/fast/ #153 - Stop asking questions and just start edition

>What is /fast/?
Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermittent fasting, fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting.


While you're at it watch the rest of this guy's videos on nutrition.

>Weight loss
>Better skin

It's when your body takes apart useless, shitty cells. (Cancer cells, cells with broken protein, acne, loose skin, etc)


>take around 4700 mg of potassium per day max
>2000 up to 3000 mg of sodium per day max
>MIX THIS INTO AT LEAST A LITER OF WATER, sip it through the day. This will keep you hydrated.


If you're lean, 5:2!-- OMAD (one meal a day, 1-2 hour eating window) 5 days a week + 48 hour fast a week
If you're a fatass, FAST UNTIL YOU AREN'T.

You don't have the willpower to fast to death. Now look down. See that large bulbous gut? That's food. Thousands and thousands of calories stored and ready to be consumed by your body.

This is the coolest part about fasting. Your body remains very anabolic when you fast.

"Our results suggest that a fasting program in conjunction with resistance training can decrease fat mass, and maintain muscle mass in resistance-trained males."

>Sugar is more addictive than coke

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Kike free first post FATTY!

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Weight loss is fucking easy with fasting.

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>starting 24 hr dry fast
any tips so I don't die?

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>did a 2 day dry fast last week
>feel good
>start a new one yesterday
>feel pretty bad and feel knot in my neck
yesterday i had a pretty heavy day(Chef job) should i just go OMAD today and do start a new dry fast tommorow?

p.s i still havent received my salts yet

Fasting again tomorrow lads
Besides sodium and potassium, what other supplements should I get? I know those are the vital ones, but I wanna know if you'd recommend anything else

>If you're a fatass, FAST UNTIL YOU AREN'T
Just entered day two, I can't stop thinking about food.

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Same here user, but all I need to do is take off my shirt and look in the mirror. We can make it bro.

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Looked in the mirror yesterday and couldn't keep myself from saying "God you're fucking disgusting." Tired of thinking that, these are the thoughts that make the pain worth it. Hopefully this combined with my gym routine will help drop the 40 pounds I want to get rid of.

We're gonna make it.

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Going to break a 48 hour fast with a nice chicken dinner and soup at my favorite restaurant. Other than that meal I'll get back to fasting until I hit my goal weight in a few weeks. Although I might have one meal a week just to keep my mood up.

I've decided to go vegan, but for health reasons, not ethical reasons. I see veganism as a cult that I want no part of. So I'll be switching to a diet of most plants and starches but if I want to have a lean cut of turkey once a month or something I'm going to oblige myself. However, who knows, maybe I'll decide animal protein isn't even worth the minor health risk anyways. I definitely stay away from dairy and oils at all costs because they cause acne.

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I've considered veganism, but I love sushi and cheese too much. Not shitty American cheddar or whatever, quality blue cheeses and brie, a nice rare treat.

>going vegan for health reasons
oh i am laughing hard

Basically impossible for you to die, but if you feel REALLY SHITTY just drink some water.

Nothing else is needed... and if you're only fasting for a day you don't even need that.

Can anyone confirm if one is able to lose weight while on IF without a caloric deficit?
I keep reading articles that stress out that it's impossible to lose weight without eating less/doing exercise.

>I've decided to go vegan, but for health reasons
You're an idiot.

lads, is this a good b complex to take during and after the fast? It's from Jarrow Formulas.

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being vegetarian is better than hellish veganism

Mhm, which is why I'm never going vegan. I'm kind of vegetarian light edition right now. I'm eating virtually no red meat and actively avoiding it. This is for health and ethical reasons, I grew up near a farm, I don't like the idea of killing other mammals. I'm still eating poultry and fish though.

>says the fatties who need to fast

let me tell you something bud, b vitamins stay in your system for years and its very hard to actually become deficient in them. just take a generic multivitamin and stop wasting your money. also, I fasted for 2 weeks without salt - just water, and I was fine.

post a pic

u jelly?

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yeah Oliver a little bit

damn bro im so scared, ya gonna dox me? oooh. Yeah thats right I just advocated for vaganism on the internet, sue me bro.

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holy shit dude kill yourself

stay mad, fat fuck

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down from 86 kg to 69. probably 72 after water weight. wanna fast some more till i reach 66 kg(fasted) to get 8%

fucking easy only if you're a fat fuck.

then go vegetarian
a couple eggs and a fillet of fish on top of veg and fruit is a great diet
no bully

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Eggs are bad for you though. Mostly fat and cholesterol. At least meat has creatine, b12, and is mostly protein.
>no bully
request granted

If you have a stressful job like working in a kitchen it's probably better to fast on your days off.

