I was always interested to see how the girls are looking in New York, one of the most prestigious cities in the world...

I was always interested to see how the girls are looking in New York, one of the most prestigious cities in the world. So I put my Tinder location as New York. So far, I've yet so see a beautiful girl. All I see are chinks, blacks, freaks and fat girls. Nothing compared to Europe. Where the hell are the beautiful girls? Is this the absolute state of America?

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the hot girls in ny don't need tinder user

That's what I thought, too. It's the only logical reason.

You are aware that tinder downgrades you to only seeing women 2-3 tiers uglier then you right? Sonif shes a 3 then you're 5.

haha, let me try. Gonna upload the pic of a model

Set your location to a southern college town, like Tuscaloosa Al, Oxford MS, or Athens GA. Those cities house the hottest chicks on the planet.

Is this a meme? What do you mean? How?

I've been seeing a lot of hot girls on tinder. Guess I'm Chad

i got zero matches in germany but as soon as i changed my location to new york i suddenly got 10 in one day. why?

>chinks, blacks
Asian and black woman can be attractive just as much as white women.

What are the matches though? Asian women?

Are you Caucasian?

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This. I went to Manhatten in February and I saw so many kqts. I wish I was single at the time.

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Citation needed


Very fitness related. Great thread op. You sure aren't a faggot

What a sad state


large cities in America typically have the qt's; outside of them, it's rare you'll see someone above a 6/10 on Tinder, maybe a handful of 7/10's. It's much better swiping near a metro area.

Europe really does have the cuter girls on Tinder. Haven't swiped much there though, outside of Russia where I got a decent amount of matches.

By far your best areas will be in Morocco, Brazil, South Korea, Vietnam, or any of the other Southeast Asia locations. So many matches and girls are extremely forward. If you're looking to gas yourself up, try it.

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My opinion from growing up among them all.
INB4 nigger. Nah I’m a white guy.

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Would like an abusive black gf tbf. I am a bit of amasochist.

A masochist*

>I'm a white guy

I don’t get what you are implying.

That you have a pointy nose and a wiggly penis

What does that mean then?

I was going to ignore this post, but I must congratulate you on the fact people are stupid enough to be falling for it.

They just aren't on tinder because hot chicks are always hooking up irl and don't need a site

Morrocans like european guys ?
Because the "morrocan european" don't, that's for sure

La creatura..