Bought some phenibut. Going to use it for social events to be more outgoing. What should I expect? How much do I take?

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love at first phenibut, then frustration when you realize you cant take it regularly. or you do take it regularly and experience the withdrawls and want to kys

Care to elaborate?

Just took 1900mg, plan to boost it with 400mg more in 2 hours then I'll go to the club.

That's way too much to take regularly.

Should only take 1000mg about twice a week. Reserve it for days you really need to shine/socialize. Don't mix with alcohol.

I've tried it before like 3-4 times in doses of 0.7-1.7g and felt absolutely nothing. Today is a really good opportunity because I'm going out to a club on my own.

I won't drink much but two beers over like three hours shouldn't be a problem right?

Yeah, you should be fine. I guess everybody has their tolerance. How big are you?

took 2g phenibut ED for 3 months

it completely NUKED my depression and anxiety

I didn't experience any withdrawals effects when I stopped it though

170 5'10

benisbutt X-DDDD

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Bought a load a few months ago. Had benzos before, loved the anxiety killing but hated the lack of feels so I don't use them except for occasional sleep aid. 2.5-3g is my sweet spot (185kg male) for a night out, 500-750mg for work related / formal situations etc. Takes 2-3 hours to peak. Very subtle. Then you start feeling a little tingling in extremities, more energy, relaxation.

It is like drinking without the stupid part. You are smart. You are funny. You are confident. You know how to behave. You are just here for fun or to get the job done. You have a few drinks and this is a great night out, everybody's cool. 1 Pint feels like 2. People are approachable. You are so in control you don't have to be, you just chill. Use this time and confidence to do things / have conversations that would be too uncomfortable sober. But always remember its still you, just you without the bullshit anxiety.

I worked rotating night shifts for 5 years security and it made me socially awkward to where I became reclusive. Total ghost. At least I lived in a house share with mates. Took Phen a few nights out and for work related things, and I was back in the swing of things. It just shows you that you are capable of handling these situations sober because you are still all there, not like when drunk. It lasts 12 hours easy and there is no comedown like cocaine. Just don't go overboard, start with around 0.5 to 1g, no more than twice a week, find you're sweet spot and get XP. Do note that over 1.5g expect some mild pupil dialation and motor skill impairment, which may be acceptable on a night out but not an office meeting. Cognitive functions remain unimpaired until you go into 2.5-3g territory. Beyond that is getting dicey. Still have half of what I bought left because I rarely feel I want it anymore. It's done its job. Great stuff but do not abuse, you will have something similar to a Benzo withdrawal.

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>I bet you take it phenibut

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I take 750mg daily since 2 months now, feels good

this. all of this.

You can't take it 2 days in a row. I'd say 2 days in between. you only need 2 small scoops. maybe 3. If you take too much you get tired as fuck.

wash it down with an energy drink and you're fucking set for the night. You'll feel really really good and social. BUT it's not a fucking cure all for socializing. You don't suddenly become a super human. But it def helps A LOT.

enjoy. also don't drink alcohol with it.

Everybody here talks about phenibut for social gains, but I heard it also increases HGH production. So I've been taking 2g a couple hours before I go to sleep on days I work out, 3 days a week. I want to cycle it 3 weeks on one week off. Does it work or is it BS? Just started a couple weeks ago.


>Our data indicate that ingested GABA elevates resting and postexercise irGH and ifGH concentrations. The extent to which irGH/ifGH secretion contributes to skeletal muscle hypertrophy is unknown, although augmenting the postexercise irGH/ifGH response may improve resistance training-induced muscular adaptations.

been taking it non stop for 6 months, get on my level fags

That's awesome, but your case is the exception. Many people develop a tolerance to it very quickly.

reminder: faggots advicing to take once or twice a week only, are redditors

Taking with caffeine and then alcohol is awesome. You'll pay the next day but social gains are insane.

People that cry about not taking it 2 days in a row or mixing with alcohol must be very sensitive because all I get is a hung over feeling or headache.

why no alcohol?

makes you drunk faster.

maybe 1 beer and you're set.

Please don't take it everyday like some people are suggesting, 1-2 times a week max. Then take caffeine and edge your dick for hours

Take 2 grams

>edge your dick for hours
this is the kind of people who advice you to take twice a week max

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Why take it everyday? It would lose it's magic, self destructive porn sessions aside

>not knowing how to keep the magic

I've been taking 250mg-750mg daily since the beginning of the year (slowly increasing it). Always with coffee.
Took a week off at one point, zero withdrawal symptoms.

Read up on the studies for Phenibut. And don't be stupid and take multiple grams a day continuously. Also, don't drink much when taking it.