IF is trash because your eating window is too big so you don't enter ketosis frequently enough. It's possible to remain in ketosis while eating at a surplus if you do OMAD but you have to be very particular with weighing your foods.

40 pounds is month max if you get on it. Good luck user

Eggs are good because of their fat and cholesterol.

Fat is overrated and is a shit energy source and the foods you get fat from offer little to no nutritional value. Processed garbage.
You don't need cholesterol for gains. The ketotards are on steroids anyways. Dont listen to their lies.

Will fasting fix my insulin resistence?

what did you do to get insulin resistance.
are you simply overweight?


Is it safe to do bodyweight exercises during a 10 to 20 day water fast ? Also, after my first 7 day water fast, I can't even get past day 2. Boredom and just desire to eat are too goddamn strong.

>Also, after my first 7 day water fast, I can't even get past day 2. Boredom and just desire to eat are too goddamn strong.
you reap what you sow, theres nothing I can tell you that will keep yourself from eating like a swine

Even if i eat, i still eat at a caloric deficit. But i'm thinking that exercise will help get me through the hunger spikes. That's why i'm asking if it would affect me. I'm thinking that there isn't any protein to repair the muscle tears, so i don't know if it's gonna be destructive or smth.

But don't go overboard and do the OPM workout or one of those crossfit workouts.
I would also suggest going for long walks.

vegan dyel spotted

Okay, thanks. Will look into it. Also, can you suggest anything for the first 3 days ? Boredom and "hunger" are over the top.

Just broke a 6 day fast and lost ~13-14 pounds, life is good bros!

Hobbies, sleep, work

so are you guys buying potassium and putting that along with salt in water?

I did two 3 day fasts with a day of eating in between recently. I liked it but if I decide to do it again, will that be training my body to hold onto the fat because it expects to starve soon?

New here, fat fuck, went 200>140kg over last years by walking and simple calorie deficit, it is getting tough now as what used to be "defecit" grew closer to daily norm with new weight.

Started looking into fasting after reading about that Scotsman who fasted for a year, (a famous story around here I would assume?)
Fasted for a full day a few times in last couple months ('Full day' being around 40 hours between the meals), never "dry" - water and unsweetened black tea.
Felt fine and feel like I can do more, 2-3 day fasts maybe.

Worried about vitamins, protein, etc.
Going of that report paper on scoctsman's full year fast.
>During the 382 days of his fast, vitamin supplements were given daily as 'Multivite' (BDH), vitamin C and yeast for the first 10 months and as 'Paladac' (Parke Davis), for the last 3 months. Non-caloric fluids were allowed ad libitum.
After looking around I assume it's some kind of yeast flakes like this?amazon.com/Bobs-Red-Mill-Large-Flake/dp/B000WLCHDA/ref=sr_1_5_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1521997093&sr=8-5&keywords=nutritional+yeast&th=1
I, again, assume this was taken to replenish protein?
Is that a concern? Isn't there a need of some minimum intake of protein to keep maintenance of muscles (heart specifically)?
Later it was replaced by "Paladac" - couldn't find the full data on that multivitamin, like what vitamins/mineral in what quantities?
If it exists still it is probably different from whatever it was in the 70s.

go into it gradually (eat less sugar then eventually just broth, then just baking soda and water) then while in it try to relax unless you want REALLY fast results
when you end it do it the way you started it so you dont throw up (like i did)
if you feel good after 24 hours keep going

literally all the bad health stuff coming from meat can be offset by autophagy (a week water fasting)

Yes, that's what snake juice is.

no user I mix the potassium and salt in two different bottles of water, just like the OP says!

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Does anyone else experience nausea when they are first starting a fast? On day1 of past fasts I've gotten a feeling of nausea for no reason.

Fasting today until Monday night and then jumping into keto omad.

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about 1.80 teaspoons of this is all you need every day
no matter how much water or salt you intake (if its over 1 liter of water) you have 1.8 teaspoons of this stuff
its that fucking simple
or 1 teaspoon, 1 half teaspoon, and 1 quarter teaspoon gets you enough
snake dude has a chart for sodium tho

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its withdrawal from sugar addiction
normal diets dont have 3 meals a day, let alone snacks

Do you realize what cholesterol does for your body and what happens if you have no cholesterol at all?

>If you're a fatass, FAST UNTIL YOU AREN'T

Does this mean stick to a fasting routine (OMAD, 5:2, etc.) until you're not fat? Then what, no need to fast anymore, or do you change up your overall eating routine and never go back to a "normal" schedule? How does bulking/cutting work?

