/fitlit/ thread

/fitlit/ thread

Last two digits are how many pushups you do and pages you read.

Hard Mode: Last three digits.

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fuck, reroll

IDK about pages but rollin'



>reading an arbitrary amount of pages to force yourself to read
You guys are missing the point of reading

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i was waiting for a self improvement thread to post this, but fuck it
i think reading news on my target laguages would help me to learn faster
i found that google offers a service or something like that with news and articles and that shit
could you recommend me some newspaper on this plataform?
do you know a better app for this?

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rollin baby

what you reading brahs? Just finished Post Office by bukowsk and started with Factotum. Shit's great.

last digit is miles i jog, second last is chapters i read
>captcha: mountains
gonna go terrain running now

here I come mr Stirner

gimme something hard

I'm starting War and Peace tonight. what am i in for lads?

Want to finish Dune by the end of the week. I'll probably move onto Orwell after.

/scifit/ is better than your wannabe kool kidz klub

you won't regret it la', absolutely beautiful story. It's the duty of every Hwhite Man to read it at least once

who here do it for Mishima?


Read Crime and Punishment last summer, then War and Peace, then Dostoievski's Demons and now I'm finishing Brothers Karamazov. What's next for me? Should I keep it ruski or should I go for somenthing else?

Wow, great discussion guys.

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Try playing games with foreign languages

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you remind me some years ago, when i was a teen with a nokia 5200 i used to play erotic games in russian

There's a lot of (((echoing))) Authors in this image.

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>Jews are bad even if they're anarcho capitalists
I think you've lost the thread somewhere m8


Eh that was easy


We need a new /fitlit/ image. Rolling.

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Gustave Flaubert Sentimental Education

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>There are people who unironically think they're smart for reading books

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These threads are always a bunch of hoity toity douchebags dumping pretentious book covers

>There are people who unironically think they're smart for posting like this

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Personally I only read for the social validation.