop and stack some firewood, cook dinner for your wife and fuck her brains out when she got home from work? That's a productive day, time spent wisely, so go ahead and watch that 30minutes of drivel on Netflix and enjoy it.

Man's purpose is to create order where there is chaos. If there is chaos in your life, you'll remain unhappy until it's addressed. Go monk mode for 6 months and then tell me you're lonely. You won't have time to be lonely, you'll be happier, more confident and fulfilled. Before you go to bed each night, write down what you want to accomplish the following day. Start with small goals for immediate gratification and it will create a snowball effect.

I dont get the whole monk mode and still being able to lure a girl into having sex. Thats precisely my problem.

Monk mode will make you the strong confident man women desire with little to no cognizant or conscious effort on your part. The most recent example that comes to mind: I took my buddy (a 90lb doberman pinscher) hiking. Along the path were some sloots and a couple guys swimming/drinking in the river. The sloots came out of their way up the river bank and onto the trail to meet the dog and ended up inviting me to join them. I expressed little to no interest (as there was none) but engaged in the usual bullshit chitchat for a few minutes and eventually went about my business. Were I single or interested, this situation could have easily resulted in some pussy.

Don't think about "luring" women into having sex, they're much simpler than that. Work on improving yourself first and the pussy will come, it's literally that easy.

You can meet women just about anywhere that involves self-improvement: library, cooking classes, local trade schools (i'm currently learning how to build/frame a house at a local community college, sluts everywhere), hiking trails, dog parks, kayak club, self defense/mma class, tech events, church, whatever. Just don't lose focus of your pursuit: continuous self improvement. Women are gains goblins in all aspects of life if you let them.


literally the first day I went to the gym I met a qt and talked with her.
She seemed very good responsive and I think I might onvite her for some coffee when I see her again (and have time)

Are you seeing the bigger picture user?

If you need some reading material:
The Way of the Superior Man
No More Mr Nice Guy
The Manipulated Man
12 Rules for Life
The Rational Male
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Make sure to have confidence guys. Smile more

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Do facial expressions gains exist?

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It's honestly made things even worse. Before I'd never been out to a party and although it hurt a little I could live with it. Then I had a period of being introduced to the extended groups of my mates at various events and parties but they don't like me so I get invited to jack and shit again, this time knowing of all the stuff that's going on. Normalfag enough to lead my nerdy and autistic friends, but autistic enough to be shunned by normalfags.

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I had a mutual friend who thought I was pretty fit (DYEL in Veeky Forums standards) asked me if she can work out with me since I'm proportional on upper and lower body. I've worked out with her like 10x already. Sometimes we eat out after work outs.

The more I lifted the more random strangers approached me in public. Some girl approached me at a concert and next thing I know we were grinding.

You need guy friends to begin with OP

Absolutely. Fitness has helped me alot, by bringing me into new social circles, and it sort of just keep on building. But Im not popular by any means.

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I made college friends, start getting invited to party's and clubs since Christmas, but my social anxiety kicks in hard. I'm that one guy that's lost.

I'm surprised I still get invited. Like I haven't done anything impressive.
When we go out they won't stop calling me nice. They are even proud of me when we get stoned with them.
So I guess they like me.
It feels good being liked by someone when you're a nobody.

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External validation or gratification from others will only yield temporary bouts of happiness. If you want to experience true lifelong happiness, learn to be content with yourself through an extended isolationist period of self improvement. It's the only way. All this self-doubt drivel shit about "muh social anxiety" and "muh autism" will disappear if you spend 30 days traveling the mountain villages of some non-english speaking 2nd world shithole. You'll have learned you can rely on yourself and have some bad ass stories to share. People will always and I mean always disappoint you in some way. The only person you can count on is yourself.

I have severe social anxiety and still go out. Even when to a party full of total strangers, The only way to cure yourself is by getting out of your comfort zone. People can't see how fucked up inside you are. Also meeting new people can be fun once you learn to do it.

Thanks bro, I get what you mean but it's hard to see the trees through the forest, know what I mean?

>tips fedora

damn, haven't seen that picture yet, but it really does put the whole "virgin" and "Chad" thing into perspective, how Chad can do the exact same thing as the virgin but not be looked at as a dorky cringy loser.

>it's hard to see the trees through the forest, know what I mean?
I do. My old man was a drugged out abusive dick so learning all this shit on my own was a challenge. Friends and social life were a temporary escape, but I still wasn't happy with myself even after getting out from under his roof. Today I'm 100x the man he was so in a lot of ways I have him to thank, but he'll never know that. We all struggle and have problems, but overcoming those problems is what makes you a better person in the long run.

If you take anything from my blog posts, let it be this: continuous self-improvement is the only way to achieve what you want out of life. If you aren't the best version of yourself, what's the incentive for others to gravitate toward you? If you want meaningful long lasting and fulfilling relationships, what are you capable of contributing to the tribe (co-workers, friends, family, kids, wife, etc)? Are you stoic, honorable, strong, hard working, dependable, trustworthy? What skills and life experience do you posses? People gravitate toward strong independent men because they can provide safety and comfort. Can you grow your own food? Can you repair a small engine or build a house? Are you proficient with firearms? The movies Gladiator, Troy, or Riddick come to mind. Yes these are mindless hollywood trash, but what do those characters have in common?

I'm off work soon but I wish you the best in your journey user. The books I listed helped me tremendously. If you want some good realistic fiction with a strong male role-model to take a break from the non-fiction, I recommend One Second After by William Forstchen. Good luck and god speed.

I just went the insane route. So much better plus once you start looking at the real pysco's like Dahmer you realize talking to people while being crazy is easy. Go model yourself after Diogenes you fucking ingrate.

YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. You don't have time to wait around asshole. Either make yourself happy. Make someone else happy. Or shut the fuck up and don't bring other's down you bitch.

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>be me
>starting lifting 4 months ago
>Still a DYEL
>University has a party, grills everywhere dancing
>Fuck it, I'm gonna dance like there's no tomorrow
>men start praising my skillz
>Y...you too...
>Start mimicking my movements
>You all retarded for following me
>Roll with it
>Next rhythm comes.
>See qt3.14 dancing
>move closer to her
>Manlet arrives from nowhere
>tries to grind/dance with her
>after he goes, defeated; I approach
>Its happening.
>grind with her.
>Go ATG, thank fucking god I never skipped leg day.
>Get number afterwards
>Currently talking with her.
We are all gonna make it, brehs.

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t. Jordan Peterson cuckdrone mongo

Protip, life fulfilment doesn't come from listening to a youtube celebrity

Ypu are literally a fucking hilarious stereotype. Skinnyfat, reads self-help books only and never gets laid, but still believes the podcasts of a rambling, druggie manlet are gonna give him the answers.

I feel more alone as i progress desu and its draining me but i feel like if i make it it will go away ;-;