Now, what did it do for me? I am at a point where I can time it pretty well when the effects hit me (about 4h after I take it). It made me much more social, I can talk easier and feel more at ease. Great for my job cause I often have meetings. It ebbs down a bit in the evening, so if you want to take it for partying, take it later.
Experiment, and increase the dosage slowly (i've hit 750mg after about 6 weeks).

OP here, took 1900mg 2½h ago and 500mg more 20 minutes ago. Both times with a bit of caffeine. Right now I only feel what I've felt before, a slight kind of vague dizziness but nothing more. Going to the club in a short while. I'll limit myself to 2 beers maybe 3 max during the night.

Maybe it's only good for people who have social anxiety. I don't really but I tend to be a bit reserved. Either way I'm going there to enjoy the music primarily so it doesn't really matter much. But it'll be interesting to see if these "huge social gains" people talk about are true or not.

>Maybe it's only good for people who have social anxiety.

The recreational effects isn't any good, so if you take 2-3000 mg you will just get tired, and after two days get a massive downer. I've found 750 to be good.

daily user here, topped up just now

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Say you take 1500mg and then 90 minutes later go out drinking. The phenibut effect will continue to rise for six hours. So if you drink six beers, the phenibut will keep increasing the effect of the alcohol no matter if you drink more or not, and you will black out.

How effective is it for getting work done? I took adderall and while I did focus on my work, after a couple days of use my brain was fried. Had a headache and needed a couple days of rest/sleep to replenish my dopamine or something. I'm thinking I should save them only for special occasions and only for a day.

How is it for relaxing at home? I stopped smoking weed and now kick back a couple beers, but it's not good for health. Anons are saying it's pretty much a buzz without the calories, so would it be a good substitute?

How does it compare to kratom?

Doses under 1000mg makes you more focused in a way. I find that i am able to write long paragraphs with ease on it. It can also make you blabber a little, and since it removes anxiety you tend to remove some filters you usually have. It's good for relaxing with at 1500mg but not every day.

>needed a couple days of rest/sleep to replenish my dopamine or something.
same concept with phenibut tolerance and withdrawal

>write long paragraphs with ease on it. It can also make you blabber a little
sounds similar to other popular class of drug

>phenibut is anti-anxiety
For how long does this effect last?

I'm scared to try it because several people on Veeky Forums said they got addicted.

crock of shit

took 3grams and drank a fifth a few nights ago and was the best fun i've had on a night out in a while

Creatine not even once

I still wouldn't take it on consecutive days. The comedown stories sound terrible, and I would not want to experience that.

It lasts a couple of hours. I get about 4 to 6 hours with 1000mg, and even after the 6th hour, you still feel it a little, but it's faded.

How about you slowly increase it to your sweet dose, take it daily, and when you want to come off tamper it down slowly again?
Works every time.

I use the strategy outlined here:

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Good for get-togethers and more laid back gatherings. If you're going to a club just drink

Sorry but a beginner should NOT start at 1g. I feel effects as low as 250mg and that is also the clinical starting point for daily use.

If you're a wagecuck like I currently am, I use it on days that I know I have meetings. It helps me a lot.

If you take it everyday you're retarded

That's a good point. My dosages are actually less than what he recommends. I use either 500mg or 1000mg, and if I really want to push it, I'll got to 1500mg, but that's rare for me.

>daily use.
I think that's a bad idea under any circumstance.

Go run some hills and don’t consume caffeine. Don’t set expectations when talking to people. Your anxiety will go away.

>185 kg male
>Veeky Forums


How so?
Again, I've been using low doses (250mg - 750mg) for over 3 months now, reading up on studies and other people who have done the same. I even took a week off, and nothing but good has come out of it.
Will I use it indefinitely? Probably not. But most people who scream "don't take it daily" are taking way to much of that stuff anyways. Learn about your body and how it reacts, be patient with stuff like that, and experiment safely.

>Pehnibut withdrawals are serious, literally everyone recommends no more than two doses per week
Which means everyone on the internet, who is just like a retarded drug abuser.
The correct medical uses is everday at 250-750mg not megadose of multiple grams weekly or whatever internet dosing regimememe some junkie created to get high

What's your success story?

Is it only beneficial to people suffering form anxiety or do regular people benefit too?

I might have light anxiety, which usually means I don't talk up or don't talk much and feel a slight unease when having to deal with people.
Ever since I started, these problems have become zero, even during the time I was off phenibut for a week.
I can literally feel the exact difference it makes however and it open up many more opportunites for me at work (networking, getting projects underway, better relationship with everyone) and privately as I talk more openly and honestly with everyone I know, be that friends or even the hot baristas at the coffee shop.