I think I'm around 25%bf, assuming I did it correctly would it be done after 2-3 months? 6'4", 205lbs

pls respond
My friend told me the other day that if I starve myself too often then the body learns to keep the fat. I don't know where he got this info but it scared me from doing frequent 3-4 day fasts.

What do you think about the snake mans new lifting routine?

He says to lift every day. High volume, but low rep. Perfect form and to not lift more than you will still be able to lift the next day again.

The reasoning behind this is that if you are taking no supplements, then your body will not continue building muscle on rest days. So splits do not work. Also, if you lift high rep with sloppy form, you will destroy your CNS. So low rep is better.

Explain the difference between killing a cow, chicken, or fish for meat? They're all delicious living creatures, there is no other difference besides taste. What kind of mental gymnastics allows people to think the death a fish or chicken has any more or less significance than the other

All i ate yesterday was 2 candy bars and a fuckton of pistachios. And 3 chzbrgaz from mcdonalds
Not even trying to cut stomachs growling its noon might not even eat today also work 2 jobs remodling repair and construction
199lbs 18% fat

So lifting like I usually do is fine on fast days? I don't seem to buy it. I noticeably perform better in sports when I've eaten a lot that day or the day before than when I've been busy and unable to eat.

You don't need to worry about being deficient in anything if it's only a 2-3 day fast. As far as protein is concerned, you have plenty of it in the form of damaged and useless cells that your body can recycle as needed (that's what autophagy is). Fasting only starts to get dangerous once you've gone multiple weeks with no food, but you can stop and eat again at any time if you're concerned for your health.

Ill just feed you to someone only difference is taste

My OMADs have started to become too big. Done a couple 48 hour fasts before, but now it’s time for my first 72 hour fast.
Pretty excited about it.

The routine is for people bulking on OMAD.

When fasting, you will be losing fat no matter what. You should still move your body around to activate the muscles and tell you body that they are needed, but lifting is not necessary and is potentially dangerous if you faint and shit.

>Body: "Hey, we've been going without food for days and we have this huge fat reserve that we pile up specifically and for no other purpose than for when we don't have any food, but let's not use it"
The human body is not that stupid

It means OMAD and 5:2 are recommended for lean people who want the benefits of fasting. Fatties should strive to eat no more than one meal once a week.

Does multi/fish oil and creatine supplementation "break" the fast for the purposes of autophagy etc?

Oh thank goodness you told me. I'm just gonna loaf around and take nice long walks around the city then.

In theory you want to do the most aggressive fasting routine you can reasonably handle (ie not keeling over at work or some shit) until you're down to like 12-15%. For some people that might be not eating at all & laying in bed all day. For others that might be doing 5:2 & maintaining an active schedule (OMAD is generally seen as not being aggressive enough for rapid weight loss). Once you're getting down to the last few pounds to lose you can start developing your own rhythm w/r/t eating & exercise, but even at maintenance you shouldn't be eating more than once per day, or even eating every day of the week if you're not living a constantly active lifestyle.

>starting my 7 day fast with a few days of dry fasting
feels good
how's your progress lads? I'm transitioning to my internal resources so I'm a bit tired today, but I won't give up.

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Ya, the steroids their balls make. Testosterone is litterally made of cholesterol.

>how's your progress lads?

Down from 195 in late January to 178 (~152 LBM by tape measure) doing constant 36s & 48s. Was able to progress very little at the gym during that time but seemed to have kept my gains (muscles were hella drained looking from the lack of carbs, though, making me feel like a skinnyfat until I started eating again). The last couple weeks I switched back to OMAD because I wanted to lift again. Have been making good progress but weight loss has slowed. This next week I'm still going to run OMAD but with much lower carb intake & see if that helps. Goal is to reach 168-170 by the end of April which doesn't sound too difficult even going slow, but if low carb OMAD doesn't help me much in the gym I'll just say fuck it & do one last longer fast to knock these last 8 pounds off.

Idk man, you aren't Cole. His mitochondria are surely geared toward fat burning on account of long term keto. That, to me, is what likely drives the amount of calories per minutes that the body can supply from fat. If you've been keto for 4+ weeks than you're probably fine-- not if you just started though.

Are you fast enough for a 168? It gets much easier past 72 hours. Are you going in keto? If so, it should be easy to hit a 168. If not going in keto, that's an even better reason to go for a 168--> your losses will accelerate past 72 hours.

if steroids increase your glycogen, does that mean it'll take longer for an un natty person to enter ketosis?

