I am balding in my early 20s

is anyone else going thew this shit and what do you do to combat it?? inb4 shave it.I use alpecin caffeine shampoo and started using biotin but so far 0 results

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Trim it, 1or2mm long hair only for baldos

shampoo ur hedtop f a m

Let it all burn, brother. You werent born to be happy anyways.

i was looking for genuine answers,i am getting paranoid becuase with my long hair i look decent but without it,i look like a mongrel with my triangle face shape

There is absolutely nothing you can do except an expensive hair transplant which usually fails or dangerous drugs.

You must go bald.

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suicide it is then

Or go bald. I'm bald at 25. Life goes on. I still life, i have a girlfriend, i have friends, etc


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Ive had thin hair since i was like twelve nigger just shave it. Alpecin is a waste of money, it'll just slow the inevitable and make your balls hairy.

hope brother

Hope is a child's crutch. Men have to face reality.

I was being 100% serious

Shave it off once it becomes obvious. Don't dabble with propecia or fin, it'll fuck with your hormones.

There'll be a cure for us eventually within our lifetime, but just rock the bald head for now. Women don't give a fuck so long as you're in decent shape and confident, don't listen to what these autists have to say about it.

I embraced the fact I was starting to go bald at around 25 yrs old. So, before starting to get them bald spots, I just trimmed it down to 1-3mm. Most people thought I trimmed it as a prefered style, and didnt really notice my baldness.

Never did have an impact on my social life - in which I mean by picking up girls. But to be honest; picking up girls below ~22yrs old, got increasingly difficult - Still, I’ve dated girls 10 yrs younger than me (I’m 30).

I guess my facial hair gives me a slight aesthetic advantage, but honestly; it all breaks down to confidence. People really don’t give a shit if you’re bald. Which ironically is what every bald men would say.
Life is good.

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Green tea can help you. Don't know where I read about it, but you should try it out.

just accept it and move on my man

I got seborrheic dermatitis and my hair thinned as fuck, just buzz it family

Cut your hair low, use this stuff. That's what I do.

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just shave it why are u putting that shit on your head

0 results? Fuck I wanted to try biotin

Because hair frames my face and makes me look better and younger. If makes me feel better about myself. I forget that I'm bald most of the time because of this stuff. I don't have the scalp for a bald look, I don't want to deal with side effects, and I don't want to be the 'hat guy'. This is the best solution for me, so I tell others, just in case it helps them.

Nothing works for the long run you just need to accept it. Dont torture youself with propecia, minoxodil, fin etc. And ignore meme stuff like cold shovers or supplements its useless. Just shave it and build up your body. I know you are asking this question because of girls, some women like it some dont. Fuck the ones that like it and dont stress anymore because of it.

Well if it doesnt cause stress to you well you do you boo. If u are really happy with that I hope you stay happy. I know i wouldnt do it. I wish you luck user!

Shut the fuck up you fucking cretins, anyone who spouts the just shave it nonsense should be fucking gassed
t. not OP
>hurr durr dangerous drugs
fucking parroting brainlets

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Not balding but I had thin hair since I was a small child, should I just shave or get a proper haircut.

OP ignore guys like this, they are depressed and sad cunts. This kind of people will damage their bodies just so they can have some hair on top. They will suffer from stress and depression, even suffer from ED and lower their test. This kind of people are not man just trannys in transition.

>wanting to slow hair loss

check to see if it diet related with your doctor. If genetic just accept it. I remember I had a friend who was fit as fuk top football player and balding really made him depressed when it hit him in his 20s. Life in general is really gay and there a lot worse things out there that can happen to you.

You can do whatever you like. Try some hairstyles and if u dont like any of them you can always buzz or shave your head. Do whatever makes you happy just dont poisn your body.


Pic related - it's (You).

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You can give minoxidil a try

Oh yes. I will keep these edges snatched. Thank you

Nice comeback. Just pop your pills and hope u dont destroy your body. I actually hope it works for you, not even bullshiting. But I'm also sad for you. I hope all works like you hoped it would, wish you luck user

Trannies are "prescribed" it and buy it illegally for the sexual side effects user.