I now know how it is to not feel this slight anxiety. Of course I do not know what it would do to people who don't have this, though I think everyone has something they can be anxious about and I truly believe that phenibut can help with that.

>185kg male
>tingling in extremities

That was probably the diabetes.

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Of that whole picture, I hate most that the reddit signs aren't even close to level. It's like a metaphor for how that whole group probably half asses everything that they do.

Ha, typo. 85kg not 185kg. I am a recovering 6'3 skelly. This is the heaviest I've ever been, it feels so good that I nearly look proportional for the first time since my teens.

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How the fuck do I get these supplements in the UK?

This country is cucked

Fucking easy. I have to buy from UK online and ship to Ireland. It's totally legal. Get mine from Raw or some shit like that. Ebay even has a few sellers. Literally google.

€25 for 25g

>£1 per gram
Fuck this meme

Back to the drawing board.
Gotta find a source for some juice


While in hindsight it might not have been a good place for trying it (everyone was twice my age and I was just there for the music anyway) I once again felt absolutely nothing of value. Got the slight dizziness/intoxicated feeling like after two beers, a kind of numbing feeling and a slight tiredness but nothing more. If I took much more I think I'd just get more dizzy and tired.

I'll try it again to use it up but I have no luck so far with this substance. I can kind of see how this could make people more social if they have bad anxiousness around people, because of the slight mind-numbing effect. But it's nothing like what some people hype it to be.

I find if I take it 2x a week it's a better "feeling"

I'll take it 1 hour before working out and I feel like I'm a fucking GOD.

I can describe the feeling either then.

>school is cancelled all of a sudden
>you get a free pass to a water park on a hot day
>super hot women all over you

feels like I'm in a fucking music video. Camera is following me around and I'm on top of the fucking world.

seriously best "drug" I've taken. but sometimes it doesn't "work" as well.

You must be stupid if you can’t get this In the UK

I giggled lol

Dude i tried this and didnt feel anything! How much are you supposed to take?

I'm planning to buy some phen in the UK, any sources to avoid?

Didnt feel anything the first time aswell, took 500mg. I think to actually feel something you'll need to take 1.5g, but do your own research first..

Phenibut is good. Phenibut + adderall is Chad: The Pill.

When do I take it? For example tomorrow:
>6am wake up
>coffee and oatmeal until just before 7
>7-8am gym
>8am-9am protein shake, get ready for class
>9am-1pm class
>lunch after 1pm

I'd like to be more social while at uni but you're supposed to empty-stomach it. Do I just need to not have oatmeal in the mornings?

Take it with your coffee in the morning.
I have taken it on an empty stomach and with food, and personally, it made little difference. The only difference I feel is when I leave out the coffee.

Or you could train fasted of course.
Just test it out user

tis legal in the states correct? where is the best vendor?

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stuff is legal right? good vendor in the states?

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try or

I think i tried a gram and still didnt feel anything. I’m 200lbs so not gigantic or anything. I dont know if I want to fuck with this

effects gabapentin receptors correct? is this like taking Johnnies aka nuerotins?

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shoo shoo phenibut shill

I tried it a total of 6 times over 6 weeks, ranging from 750mg to 2g. It gave me a nice euphoric feeling and a carefree attitude at around 1.2-1.5g. It takes a hella long time to kick in though and it's not good to mix with much else. Mixing it with weed made me exhausted every time. I slept like a rock the first night, but I generally found myself having trouble staying asleep the next night. I also tend to get withdrawals on anything over 1.5g, which is like a nasty and depressing hangover.

3/10 would recommend if you just want to try it out

is it a gain goblin doe? is it similar to taking johnnies (neurotins)?

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If you overdo it, it could definitely be a gainz goblin. Like I said, I feel fatigued the next day and can't sleep well the next night. If you take too much at once, you'll end up too fatigued to get anything going in the gym.

If you start with low doses, like 500mg, and work your way up you'll probably be fine. I did go work out on phen two times. The first time I got a head rush and decided to take it a bit easier for the rest of the session. The next time I was fine.

Also idk anything about johnnies. I just said fuck it and took 1.25g of phen. I'll report back later if this thread is still around.

I worked up to 10g doses and then let my tolerance die. Now i take it 1-2 times a week 2-4g. Cross tolerance from alcohol was a motherfucker for me.

>Feel almost no effect of phenibut even with huge doses while sober
>Decide to try it 30 minutes before alcohol
>1 Drink had me buzzing super hard
>2 Drinks was just about perfect amount to have a blast and not feel hungover as shit in the morning.

I only really like to take it if