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That's pretty good man. I'm down to 174 From 185 from my 10 day fast alone, but I plan on picking something up similar to what you're talking about after I'm done. Keep on trucking, and you'll meet your goal. We're all gonna make it.

Keto OMAD is solid. Have small amount of simple carbs immediately after your workout. Cause insulin release, which you'll be sensitive to, and which will pack those hungry muscles with glycogen. Shouldn't hurt your keto much by timing it that way.

Been toying with the thought of a longer fast, but I really love cooking and I don’t like going too long without, and I’m also now at a weight and look where I don’t need to drop a huge load of weight as fast as possible. I’ve just felt myself slip a bit lately and now we have Easter coming up which is the best time of year in terms of food, so I’ll enjoy that after a few days without anything.

So I've got salt but no potassium, think I can go a few days or is this doomed to fail?

>Have small amount of simple carbs
Recently most of my carbs have been coming from fruit & the raw sugar in the 100g dark chocolate bar I have each day after the gym. This week I'm going to experiment to see if just the chocolate + more water does the trick for glycogen (writing this down it feels like fruit should be the thing I'm keeping instead of chocolate, but previous experience shows that large amounts of fruit make me feel sedated & watery, whereas a bit of chocolate gives me an energy boost)

I'd chug 50g white sugar in water right after the workout. The whole point is an insulin spike while muscles are screaming out for nutrition and glycogen. Like TKD, but even more tailored into the 10 minutes post work out. On the other end of it, extended water fast would surely rid you of those last few lb fat that you're looking to burn.

I'm on fourth week OMAW, what time it would take to get on ketosis after eating ~100g of carbs on refeed?

so when /fast/ is in autophagy is there something you really want to do that is amplified under it?
such as foreskin restoration?
or foot toughening?

how do this for a fatty?

need multivit?

You didn't join the real and active Official Fitness Server on Discord yet??
Advice on routine and posture advice, motivate each other, awesome stories, feels, food pics recipes and diet checks, fasting, etc. Self improvement, nofap and even relationship advice.
We also have some fun channels like memes or a channel dedicated to tinder thot patrolling.
For those who want more adventure, we have a contest: post a pic in begin of the month, and one at the end. Then users vote and the winner gets prize money!
We have lots of guys participating, but only one Female. So femanons dont leave her to be alone :D

We accept people from all fitness levels: fat, average or athletic. As long as you are encouraging and motivating you are most welcome!

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how about major body changes such as mewing and foreskin restoration?

You didn't join the real and active Official Fitness Server on Discord yet??
Advice on routine and posture advice, motivate each other, awesome stories, feels, food pics recipes and diet checks, fasting, etc. Self improvement, nofap and even relationship advice.
We also have some fun channels like memes or a channel dedicated to tinder thot patrolling.
For those who want more adventure, we have a contest: post a pic in begin of the month, and one at the end. Then users vote and the winner gets prize money!
We have lots of guys participating, but only one Female. So femanons dont leave her to be alone

We accept people from all fitness levels: fat, average or athletic. As long as you are encouraging and motivating you are most welcome!

that's horseshit. The body holds on to fat for dear life from day 1. There is no benefit from not preparing for starvation before it happens, even the first time.

destroy your central nervous system?

Does anybody post progress pics here anymore??\

btw niggas im 145 lbs still doing junk food OMAD

what kind of exercises are recommended during the fast?

I don't have significant looking progress.
I've lost over 30lbs but I look exactly the same as the before fast picture I have on my phone. I'm gonna fast some more then post like 5 pictures throughout.

You’re living my dream. I’ll get there sometime in autumn.

no camera, wish I did though because I've been looking leaner & than ever before lately.

>what kind of exercises are recommended during the fast?
If you're only going up to 48-72 hours & planning on eating after the gym you might be able to get away with high intensity lifting. Otherwise plan on doing more cardio, bodyweight exercise, yoga, lighter weights for a while - just enough to keep your muscles active, without breaking them down too much.

good luck!! keep trucking. I eat like a horse everyday and i neither gain nor lose weight. however i would still like to lose a bit more.

i have an asian girlfriend now, so i can confirm that at least one person on this earth finds a skeleton with 0 muscle somewhat attractive

no worries, it will come in time. if you're drinking snake juice, that shit bloats you out and makes you look soft as fuck by definition. So it will mask a lot of your progress, even down to the point where you're 11% bf like me and don't see abs every day

good luck :) i can ship you a camera phone for like what, $20?? haha. let me know

How long into a fast does fainting become a worry? I don't wanna push myself to hard in the weight room and wake up in an ambulance.

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