Might help you OP, god speed

lowers test, so ye it can help

T-thanks. I'm just saying that the scaremongering about DHT inhibitors on the internet is far exaggerated. And it's easy to tell people to just shave but few men look as good shaved as they did with hair and like it or not, looks are an important part of one's identity. Personally I still have enough hair to style it, my hairline is just high and my temples are thinning (I also have crown thinning but it's unnoticeable unless scrutinised) so shaving it would make me look worse. I'm trying to save it every way I can.

Inversion method 5-10min a day, for one week, every 4 months. Spray and massage ACV into scalp then massage rosemary oil into scalp, let sit for 30min or over night, wash off. Take biotin supplements, eat iron rich foods, cut the dairy. Report back in 3-6 months with results.

Don't be a fag about it and just shave it all off.

Get on fin. Dermaroll. Use minox or one of the popular essential oils proven to work.

Getting fin is super fucking easy, but you'll have to buy with bitcoin if you want to purchase with no prescription, which is a simple af process. /lgbt/ has an /hrt/ general with a good source that I can't list here.

Kep your hair broski, balding is a choice in the current year.

Yup I know some things about some of the drugs are exaggerated, but I woludnt want any of you damage yourselfs. I hope some cure comes up for hairloss. And i know the feeling, when you lose your hair you fell like your youth is taken from you, its a shitty feeling. We all go through the same phases when losing our hair. First we deny it and then we try to save it. After that we try to cope with looking at pictures of jason statham, vin diesel, the rock etc. I know I have, but you lose so much energy on bullshit and you stress yourself for nothing in the end. Women will like you for your personality, education, fitness. Ofcourse there are some women that hate bald guys, but you know what fuck them.

The end of the fin discussion should be:

Decide if the risks/sides you *actually* get are worth keeping your hair. For some people it's a miracle drug, and for others it's a tradeoff. Do the thing you think will benefit your happiness and mental health the most. I'm much more secure and happy after getting on fin, and now wish I got on sooner.


I agree that the cause might not be what we think it is, and drug/medical companies are greedy liars, but that video is full of bullshit.

I have low stress
no estrogen in my diet
I've been taking ashwagandha for a year
I'm not fat
I lift heavy

I'm still fucking bald.... that video is bullshit.

Oh well you've been taking ashwagandha for a year that disproves it the video is bullshit you're right

His cure is bs, all the things he is saying to avoid or fix, aren't problems for me. According to him I should have a full head of hair.

Bioidentical progesterone cream.

So you're taking Choline and Betaine, cycled a decicated thryoid supplement and tested your iodine and selenium levels?

I'm not saying this guy's information is the gospel but you're an actual retard if you use the fact that you lift heavy as evidence that you shouldn't be bald

Fin does not prevent hair loss or stop it much.
It will make your junk tiny and dead.
It will make you less of a man
It does have a fuckton of side effects.

If anyone who wants their hair to grow then a fucking derma roller and fucking peppermint oil will work even better then fin and it's free.

Transexuals buy this shit by the ton PRECISELY for the negative sexual side effects.

>DHT isn't the cause of hair loss
>Drugs that stop DHT production regrow hair

Didn't think that through huh?

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>Transexuals buy this shit by the ton PRECISELY for the negative sexual side effects.

No, they buy it for the same reason we do, to keep our hair.
Can't look like a girl if you're bald.


Go take a look. I was flabbergasted when someone said this, so I searched around the net. And sure enough. They were taking it for that very reason.

>with my long hair i look decent

I'm sure you think that's true but it's not. No one looks better with long hair. get it cut short see if it's salvageable and if not shave it

>if you use the fact that you lift heavy as evidence that you shouldn't be bald
Did you even watch the video? He mentions that.

>So you're taking Choline and Betaine
No, is that the missing piece of the puzzle lel. The key to unlocking my lion mane

>cycled a decicated thryoid supplement and tested your iodine and selenium levels?
My thyroids are fine, I've been tested before.

get Saw Palmetto and take it erryday. rub rosemary oil on your scalp deeply every day. no fin, no minox. don’t fap more than 2x a day

>proven to work.

sure dude

Started thinning at 18. Took finasteride+ minoxidil for 14 months. Worked great for my overall thinning but my really nothing for my crown. No ED but I got horrible ballaches and gyno so i just stopped fighting the inevitable. I'd say go it for it OP if you want to do the medical route because while I'm fine now buzzing it all off fucked me up for a good 2 years.

Yes but the root cause is:
DHT -> blocks prolactin -> low mitochondrial production
Then there’s elevated pdg2 ( there’s a correlation between hair loss and heart disease because of this)
Low pge2
Increased fibrosis of scalp and increased collagen bundles
Decreased WNT ( wounds heal fastest during anagen phase, conversely wounding increases hair count)

The DHT theory is quickly unravelling

Face it, this is you now.

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What about scalp micropigmentation?

Why do women not have the same kind of pattern hair loss and why do women who hop on testosterone immediately start seeing the progression of MPB

It takes months to notice any change whatsoever you stupid faggot. And even then i bet you just getting the mature hairline, post-teen fuck.


hypnotherapy bro. do it when u wake up in the middle of the day and before u sleep 10 minute each session. lots of youtube videos available.

i got balding in my senpai aswell and i had made the decision to just go bald once it gets to the point where it just looks stupid, ie my father is practically bald with just hair on the side and its just to much. just shave it and you will look like a badass no harm in it user

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shave it you pussy fag

They have enough DHT to trigger the hair fall cascade. No doubt DHT plays the part but wholesale suppression of DHT levels is a bad way to address it

Well ur white thats normal.
Otherwise no hot showers n stress

Im a regular on /lgbt/ and you're wrong. Many posters buy it or duta specifically for hair, tranny or not.

Just shave bro, I went bald at 19.

Rosemary oil has been tested on humans and works better than minox. Peppermint Oil has admittedly only been tested on mice, but ut too showed auperuor results to minox

Anyone who does a cursory google search will know that you're full of shit.

Don't listen to bitter baldcels

Are you retarded? Fin is the #1 drug people use to preserve their hair and a cursory google search can tell you that.

the DHT is merely the symptom, not the root cause

Not a no fap shill but STOP MASTURBATING.

I've been on propecia for 8 years with zero side affects and no hair loss. My younger brother has lost almost all of his hair

Dude wtf answer are you expecting? You can either shave it, look like 50 year old balding man, wear a wig, wear a hat or get a hair transplant.

I've been balding since my early 20s and I just shave whatever is left every few weeks

Too bad we can't find a way to alter our scalp sensitivity to DHT. That would he the final surefire victory

Yes, and that's not a good thing.
The side effects are very real and teh drugs that they make to combat the side effects of Fin shot through the fucking roof once it hit the market.

This is how things are bro.

Or take proven treatments to preserve what you have!

the whole pharmaceutical industry is likes this man

they are very good at treating symptoms not causes, since treating the cause would imply that you wouldnt need to take the medication anymore

also why your local doc would prescribe you anything like candy

>The side effects are very real and teh drugs that they make to combat the side effects of Fin shot through the fucking roof once it hit the market.
This isn't what I disagree with. Sides vary in intensity from person to person which is why I orginally said people should weigh the risk/reward of taking the drug. Some people don't mind a loss in libido if it means keeping their looks. Others won't compromise on the matter. Claiming it doesn't work for hair loss is insane though

Fuck jews

The only thing about being bald is that you have to decide how you want it to look.
You can either be a pussy and try to hide/ignore it.
Or you can decide to just live with it and be confident. Confidence is the most important thing, the amount of hair is secondary.

I'm balding massively and am only 21, but my older brother had the same problem (just as dad/uncle/..) and just did it that way. No downsides to report, in fact, there are a lot of good things about it:

- Hair does not look shit after driving a motorcycle
- No grooming/styling required
- Makes you appear taller
feel free to continue

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I'm also 21 and also balding and trying to find positive things on balding is seriously pathetic and ridiculous, it's just awful, you lose something basic from your body, that is headhair, the ONLY positive side is that no longer money spent on hair products

How do I into braap huffer mode?

date a vegan girl, they are full of braps from their diets.